2017 NFL Draft Betting Props: The Best Bet For Draft Day

The wait is over the NFL draft is here. All of the speculation is over about the draft. Forget about the mock drafts and there is only one thing that is left to do. Bet on the NFL draft. The NFL Draft Betting Props are loaded with great opportunities for draft day, but there is one that stands out above the rest.

NFL Draft Props Sportsbook

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Will the SEC Dominate?

The NFL Draft Betting Props suggest that it will be the SEC that once again dominates the draft board in the first round. IN fact the Over/Under prop for Alabama Players drafted in the first round sits at 11.5. That means they believe that 12 SEC players could go in the first round which is good for almost half the players in the first round of the draft.

2017 NFL Draft Betting Props: The Best Bet For Draft Day

2017 NFL Draft Betting Props: The Best Bet For Draft Day

Alabama / LSU

The SEC is the dominant conference in the draft and that is because the NFL is looking to draft plenty fo players from the Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers. In fact the prop bets are out for both college football teams. The Over/Under for Alabama players drafted in the first round is 4.5. The Over/Under for LSU players drafted in the first round is 2.5. The prop bets for both of those teams are interesting, but that is not the best bet on the board.

NFL Draft Betting Props: Best Bet

The best bet for draft day is a player prop. The player to watch is North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The over/under for when he is selected is the 11th pick. In fact the betting prop is 11.5.

The best bet is Mitchell Trubisky selected UNDER 11.5 picks. Quarterbacks are a hot commodity in the NFL draft. There are several teams in the top 11 picks that need quarterbacks to include the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers and of course the Cleveland Browns. Do you think that DeShaun Watson out of Clemson will go first? Consider this: The NFL betting prop for when Watson will be drafted Is 12.5 picks. This means that they believe that Trubisky will be drafted first.

If the Browns pass at 1, then you have the 49ers. You also have the Jets and the Bears. More importantly you have teams that may trade up to grab him in a quarterback starved draft.

The best bet is Mitchell Trubisky will be selected before the 12th overall pick in the first round.