New England Patriots: Is Tom Brady Using PED’s?

Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game. He has won multiple Super Bowls and is considered by many to be the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL. Tom Brady is currently 39 years old and when the 2017 NFL season kicks off he will be 40 years old. This is usually a declining time in the life of a quarterback, but Tom Brady just seems to be getting better and better. With all of that in mind it is very interesting that no one has wondered if the All-American QB is using PED’s.

Say it isn’t so

Let me start by saying that I do not believe that Tom Brady is using PED’s. I personally think that he is the best quarterback to ever play the game. There is a good chance that he may just get another ring before he is instantly placed in the football Hall Of Fame. I have no evidence that he is using and I do not believe that he is using. (Calm down Patriot fans)

But it is interesting that no one is suggesting that he could be using PED’s?

New England Patriots: Is Tom Brady Using PED’s?

New England Patriots: Is Tom Brady Using PED’s?

Brady’s Lifestyle

The first reason that no one believes that Tom Brady is using PED’s is the fact that he lives a very healthy lifestyle. Brady has an insane diet and it is not for the lighthearted. Brady suggests that he will play in well into his 40’s and the diet is a big reason why. It’s almost like Brady wants the world to know about this incredible diet. This could be one reason that no one has connected Brady to PED’s.

Patriots Still a Heavy Favorite

The top rated online sportsbooks think that Brady will be better than ever this year. The Patriots are 4-to-1 to win the Super Bowl, which makes this team the favorite to repeat as champions. The #1 online sports betting site also has special bets that suggest Tom Brady will be better than ever this season. has a prop bet “How Many Game will Tom Brady start” and the most popular bet is 16 games which suggests that the odds makers believe that he is healthy enough to play an entire season.  They also offer other prop bets on how many touchdown passes he will throw and how many passing yards he will have. In short, the NFL odds makers believe that Brady will be at his best this season although he is 40 years old.

Age is Just a Number

For Tom Brady age is just a number. However, that has not been the same for other quarterbacks. Peyton Manning hung up his cleats and even in the year he won the Super Bowl, he showed some signs of aging. Tony Romo hung em up in exchange for a job in the broadcast booth because his body could not take a beating.  Who is the oldest quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl? You guessed it, Tom Brady.

Winning At All Costs

The Patriots have always done whatever it takes to win. This includes “bending” the rules on a few occasions. Spygate and Deflategate are just two of the notable adjustments that the Patriots have made to win football games. They have also had several players get punished for using PED’s. I won’t go as far as other’s who will call the Patriots cheaters, but this should make people reconsider Brady’s historic run. It is not unthinkable that Brady is healthy and follows a lifestyle that would allow him to do so well this late in life. It is however interesting that up to this point no one has considered the fact that he could be using PED’s.