Lakers vs Suns Game 5 Picks

Lakers vs Suns Game 5 Picks: Don’t Count out LeBron James

The LA Lakers are in trouble. Or at least that is what everyone wants you to think. The Suns won the last game in LA and the series is knotted at 2 games apiece. Anthony Davis is hurting and the Lakers look vulnerable. The “experts” have spoken and the Lakers vs Suns Game 5 predictions are pointing towards the Suns. You can bet on the Suns if you want, but I will not bet against LeBron James with his back against the wall.

Lakers vs Suns Game 5 Odds

The point spread can tell a story in any game and it most certainly does in this one. The Suns are 5 point favorites against the Lakers. I do realize that the Suns are at home and the Lakers will be hurting without Anthony Davis, but five points??

That’s a big number. I can bet on the best player in basketball and the best team in basketball and get points? The Suns were favored in game one and it looked too good to be true, but this game is different.

Overreaction to the Action

This point-spread is high for two reasons. One, the Suns had a big win in LA, and two the Anthony Davis injury. In fact, the spread opened up at 4.5 and moved to 5 as the public started to bet against the Lakers. The Lakers are now underdogs to win this series.

This will not last. The Lakers and LeBron are a favorite of the basketball betting public, so your best bet is to bet it right now.

Leave it to LeBron

There may be another team in the west that can beat the Lakers, but it’s not Phoenix. LeBron is at his best when his back is against the wall. He cannot do it alone, but he does know how to get the best out of his teammates. As a leader, he is going to get this team to stand up and play to the best of their ability without AD. The Lakers are a perfect 4-0 against the spread (ATS) in the last four games after a loss. They know how to respond to adversity.

Missing Links

The Lakers need Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Montrezl Harrell to show up. The numbers show it as his +9.3 net rating is something that the Lakers need right now. Marc Gasol is an efficient and smart veteran that can pick his shots and provide a big body that can open up the paint and score. This was clear with his performance in game four when he shoots above 40 percent from the floor.

NBA teams rise to the occasion when they know they will be without a key contributor.  With Davis, most likely out of the lineup, several Laker players will step in to help. LeBron will make sure that it will happen.

Lakers vs Suns Game 5 Picks

This may be one of the finest performances that we have ever seen by LeBron James. The Suns still have an ailing Chris Paul that they have to be concerned with. Although the Suns are off a win, they are just 2-5-1 ATS in the last eight games overall and 1-3-1 ATS as a favorite. Just when the Suns get comfortable, the Lakers will show why they are the defending champions.


Julio Jones Odds with Predictions

Breaking Down Julio Jones Odds with Predictions

Finally, it is time to find out where Julio Jones will play next. We have all waited anxiously for June 1st and have been tracking trade rumors every step of the way. There is one team that is a clear front runner to land Jones in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons, but other teams are rushing in to make one last attempt at trading for Jones. It’s time to break down the Julio Jones odds and offer up predictions on his next team.

Julio Jones Odds

Fans can bet on where Julio will play next, for this breakdown we used odds from multiple sportsbooks and watched how they changed and observed new teams that have emerged late to try and get Jones. Here is a breakdown of each team, their chances according to the odds, and finally our pick.

New England Patriots (+200)

Bill Belichick and the Patriots have been connected with Jones for a while now. Although the Patriots love adding veterans to improve the roster, Belichick wants to get a bargain. That may be hard in a market that is as crowded as this one. They may have to bend more than they want to if they want Jones. They are the favorites for many reasons and the odds can be found as low as (+150), but this is a wide-open race.


Tennessee Titans (+200)

The Titans have been the only team that is keeping pace with the Patriots. The Titans players are using social media to attract Jones and it may be working. They are in hot pursuit for Jones, but the latest rumors suggest the Titan’s best offer is just a second-round pick.


That is not the most impressive offer, but if the Falcons want to choose where they want to send him, the Titans make sense.

Indianapolis Colts (+450)

The Colts news and rumors surrounding Jones are minimal, yet the latest sports betting odds still have the Colts listed as one of the top teams to get him in a deal. With draft picks tied up after the Wentz deal, if the Colts are going to make this deal, they will have to get creative.


This deal will look appealing to Colts fans, but it seems as other teams will be able to match, or beat, that offer.

Seattle Seahawks (Odds)

The Seahawks are the latest team to jump into the fray in an attempt to get Julio Jones. They have some “interest” but the offer is not clear at this moment. But as early as today they were made the favorites to land Jones at this prestigious sportsbook. 


Jones on Seattle is incredible to think about, but this may be a move by Seattle to make the 49ers pay more if they want Jones. After Russell Wilson and the Seahawks had a falling out a month ago, it will be an incredible move to get Jones, but it looks unlikely.

San Francisco 49ers (+500)

The connection of Julio Jones to Kyle Shanahan is inevitable.  The 49ers are also a Super Bowl contender and this is something that is very appealing to Jones. The Falcons were once passing on any team that is in the NFC, but that may change if the 49ers are willing to pay a big price.


The 49ers cannot be counted out, but the money is the issue. The 49ers will have to mortgage so much of their future that fans may be happy with a Jones deal now, but it wouldn’t last long.

Baltimore Ravens (+800)

The Ravens are always looking for a wide receiver. However, talks and rumors surrounding the Raven’s desire to get Jones, have been lackluster at best.  It seems like the Ravens will be interested in Jones if they can get him on the cheap.


However, this is a very professional organization that is very good at keeping its business practices quiet. The Ravens are an interesting underdog to watch in the race for Jones.

Honorable Mentions

The Arizona Cardinals (+1200), Dallas Cowboys (+1000), Philadelphia Eagles (+2000), LA Rams (+1000), and the Green Bay Packers (+1000) have all been connected to Julio at one point or another. Julio said no to Dallas and Arizona, LA and Philly are out of the running.

What about Green Bay? Well, they have their own issues.

Julio Jones Predictions

Although my friend believes that the Patriots are the team to get Jones, I disagree. The Falcons organization cannot stand the Patriots and a deal with New England is going to be too difficult to do.  There may be a surprise team emerge at the 12th hour, like the Las Vegas Raiders (+1200), but the one team that needs to make this deal is the Tennessee Titans.

For my money, the Titans will sign Julio Jones.

Julio Jones to the Titans +200

Sunday NBA Picks Against the Spread

Sunday NBA Picks Against the Spread for Every Game

The NBA playoffs are rolling right along and the Sunday slate is loaded with great games. At this stage in the post season betting on the favorites is the way to go. The Bucks have already extinguished the Heat and the Lakers have been dominating the Suns since game one of that series. Our Sunday NBA picks against the spread for every game will look at all of the games and deliver a winning pick.

Look at the Numbers

The favorites have been dominating in the early going. The team laying points is 18-8 against the spread (ATS) this season.

This makes it very tempting to lay the points and take all of the favorites again on Sunday but think again. There are a few underdogs that will be barking today.

New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks

Odds: Hawks -4.5

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It may be hard to hear, but the Hawks are the better team in this series. They have confused and flustered Julius Randle and are on their way to winning the series. What really is helping the Hawks is how deep they are.

The Hawks are 17-4 ATS in their last 21 games as a home favorite and they have covered four of the last five games. The Knicks are outmatched and will show again this afternoon.

Pick: Hawks -4.5

Phoenix Suns vs LA Lakers

Odds: Lakers -6.5

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The Chris Paul injury and the dirty play of Devin Booker, has put the Suns on the verge of elimination. Lakers superstar Anthony Davis is banged up, but everything points to Davis being on the court for this game.

The Suns are 7-3 ATS in their last 10 games as a road underdog and the Lakers are 2-6-1 ATS in their last 9 games as a favorite. The Suns are desperate to get a win and will keep this game close.

Pick: Suns +6.5

Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics

Odds: Nets -7.5

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Jayson Tatum powered the Celtics to the first victory in the series with a 50-point performance. Now the Celtics head into game four and will be backed by a full house at TD Garden for this game. Kemba Walker’s injury I concerning, but it’s the play of players like Marcus Smart and Tristian Thompson that have inspired this team. This type of hard-nosed devotion is contagious and players coming off the bench are giving more of an effort.

The Celtics are 16-5-1 ATS in their last 22 Conference Quarterfinals games and 21-8 ATS in their last 29 games as a home underdog. The Celtics are worth a play on the money line as they will win and tie up the series in front of a packed house.

Pick: Celtics +7

LA Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks

Odds: Clippers -3

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If you are betting on this game, it comes down to the health of Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic. If he does not play, this is a much different team.

Now is the time to bet on the Clippers, if you haven’t already. If Luka does not play the odds will jump and you will lose all value. If he does play, he will not be at 100 percent and that will give the Clippers the edge. The Mavericks are 5-11 ATS in their last 16 playoff games as an underdog and 5-12 ATS in their last 17 Conference Quarterfinals games. The momentum is with LA. The Clippers are riding high after a double-digit win and will tie up the series with another big win.

Pick: Clippers -3


Sunday NBA Picks Against the Spread for Every Game

Hawks -4.5

Suns +6.5

Celtics +7

Clippers -3

The one Team that Scares Laker Nation

The one Team that Scares Laker Nation

The LA Lakers are the defending champions and they are currently steamrolling through the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the NBA playoffs. According to the odds, they are favorite to repeat as NBA champions, but there is one team that Laker Nation should be concerned about, and no it is not the Brooklyn Nets.

Don’t Look Back

Every sportsbook has the Lakers listed as the best team in the West and the favorite to win the championship. But, there are other teams to watch. The Utah Jazz, LA Clippers, and the Dallas Mavericks are the usual runner-ups on the sports betting big board. One of those teams is a threat to the Lakers and they should not be overlooked.

The Utah Jazz is the only team in the Western Conference that is a threat to the Lakers. With all due respect to the Clippers, the Jazz is the best team, besides the Lakers in the West.

Size Matters

With Anthony Davis and a litany of big bodies in the lineup, the Lakers are hard to match up in the paint. The Jazz is the only team that can go toe-to-toe. Rudy Gobert is a defensive juggernaut and the best big man in the league. His defense is elite and he will make things difficult for the Lakers down low.

This block is just one example of how good Gobert is.

LeBron vs the World

The Jazz is a disciplined team and they are well-coached. With the paint clogged this game will come down to LeBron James. James may be the best player on the planet, but he cannot do it alone. Donavan Mitchell is going to run the offense and James will be moved around all game in an attempt to stop the scoring. Unfortunately, LeBron can’t do everything.

The Time to Bet is Now

If you bet on basketball you will get tremendous value right now if you bet the Utah Jazz to win the Western Conference. The Lakers are hobbling and they are vunerable. The Jazz is +600 to win the west and that is a very nice return. The world is watching LeBron and the Lakers and everyone believes that they will go to the finals. The public is usually not right and betting on the Jazz now is the only way to go.

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Tim Tebow Prop Bets

Tim Tebow Prop Bets: The Prop Getting Heavy Action

All moves and signings in the NFL are criticized. However, there is one move that has been scrutinized more than any other move this year. It is the signing of Tim Tebow to play tight end with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Fans went berserk, players were outraged and everyone was second-guessing the move by Jags head coach Urban Meyer. The move garnered so much attention that the sportsbooks instantly posted Tim Tebow prop bets for fans to bet on (or against). 

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Genius Move by the Jaguars

Before jumping into the prop bets, we have to chime in with our thoughts on the Tebow signing. Although universally this move is hated, I think this is a genius move by Meyer and the Jaguars. The team and the league immediately saw the profits from the signing. Tebow’s jersey sales exploded on day one and sold more than Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. He will stay in the top ten if he makes the final roster. 

Perhaps more importantly, the Jaguars are being talked about by fans and the media. This is a good thing for a team that rarely receives any press. 

Now let’s get to the good stuff, on to the prop bets and picks.

Tim Tebow Prop Bets

An important tidbit to know is that if Tebow does not start the year on the Jaguars roster, all bets will be canceled and refunded. 

Will Tim Tebow be on the opening day roster? Yes +125 or No -165

This is a good way to hedge the rule listed above. If you bet that he doesn’t make the team and he does, you will have active prop bets to offset the loss. However, we have to offer up a pick.

Prop Pick: YES +125

Tebow works hard and Meyer loves him, that alone is a good enough reason for him to make the roster. He is good for business for the team and is considered a good leader. Although the odds say he will not make the team, there is every reason for the Jags to keep him on the roster.

Tebow Total Receptions over or under 8.5

Prop Pick: Under 8.5 -120

This is a tough one. Although Tebow is listed as a tight end, there is speculation on his role with the team. Some say, quarterback, some say tight end and some say H-back. This also is dependent on how much Meyer utilizes the passing game With Trevor Lawrence. With so many variables, we will go under total receptions. 

Tebow Total Touchdown Receptions over or under 1.5 

Prop Pick Under 1.5 -450

This prop bet is somewhat similar to the receptions prop. If Tebow catches less than 8.5 passes all season, it is hard to imagine that he will score through the air. Opposing defenders will be watching Tebow closely because they do not want to be the team that allows Tebow to score. Tebow might throw a touchdown, but he will not catch one.

Tebow Total Rushing Touchdowns Over or Under ½

This prop bet is getting heavy action. The over is a big favorite at -260 for good reason. It is reported that Tebow will be used in a similar fashion that the New Orleans Saints use Taysom Hill.

If this is true, Tebow will easily be a player that will distract defenses and give multiple looks. This includes runs at the goal line. Look for Tebow to get a rushing touchdown this season for the Jaguars.

Prop Pick: Over 1/2

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Nets vs Celtics Game 3 Predictions and Pick

Nets vs Celtics Game 3 Predictions and Pick

The series between the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics can be described as bland at best. The Nets have dominated the series and a short-handed Celtics team looks as though they have given up. The attention being paid to this series is minimal at best. All the attention is on the Knicks and the Lakers, but that is changing.  Because Kyrie Irving and Danny Ainge decided to make a mess of things.  The Nets vs Celtics Game 3 predictions are usually based on stats, trends, and the latest odds, but this game has a different feel to it.

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Odds First

Before we get into the circus that is the side story in this series, let’s look at the odds. The Nets opened up as a -7 point favorite and that line has slightly moved to -7.5. This is normal considering that over 60 percent of the bets are coming in on the Nets. So you may want to place your bets on this game right now before you get distracted by the stories below.

First, there was Kyrie

Kyrie was actually a beloved figure in Boston. The fans loved him and they were hoping he would resign (as he promised). Of course, he joined Kevin Durant and left for Brooklyn, so the fans were disappointed, but Kyrie did not stop there. When asked about his return to Boston he made it more than about the game of basketball.

This is a big story and it seems like that is exactly what Irving was hoping for. Why focus on the fact that he left Boston hanging and be a villain when he comes back? Instead, his comments can take the focus off what happened when he left and instead be on what may happen during the game. Genius.

Then there was Danny Ainge

If you thought Irving made things murky, just wait for Danny Ainge. Ainge may have been trying to defend his team or the city or both, but he messed up.

If you have watched basketball for 20 minutes or 20 years, you know that this is not true. I am guessing Ainge will put out a statement clarifying his statements, but it won’t matter. The damage is done.

So what does this have to do with the game? The answer is nothing.

Nets vs Celtics Game 3 Predictions

The controversy is a side story at best. The Nets are the much better team and it has shown in every game in the postseason. But, the Celtics are home and that has to count for something, this is why sportsbooks, like MyBookie, dropped the spread two points from the games in Brooklyn. But this game is different.

The Nets had some injury news and they are going to have to adjust entering game three without the services of Jeff Green.

Adjustments are normal in the NBA, but they still take a team out of sync. It also really hurts the Nets on the defensive side of the ball. This will be overlooked by the bettors who love offense and believe that James Harden, Durant, and Irving can fix anything. Not tonight.

This is a do-or-die game for the Celtics. They are 15-5-1 against the spread in the last 21 conference quarterfinal games and an incredible 20-8 ATS as a home underdog. The defensive weakness of the Nets without Green will allow Jayson Tatum to score and distribute the ball to facilitate scoring. The crowd and the energy will get the Celtics to play with the intensity that they have been missing for most of the season.

Bet on the Celtics +7.5

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Falcons Should Trade Julio Jones to Patriots

Falcons Should Trade Julio Jones to Patriots

The Atlanta Falcons and the Julio Jones are clearly parting ways this off season. Much like the Aaron Rodgers story, the Julio Jones and the Falcons saga has many twists and turns. One team that always emerges in the rumors is the New England Patriots. Although other teams are in the running, the Patriots are obviously the best fit.

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Farewell to the Falcons

The only thing that is for sure is that the Falcons are not an option for Jones. This is a shame because Jones is a legend in Atlanta and he will leave a long lasting legacy behind. It may be surprising to some, but Matt Ryan and Jones are the best QB/WR combo in the NFL.

However, it is clear that Jones wants out of Atlanta and according to reports he has selected two teams as his preferred destination. The New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans.

Odds Are Up in the Air

It is normal for sports betting odds to fluctuate when it comes to potential NFL trades and that is certainly the case with Julio Jones. It all depends on where you want to bet football. This sportsbook has the Titans (+350) as favorites to land Jones, but other sportsbooks have the Patriots (+300) as the favorites to make a trade with the Falcons.

Make Your Pick: Where will Julio Jones play next season?

Titans +350

Patriots +300

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If we judge it by player recruiting, the Titans have the edge.

Player Recruiting is Alive and Well

Once it was made public that Jones wanted out, Patriots and Titans players made a pitch to Jones. It all started with Titans RB Derrick Henry, but since then more players have chimed in.

Trent Brown started things for the Patriots and his tweet was “liked” by many current Patriots players who want to see Jones in New England.

However, no one is as aggressive on social media as Titans WR AJ Brown. Brown is sending plea after plea to Jones and as offered to change his number and let Julio “carry the load”.

Other teams are trying to recruit Jones, like the Philadelphia Eagles, but the Patriots and the Titans are the clear front runners.

Jones to the Patriots Is the Only Way

The Titans are pushing hard on social media to persuade Jones, but it is very unlikely. Recent reports indicate that Tennessee is a “long shot” to land Jones in a deal with Atlanta.

Enter Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Belichick loves the veteran wide receiver and he will be the perfect addition to a revamped offense. Jones becomes a deep threat that will stretch the field  and open things up for the rest of the offense. Jones reportedly wants to play with the Pats and will welcome a trade to New England, which will make the deal easier to make. After Signing Jonnu Smith, Hunter Henry, Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne, trading for Jones will be the icing on the cake.

Pats Have the Pieces

Although the Falcons still have nightmares from the Super Bowl against the Patriots, they will like what the Pats have to offer. The Patriots have the cap space to handle the contract, can afford to give up picks and have several big names that they could send to Atlanta to improve their team instantly. This includes players like N’Keal Harry, Jakobi Meyers, JC Jackson, Sony Michel and even Stephon Gilmore. This combination of talent and draft capitol will be too much for the Falcons to pass up.

Although the Titans, Browns, Colts, Raiders and 49ers are all rumored to be interested in Jones, when the dust settles, Jones will be in a member of the New England Patriots.


Suns vs Lakers Game 3 Predictions

Suns vs Lakers Game 3 Predictions and Pick

The LA Lakers beat the Phoenix Suns in game two and have tied up the series. After a loss in game one, it is clear that the Lakers had more focus for the second game. Now that the venue has switched to LA, the oddsmakers and the sports betting public believe that this series is over. However, Suns vs Lakers Game 3 predictions will depend on several factors.

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How much is home court worth?

The Lakers were 2.5 point favorites in the second game, but heading into game three they are now -6.5 point favorites. This is a combination of three things. First, the Lakers are a very public team and will get heavy betting action after a convincing win. Secondly, the Lakers are at home (although the Lakers are 3-8 ATS in their last 11 home games). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Chris Paul is hurt.

Paul Pushing the Limits

Chris Paul has a lingering shoulder injury. He played through the pain in the first game, but he could not stand the pain in the second game. When Paul left the court in game two, the Suns were unable to hold the lead and they faded away. Back Cameron Payne is a capable backup and he managed 19 points in game two, but he is no Chris Paul. Paul is so important to this team and Devin Booker realizes this.

“At all times, we miss him,” Booker said. “And it’s going to be tough but we all have to step up. We don’t know how his health is right now and how quick he’s going to recover, but everybody has to give a little bit more.”

The Suns do respond well after a loss with a 1-3 ATS record in their last 14 games following a straight-up loss

Suns vs Lakers Game 3 Predictions

The Suns are better off with Paul right now. He cannot dribble or pass the way that he wants to. It can be said that at the moment he is more of a liability. But the Lakers are going to plan for him to play and be at full strength.

The inflated line gives value to the Suns, especially without Paul. The Sun’s players realize that they have to step it up with an ailing Paul. Expect an inspired effort for the Suns. They will keep this game very close and betting on the underdog in game three is the way to go.

Phoenix Suns +6.5

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Dak Prescott Injury

NFL Injury Updates

Every season players in the NFL get hurt. In fact, by the time the calendar moves to December almost every player in the league is battling injury and is just trying to survive to the end.

Some make it to the final week, others don’t, but all of them are focused on getting healthy during the offseason. It is important to keep up with the NFL injury updates. 

Dak Prescott Is Practicing

In October, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a devastating compound fracture of his ankle. At the time it cast doubt on a future extension, as well as where he might be playing in 2021 if he would be playing at all. They need him under center if they want to win the Super Bowl, although the odds say Dallas is a longshot. 

Fast forward seven months and not only does Prescott have his new contract, keeping him in Dallas long-term, but he is also practicing with the Cowboys at OTAs. He’s not 100% yet, but the timeline of him being a full participant in practice by the time training camps open in July feels like a pretty safe bet.

Time will tell if the injury changes his mobility in the coming season and beyond, but seeing him throw passes again is a positive step for all involved. Betting markets feel good about Prescott’s return as it relates to the Cowboys winning their division. Dallas sports the lowest odds of +110 on the betting board to win the NFC East next year.

Joe Burrow Still on Target for Week 1

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow suffered a serious knee injury in Week 11 of his rookie season, tearing both his ACL and MCL and resulting in reconstructive knee surgery in December.

The doctor who performed the surgery recently said that Burrow is on track to make his return to the field by the opening week of the 2021 season, saying that the young quarterback is doing everything right in rehabbing the injury.

“He’s worked his tail off,” said Dr. Neal ElAttrache. “He’s been an amazingly mature participant in his recovery. He’s focused and great to work with.”

He went on to say that the knee is performing perfectly for this stage of the recovery, and all systems go for the start of the season.

That also seemed to be the message the Bengals were sending when they released a video of Burrow working out this week. He’s noticeably bigger in the upper body, and both the team and fans hope he’ll be better suited for the rigors of a full NFL season.

Bettors aren’t as confident in Burrow’s return to bolster the Bengals to success. Cincinnati sits second-to-last on the odds board to win the AFC next season at a +5000 price, trailed only by the lowly Houston Texans at +7500.

Derwin James a Full Participant in OTAs

Sadly we haven’t seen enough of Derwin James on the field since his standout rookie season. The All-Pro as a rookie has played just five games over the last two seasons because of injuries, losing all of 2020 to a torn meniscus suffered in training camp.

However, James is now fully recovered from that injury, and the Chargers had their safety back as a full participant when they began OTAs this week.

New head coach Brandon Staley said of James, “He looks great. He sounds great. As you know, one of his strengths as a football player is his leadership and the energy that he gives everybody each and every day. He’s a multiplier out there. When he’s out there our chances increase by a whole bunch.”

In his rookie season of 2018, James finished with 105 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and three interceptions.

Von Miller Still Just as Fast

The Broncos welcomed future Hall of Famer Von Miller back to the field at OTAs on Monday. He lost all of 2020 because of a dislocated tendon in his ankle that required season-ending surgery.

When asked if he was back to his old form, Miller said, “It never left.”

Head coach Vic Fangio also confirmed that Miller still has what it takes at 32, saying that the MVP of Super Bowl 50 looks just as fast as he ever did.

Christian McCaffrey Back on the Field

The Panthers have a new quarterback in Sam Darnold. But everyone knows that the offense can only be successful if Christian McCaffrey is healthy and on the field. Last year he wasn’t, suffering a high ankle sprain, a shoulder injury, and a quad injury, that kept him off the field for a total of 13 games.

He is now back, looking good and feeling good. Hopefully, with Darnold under center, he can return to his 1,000-1,000 form from 2019 and thrive in Joe Brady’s offense in Carolina.

NFL Odds Super Bowl 2022: Best Bets and a Surprise Team

NFL Odds Super Bowl 2022: Best Bets and a Surprise Team

The National Football League is always fun to predict. After the draft is complete, many people will deliver “hot takes” on what team they believe will win it all. Many will pick the favorites, while others will pick their team to win the Super Bowl. Before you make a pick and before you put your money where your mouth is, you have to look at the NFL odds for Super Bowl 2022.

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NFL Odds Super Bowl 2022

Kansas City Chiefs +575

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600

Buffalo Bills +1100

Los Angeles Rams +1100

San Francisco 49ers +1400

Baltimore Ravens +1600

Cleveland Browns +1600

Green Bay Packers +1600

Indianapolis Colts +2000

Denver Broncos +2500

New England Patriots +2800

New Orleans Saints +2800

Seattle Seahawks +2800

Arizona Cardinals +3300

Dallas Cowboys +3300

Los Angeles Chargers +3300

Miami Dolphins +3300

Minnesota Vikings +4000

Pittsburgh Steelers +4000

Tennessee Titans +4000

Atlanta Falcons +5000

Chicago Bears +5000

Las Vegas Raiders +5000

New York Giants +5000

Washington Football Team +5000

Carolina Panthers +6600

Philadelphia Eagles +6600

Cincinnati Bengals +8000

Forget About It

It is fun to dream, but let’s face facts. There are numerous teams that have no chance to win the Super Bowl this season. This list includes the Texans +17500, Lions +15000, Jaguars +12500 and the Jets +8000 for starters. Let’s not waste any effort discussing these teams. 

New York Jets +8000, Jacksonville Jaguars +12500, Detroit Lions +15000, Houston Texans +17500

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Favorite to win the Super Bowl

Obviously the Kansas City Chiefs +575 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600 are the favorites to win  Super Bowl 56. They met in the big game last year, the Chiefs got better and the Bucs brought everyone back.

The Buccaneers also have one of the easiest schedules in the league, so it is clear why they are attracting their share of wagers to win. However, it has been 17 years since a team pulled off the repeat in the big game. Yes, we know it was Tom Brady and the Patriots, but it is still a very daunting task.

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Next Up

The next teams on the list are the Buffalo Bills and the Rams. Both of these teams are +1100 to win the championship. The Rams are getting hype from many media outlets since they signed Matthew Stafford. This is usually a curse for an NFL team. The Rams and the Bills are two very good teams and both will make the playoffs, but they will not make our best bets. 

Surprise Team

Dallas Cowboys +3300

This may not be a “surprise team” too many considering the popularity of the Dallas Cowboys. But according to the Super Bowl odds, the Cowboys are a long-shot to win it all this season. But they have to be taken seriously.

Dak Prescott is on pace to return from an ugly ankle fracture. Before he was injured he was on pace to post over 6,000 passing yards. This offense with Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliot can be one of the best in the league.

The schedule has some tough games to include the season opener against the Buccaneers. However they have the second easiest schedule in the NFL and face off against teams that went a combined 122-148-2 for a winning percentage of .452.If you want to make a bet on a team with incredible odds, the Cowboys are a good team to target.

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Best Bets

For our best bets we are going to focus on two teams that we believe have betting value to win the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens +1600

Quarterback Lamar Jackson is getting better and better each and every year. The Ravens end the regular season with three straight home games and they get better as the season goes one. The Ravens have a 21-4 regular-season record in the months of November, December and January when Jackson is under center. With a dominating defense and a grind-it-out run game, the Ravens are a best bet to win the Super Bowl. 

Indianapolis Colts +2000

With apologies to the city of Nashville, the Colts will run away with the AFC South. It will not even be close. It may look like the Colts will struggle in the start of the season. They will play five games against opponents who had 10 wins or more and they have three straight road games. You may actually get better odds in week  five for the Colts to win the Super Bowl, especially if they start the season with a losing record. 

Carson Wentz is the piece that they were missing. They have an incredible offensive line and weapons in all areas. The Colts have a defense that can rush the passer and they are well-coached. The Colts will rebound with games against the Jaguars (twice), Houston (twice) and the Jets. They will end the season with an AFC South title and a chance to win the Super Bowl.

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