Kevin Ware: The Twitter World Rallies to Support Louisville and Ware

When the game between the Duke Blue Devils and the Louisville Cardinals tipped off on Easter Sunday, all thoughts were on the Final Four and winning a championship. When the game was over, thought of a Final Four were secondary as all

Kevin Ware

Louisville Reacts to Kevin Ware and so does Twitter

thoughts were focused squarely on Cardinals sophomore Kevin Ware.

Ware was injured in the first half of the game in a gruesome injury that is by far the worst injury I have even seen in a sporting event. The freak accident was hard to watch and watching the instant reaction from his teammates sparked emotions across the twitter world.

The injury is difficult to watch, but the strength of this youngster and the outpouring of support is awe inspiring.

Immediately the hashtag #prayforware circulated along with this picture that speaks volumes.

Fellow athletes and players that have felt the sting of devastating injuries reached out to Ware, led by Joe Theismann.

Kevin Love, echoed the thoughts of many who watched the injury unfold.

Finally the player’s response to the injury and the emotion on the court is something that we could all learn from.

Although Twitter had its share of morons in this moment they were overshadowed by great comments, inspiring notions and an outpouring of support for Kevin Ware.

The Cardinals are favorites to win the NCAA Championship and I wouldn’t bet against them after watching how well they reacted as a team.

Thoughts and prayers go out to this youngster and his teammates at Louisville as they recover from a devastating condition. Using this situation as a positive and an inspiration, is what this world is all about.