2018 World Cup: Croatia vs Russia betting tips

The World Cup is full of drama in 2018, but will it end for Russia? The host nation pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the World Cup thus far when they beat Spain to advance. If you are looking for Croatia vs Russia betting tips, you have to put that host team bias aside. At this stage in the tournament good teams like France are rising to the occasion. The England vs Sweden match will get plenty of betting attention, but this is the match to watch.

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2018 World Cup: Croatia vs Russia betting tips

2018 World Cup: Croatia vs Russia betting tips

Croatia vs Russia odds

The first thing to do before looking for Croatia vs Russia betting tips is to look at the odds. Croatia is a (+120) favorite to win this match with Russia trailing at (+287). When it comes to winning the World Cup Croatia is (+650) while Russia is (+2000) which shows just how much of a long shot that Russia is to win. Anything can happen, but Russia will need some miracles.

Croatia vs Russia expert betting tips and predictions

Russia beat Spain by slowing the game down and playing defense. Now Croatia has a superstar in Luka Modric and many believe that this will be the end of the big run for Russia. Think again. Crazier things have happened and when the host nation is involved anything can happen. While the best Croatia vs Russia betting tips suggest betting against Russia, they are a squad that could pull off this upset.

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