Why Lonzo Ball Will Not be the Rookie Of The Year

Lonzo Ball will not win rookie of the year. Let me first say that this proclamation is not fueled by the fact that he had a horrible summer league debut. It is not because of his father proudly boasting that Lonzo had already won rookie of the year. We have more than enough information to say that Lonzo will not win the award and it won’t even be close.

Spotlight Too Hot

Lonzo Ball has been under the microscope and the pressure of winning his entire life. His father has pushed him to succeed and he played in a big college system in UCLA. Things are about to get much hotter. The Lakers are one of the most prestigious NBA organizations in the world and they want to win now. If he wants to win rookie of the year, the Lakers will have to improve and he will have to be the best player on the team. Not going to happen.

Why Lonzo Ball Will Not be the Rookie Of The Year

Why Lonzo Ball Will Not be the Rookie Of The Year

Odds are Against Lonzo

The NBA regular season win totals are out and the Lakers are projected to win 36 games. (Actual Over/Under is 36.5) While that is an improvement by recent standards, the Lakers will need at least 41 wins to make the playoffs if not more in a very competitive western conference. If they do not make the playoffs Ball will not get the credit and the push needed to win rookie of the year.

Here is a list of the 2017-2018 NBA regular season win totals for other teams for next season.

Pass First, Shoot Later

Ball is very good at running the floor and spreading the ball around. This is a great trait to have but it quite often leads to other players having better point production. Unfortunately he has some other glaring weaknesses that will stand out above the positives in his game.

As a play maker he succeeds but as a shot take he struggles. His shot has always had criticism during his college years. Lonzo finished with five points, five assists and four rebounds in 32 minutes while shooting 2 of 15 from the floor, including 1 of 11 from 3-point range in his summer league debut. This is too small of a sample size to judge a season, but emphasizes the point. He also struggles on defense when he is matched up one-on-one.

Not the Best Rookie

This could be the most obvious reason. Lonzo Ball is not the best first-year player in the NBA. Markelle Fultz was drafted No. 1 overall and he has a better surrounding cast in Philadelphia. Jayson Tatum will be playing on a playoff team that has a chance to be one of the best teams in the East. This does not even include players like Josh Jackson who will have every chance to succeed with the Phoenix Suns. Lonzo Ball will be a very good player but it will take some time, which is why he will not win rookie of the year.

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