2021 NFL Divisional Best Bet

2021 NFL Divisional Best Bet: Avoid This Sucker Bet

It’s the NFL playoffs and everyone gets excited. Once the odds are released and the schedule is set, everyone picks a winner. Many people like to pick an upset because it’s the popular thing to do. But, it does not always make you money. If you read all of the articles, everyone thinks the Rams will upset the Green Bay Packers. This has even become a 2021 NFL Divisional Best Bet, but don’t fall for this sucker bet.

Defense Wins Championships

The saying that defense wins championships is very popular. It may ring true, but it’s an outdated phrase. Lately, championships are won by quarterbacks. The best quarterback in this game is Aaron Rodgers, the MVP and the best quarterback in the league and on the planet.

The quarterback for the Rams is a banged-up Jared Goff.

I like Goff and he is a quality quarterback, but he is no Rodgers. One hit will make Blake Bortles the QB of this team and I am not willing to bet on that. You shouldn’t either. Yet people are still blindly betting the Rams because of the defense.

Look Again

The Rams defense is sick.

There is no doubt about it.

They are the best in the NFL and they deserve all of the credit in the world. BUT…they do have some issues. Aaron Donald is not healthy and they have a defense that has allowed 20 or more points on the road in six straight games. They are not flawless. After a great defensive effort they awful fall flat. The Rams are 16-35-1 ATS in their last 52 games after allowing less than 150 yards passing in their previous game. So if you are betting on the Rams because of the defense, remember they have to score points to win.

Trendy Dog

Every week in the NFL there is a trendy underdog that everyone believes can win. This week it’s the Rams. Everywhere you look there is an article that suggests that the Rams will win. Here is one from our site, and here is another, and another, and another. And here is a tweet.

You get the point.

The Rams also have some concerning injuries to be concerned with as well.

2021 NFL Divisional Best Bet

Are you looking for the best bet? It’s the Packers. The Packer’s offense is No. 1 in NFL scoring and they have multiple weapons on offense. Even if you believe that Jalen Ramsey will shut down Davante Adams (he won’t) the Packers have other weapons. The Packers crush it against teams with a winning record with a 10-4 ATS record in the last 14 games. Don’t make this bet difficult, bet the Packers and avoid this sucker bet.

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