Kyrie Irving Trade Rumors: What Team Will Kyrie Be on Next Year?

The Kyrie Irving sage continues to grow bigger and bigger. Ever since it was made clear that he wanted to be traded, the Kyrie Irving trade rumors have been going crazy. Everyone is speculating where he will play next season, so now it is our turn. We decided to gauge the best landing spots for Irving for next season using the latest Kyrie Irving odds that are posted at Here is a complete look at those odds and here is our pick. They also have a complete list of NBA win total over / under for next year and the Cavaliers total is on the move! 

The Favorite

According to the sportsbook odds Irving’s easiest landing spot is with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are (-200) which makes them as the favorite destination for next year. However it is widely speculated that this will be the last year in Cleveland for LeBron James. This makes sense because the Cavs do not have to trade Irving. He is still under contract and if the Cavs don’t get a sweet deal they would be foolish to send him away. However with all of the news it seems like the Cavs have no choice but to trade Irving.

Kyrie Irving Trade Rumors: What Team Will Kyrie Be on Next Year?

Kyrie Irving Trade Rumors: What Team Will Kyrie Be on Next Year?

Buying Into the Big Apple

The odds show that the team up is the New York Knicks. The Knicks are (+200) as his next team and this moves makes sense. The Knicks will get a young superstar and give this sad franchise exciting news. Irving would be the man and would be a big face in a big media market. Recent Kyrie Irving trade rumors suggest that he is being traded for Carmelo Anthony. While this sounds great, this is not ideal for the Cavs.

Say no to San Antonio

Irving on the Spurs fills a hole and a need for the Spurs, but the Spurs don’t have enough to give the Cavs to make this deal happen. Somehow the sports betting odds show that the Spurs are (+800) which makes them the third likely landing spot for Irving.

I just don’t see it happening.

Missing out in Minnesota

This is another popular deal because Irving to Minnesota would put Jimmy Butler in the same place as Irving. It would also be good for the Cavs because they would ship Irving out West. The most popular trade has Wiggins going back to Cleveland in an exchange. The problem with this deal is not all the money matches up and they would have to get another team in on the deal.

Where Does Kyrie Irving Play Next Season?

The answer is simple.

There are too many places that he may end up at that are not listed above. At, the odds for “the field” are (+600). This means Irving would have to play with a team not on the list. This is the best bet. The Miami Heat could offer Goran Dragic and enough money to make the deal. The Celtics have the picks and the players to make it happen. Other teams like the Bucks, Sixers and Suns can all make an offer. For that reason, the “field” is the best bet because the Cavs will get the best deal for Irving.