Can the Celtics Comeback against the Bulls?

The Boston Celtics are in a world of trouble. They claimed the No. 1 seed in the Eastern conference only to lose the first two games of the NBA playoffs. They have lost home court advantage and they are in danger of being swept out of the playoffs by the eighth seeded Chicago Bulls.  Now they head to Chicago for game three and the question is, can the Celtics comeback?

Celtics Comeback Odds

For the Celtics comeback to happen they will have to win four of the next five games. This seems clearly unlikely with the way that they have been dominated in the first two games. They were crushed on the boards and gave up too many easy buckets. This daunting task will be even more difficult on the road.

This is not good odds for the Celtics comeback:

NBA teams up 2-0 in playoff series have gone on to win the series outright in 364 of the 388 instances.

Until now there have been 18 other instances where teams have trailed 0-2 in a series and come back to win afterward.

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No Battle on the Boards

Plain and simple the Celtics are getting beat up on the boards. In game one they lost the battle of the boards 53-36 and in game two 43-38. The second chances to score on offense is ultimately the biggest problem that the Celtics have to figure out.

Can the Celtics Comeback against the Bulls?

Can the Celtics Comeback against the Bulls?

Revenge of Rondo

Rondo is looking like the Rondo of old and he is in complete control. Rondo put up a typically brilliant 11-point/9-rebound/14-assist/5-steal stat line in game two. This is a player that focuses on winning this series and quickly eliminating his former team.

Can the Celtics Comeback?

Boston is in danger of becoming just the sixth No. 1 seed to get knocked out in the first round in NBA history. Unless the Celtics win game three it is highly unlikely that a comeback will happen. The latest basketball betting point spread shows that the Celtics are two point underdogs in Chicago for game three. The basketball bettors have not given up on the Celtics as 49% of the early bets are coming in on the green team.

Celtics vs Bulls Game Three Predictions

Everyone outside of Boston is giving up on the Celtics. They have two days to try and figure out how to beat the Bulls and start a Celtics comeback. They have a brilliant coach in Brad Stevens who will have this team ready to compete. Although the odds are against them, the Celtics will win game three and make this series respectable.

While the chances of a comeback are still slim, it all starts with one game.