Bulls vs Celtics Game 2 Picks: Are the Celtics Done?

The Boston Celtics are done. They played horribly in game one. The Chicago Bulls did not play like a No. 8 seed and instead they played like they were the No. 1 seed. The Bulls killed the Celtics on the boards, they beat the home crowd and they looked like they were the better team, but are they? Why would Bulls vs Celtics Game 2 be any different?

Bulls vs Celtics Game 2 Odds

The basketball betting odds for Bulls vs Celtics Game 2 show that the Celtics are favorites but it may not seem like it after watching the first game of the series. Here are the latest odds for Bulls vs Celtics Game 2 and although the point spread may surprise you, now is the time to bet on this series.

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Bulls vs Celtics Game 2 Picks: Are the Celtics Done?

Bulls vs Celtics Game 2 Picks: Are the Celtics Done?

The Butler Did It

Jimmy Butler stole the show. Although Bobby Portis deserves mad props, Jimmy Butler closed the deal. The Celtics knew that Butler would be the difference but he took over in the 4th quarter. Butler scored 30 points and he willed the Bulls to the victory and with playoff savvy veterans like Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo, the Celtics did not have a chance. The Celtics had no answer for any player on the Bulls and that is not a problem that they can solve overnight. Will teh Celtics be able to stop Butler Game 2?

Battle of the Boards

The true weakness of the Celtics is that they could not win the battle of the boards. The Bulls dominated the glass on both ends of the boards. It led to second chance shots that made the difference in the game. It also made the Celtics vulnerable on offense. They would take one shot and be done. When the Celtics big men got in foul trouble it literally turned the game around. The Celtics never had a chance.

Can the Celtics Turn It Around?

The short answer is no. They can’t turn it around. The Celtics are done. They have the better coach, but they don’t have the better players. The Celtics will not all of a sudden be a bigger team and get more rebounds. They will not all of a sudden be a playoff experienced team.

Bulls vs Celtics Game 2: Predictions and Picks

In the NBA it is very easy to overreact from game to game. It is a series for a reason and there is every reason to believe that the Celtics will make this a series, but ultimately, they are done. They don’t have the size, they don’t have the experience and once again the Celtics will be left looking for answers as they are eliminated from the first round of the playoffs. Bet on the Bulls in every game as they will win and advance to the next round.

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