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San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat Game 2 Predictions: 7 Reasons The Spurs Win

The 2013 NBA Finals feature two of the best teams in basketball and perhaps the history of the game as the San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat series has lived up to the hype after just one game. The Spurs claimed home court advantage with a win in game 1 and now they put LeBron James and the Heat in a must-win position as they head into game 2.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat Game 2 Odds

The pressure to win game 2 is squarely on the Heat and the oddsmakers realize this as they increased the betting line from the first game. In game one, the Heat were (-5) point favorites over the Spurs, but in game 2 top-rated sportsbook BetOnline has the Heat listed at (-6). The San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat Game 2 betting is fast and furious as tip-off approaches, but the smart money should be on the Spurs.

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Spurs vs Heat Game 2 picks

Spurs vs Heat game two predictions

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Before the series started I predicted that the Spurs would win the NBA Championship and now I will go out on a limb and say that they win game two. The Spurs are the better team and here are seven reasons they win game 2.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat Game 2 Predictions

7. Heat Out Coached

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra deserves some credit because he has come a long way since he took over the helm in Miami. However he cannot even come close to matching wits with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. Pop made changes during the game, while Spoelstra took long to adjust to the new schemes being set up by the Spurs. Pop was two steps ahead of Spoelstra the entire game, toying with the game plan all game long. Not to mention that watching Pop play games with the sports media is classic.

6. Heat Already Sound Like they Quit

After game 1 the Heat sounded like they already lost the series. Dwyane Wade sounded like Debbie Downer when speaking with the media when he said that the series is no fun.

“Playoffs ain’t fun, man. I’m sorry to bust anyone on the outside’s bubble. As a player in the playoffs, you have no joy until it’s over and you won,”

Wade was not the only member of the team that sounded disappointed and beaten and that kind of attitude is contagious. If the Heat continues to act beaten, they will be beaten by an experienced Spurs team.

5. Can’t Rattle the Spurs

The Spurs were behind in game one on more than one occasion and they never faltered. They stuck to their game plan and they secured the victory in game 1. With all the pressure on the Heat, the Spurs will cruise to another victory in game two.

4. Defenseless Heat

The Heat’s defense was insane against the Pacers in game 7. They surrounded the rock with intensity and caused the Pacers to have double-digit turnovers in the first half! The Spurs are more experienced and have ball handlers who do not panic and the end result was just four turnovers for the Spurs.

3. Parker is a Closer

The shot Parker made is being talked about around the league. The shot is being lucky, but the Spurs trust Parker with the rock when the game is in the final seconds. . Whatever you want to call it does not matter because the truth is Tony Parker is a closer and with the game on the line he can close the game and get the victory for the Spurs and will do it again in game 2. [embedplusvideo height=”281″ width=”450″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=BfxCFRYIRMw&width=450&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep5151″ /]

2. Confused King

LeBron James took over the series against the Pacers until game 7 when Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh chipped in to play like a “Big 3”. So when this series started James tried to get his teammates involved and they failed miserably. Now James has to decide if he has to take over or if he has to defer to his team. That hesitation cost the Heat game one and it will hurt them again in game two. [yop_poll id=”23″]

1. Spurs Can Play Better

The Spurs won that first game but truth be told they did not even play that great. They got into foul trouble early as Tim Duncan got two fouls in the first quarter. They were beaten on the boards by the Heat and they shot just 41 percent from the floor. They were abysmal from three point range hitting just 7 of 23 from behind the arc, yet they still won the game.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat Game 2 Picks

The Spurs are simply the better team and have more experience and depth. They have a perfect game plan and that will send the heat into panic mode. The Spurs will not rest after winning game 1 and they realize if they win game 2 they will put a strangle hold on the series. Spurs win again to take a 2-0 series lead.

Spurs 97 Heat 90

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2013 NBA Finals Series Prediction

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