Nets vs Bucks Game 4: Bet the Bucks

Nets vs Bucks Game 4: Bet the Bucks

The NBA playoffs have featured some great matchups. If you are betting on the playoffs it is quite clear that the favorites have been the way to go. The Brooklyn Nets are the favorites to win it all and have three of the best players in basketball. However, they are currently in a series against the Milwaukee Bucks and things are getting interesting.  In game three of this series, Milwaukee made it very clear they were not going to roll over. The Nets vs Bucks Game 4 predictions should reflect the adjustments that Milwaukee made in game three.

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What’s Your Best Bet?

Nets -2 (Bet Now)
Bucks +2 (Bet Now)

Why Bet the Bucks?

You may have bet on the Nets, but you may want to think again. The Bucks have figured out the Nets. Giannis Antetokounmpo is opening up on offense and as a team, they are responding on defense. They know if they want to win this series that have to play defense and frustrate superstars like Kevin Durant. This is exactly what happened when PJ Tucker and the Bucks made like difficult for Durant.

Nets vs Bucks Game 4 Predictions

The Nets are (-2) favorites and everyone is betting on the Nets. That is a perfect reason to bet on the Bucks, but wait there’s more.  The Bucks are 6-1 ATS in their last 7 games against a team with a winning straight-up record. They always find a way to play better at home against the best teams in the league. Tonight will be no different. Bet on the Bucks and win as Milwaukee ties the series at two games apiece.

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2020 UEFA European Championship

The 2020 UEFA European Championship Ultimate Betting Guide

The 2020 UEFA European Championship is finally here! The best teams and players in the world are assembling to put on an incredible tournament. The championship originally was pushed back because of the pandemic and will now take center stage on one of the biggest events of the year.

It is time to bet on the championship, and if you want to win, you need as much information as possible. 

Where to Bet 

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The Teams

The UEFA EURO 2020 will have 24 teams vying for the trophy and the right to be the best team in the world. The championship starts June 11th and will go on July 11th. Portugal will look to defend their title and will get a challenge from France, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain as well as other surprise teams in the field of 24. 

The Groups

It starts with Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland

Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia

Looking for an underdog? Try Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia

Group D: England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic

Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia

and this is the one to watch: Group F: Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany

UEFA Euro 2020 Odds & Betting

According to the odds at MyBookie, France (+400) are the favorites to win Euro 2020. Closely followed in the odds by England (+550), Belgium (+600), Germany (+800), Spain (+800), Italy (+800) and Portugal (+850). The rest of the odds focus on big underdogs and longshots like Finland and North Macedonia

2020 UEFA European Championship Predictions 

The odds are out and the schedule is set. The next assignment is to pick the team that will win it all. Here are a few of the teams on our radar and the one team that will win the UEFA Euro 2020. 

Portugal (+850)

Bet on Portugal

Portugal is the defending EURO champion, but they are not the favorite to win it all. Cristiano Ronaldo is the leader of the team and is considered by many to be the best player in the world. However, they are in a very difficult group which features Germany and the favorite in France. Portugal will not be able to repeat. 

France (+400)

Bet on France

As mentioned, France is the favorite to win UEFA EURO 2020, but it will not be easy. They have a target on their back and play in the hardest group in the tournament. This team is favored because they are loaded with players who have experience playing in this tournament. This is very valuable and is something that should not be overlooked. It is not surprising that this team is getting the vast majority of bets.

The Winner Is….

Belgium (+750)

Bet on Belgium

Belgium is our pick to win UEFA Euro 2020. Belgium may struggle against Russia, but they have a clear path in this group. They are clearly the best team in their group. Romelu Lukaku will dominate in Group B and will be the best player of the group by far. According to FIFA’s world rankings, this is the best team in the country. There are some injury concerns, but with little competition in this group, it will allow the players time to heal. To get a team with this much talent with these odds, it is too hard to pass up. Bet on Belgium to win the UEFA European Championship.

The Spin Rate Scandal and How To Bet It

The Spin Rate Scandal and How To Bet It

Major League Baseball has a huge problem and it is barely getting any attention. That is going to change soon. You can already find articles and notes about this issue. Words like “weaponizing” and “spin rate” are becoming commonplace around the league.  The Spin Rate cheating scandal that no one is talking about is about to make huge headlines. 

Spin Rate Cheating Scandal

If you think that the words “cheating” are too strong, you are not paying attention to today’s game. The offenses across MLB are struggling and it’s not a coincidence. The pitchers have a huge advantage and it is changing the game and making it unwatchable. That is about to change. But before we get to the changes, let’s break down the issue at hand.


The reason this problem did not get the attention it deserves, is because other distractions stole the spotlight. MLB let it “leak” early that they were going to deaden baseballs for this season. The league also mentioned higher seams on the baseball to get a better grip. Both of these adjustments are bad for the hitter. However, there is more to look at. 

Pitchers Are the Problem

It is well known that pitchers have always used substances to improve their grip on the baseball. Unless the substance was obvious and over-the-top, most of the league overlooked the aid. This includes the hitters who are very aware of the substances. It is reported that players have mastered how to “weaponize” baseballs by using substances to alter the spin rate. This is making pitchers dominant and hitters helpless at the plate. Once this news got out, names and spin rate were instantly connected. 

Players like the Yankees, Geritt Cole, will be watched very closely in the next few weeks. He is already fielding questions.

How Bad Is It?

The MLB offenses are downright ugly. How ugly you say? The current numbers are on pace to be the league’s lowest batting average ever, the lowest on-base percentage since 1968, and the lowest slugging percentage in the last seven years. The blame up to this point has been put on the hitters or the way they coach baseball, but there is more to it and some of the best hitters in the game are speaking out. 

When the stars speak up, MLB listens. And so does the media. So this story is finally getting headlines around the league and it is going to explode soon. 

They completely understand that this is a problem and they are going to begin looking for substances and punishing pitchers who are caught red-handed.  

The Crackdown

MLB is working with the players association to come up with a method to check for substances and the possible penalties. Players realize that this is coming and they are already making changes to how they pitch. 

Someone has to Take the Fall

When the crackdown begins someone will be caught. That person will face backlash and will be the new face of the scandal. That player will get the max penalty and baseball will attempt to prove that they, once again, are trying to clean up the game. 

How to bet the Spin Rate Scandal

If you are going to take advantage of this scandal, you have to bet now. MLB has given the players a few weeks to adjust before they levy punishments. Although many sports bettors will look to bet ‘OVER’ the posted total, it’s the big-name pitchers that are vulnerable. Because of the name, these pitchers will be a go against for the next few weeks. After that, the sportsbooks will adjust and you will have missed out. Take advantage of this edge and bet on baseball before the rules are set in place.

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Julio Jones and the Titans are Super Bowl Contenders

Julio Jones and the Titans are Super Bowl Contenders

It’s official. The Atlanta Falcons have made a trade with the Tennessee Titans. Both teams made an incredible deal. The Falcons relieved the cap situation and the Titans added a legend to an offense that is already packed with superstars. There are still questions that both teams need to answer, but Tennessee fans are very happy. They should be because Julio Jones and the Titans are now legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

What Do the Experts Say?

The wise guys in Las Vegas and the sportsbooks are always the first to react. They dropped the Titans from 40-to-1 to 25-to-1 to win the Super Bowl. The Falcons went in another direction.

Some sportsbooks still have the Titans ta 40-to-1. Don’t wait, bet NOW!

It did not take long for other experts to offer up their opinions.

Titans Super Bowl predictions

Before the trade, there were many pundits picking the Titans to be Super Bowl contenders if they were able to pull off this trade. Now that it’s official, betting now is the smart move.

The Kansas City Chiefs are still the favorites to win the AFC, and the Baltimore Ravens are dangerous, but the gap is getting closer and it is easy to see.

Best Offense in the NFL

The Titan’s offense is incredible. They have the best running back in the National Football League, a pair of All-Pro wide receivers, and a quarterback that is more efficient than some of the best QBs in the league. Yes even better than the Chiefs Patrick Mahomes. This tweet is getting a lot of heat on the internet, but it’s true.

The reason the Titans have the edge on offense is not because of the QB position, it is because they have the best running back in the NFL in Derrick Henry. It will be very difficult for the Chiefs to score if Henry allows the Titans to control the time of possession and the game clock. That is a difference-maker in the playoffs and it is obvious that the Titans will make the playoffs.

Path to the Playoffs

The Titans have an easy path to the playoffs. The odds prove it. The Titans are (-140) to make the postseason. The Titans will be able to pile up some easy wins in the division. They play in the AFC South and that helps. The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting better, but they will not win the division. The Houston Texans may be the worst team in the league. The Indianapolis Colts are the only real challenge in the division, but either way the Titans will be in the running for the division title.

Once the playoffs begin, anything can happen. This is why betting on the Titans now has value. With the acquisition of Julio Jones, the Titans have the best offense in the NFL and are true contenders.

Clippers vs Mavericks Predictions

Clippers vs Mavericks Predictions for Game Six

Before the playoffs began the Los Angeles Clippers were considered a top team in the West that could advance to the NBA Finals. The Dallas Mavericks were a scrappy team led by superstar Luka Doncic but were considered a long shot at best. Five games into this series, it is the Mavericks who look like they deserve to advance to the next round. The Clippers vs Mavericks predictions have not been easy up to this point. But as the lone Friday night game, now is the time to see what team is for real.

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Clippers vs Mavericks Odds

The Clippers are favorites once again on the road against the Mavericks. How is that even possible? It all starts with the fact that the road team has won every game in this series. So although game six is in Dallas, the oddsmakers do not believe it changes everything.

The point spread opened with the Clippers as -3 chalk and has dipped to -2 because everyone is buying in on the Mavericks who need to win this game to close out the series at home. Over 61 percent of the betting money is on Dallas. The problem is that the home court is not important in this series. If Dallas closes out the series they will be the first team to win at home.

It’s not going to happen.

Snoop is on Board

The Clippers are struggling in this series, but so are the Lakers and that is getting the attention of some high-profile stars. In return, this series is now in the spotlight.

Paul George is ready to extend this series and is on the record as being “confident” that the Clippers will win this game and extend the series.

Clippers vs Mavericks Predictions

Luka is the future of the NBA and one of the best players on the planet. He scored 42 points in the previous win and it is very clear that he needs to have a monster game if the Mavericks win. Kristaps Porzingis and Tim Hardaway Jr. have helped along the way, but it is very clear if they want to win, it is all about Luka.

The Mavericks are 5-12 against the spread (ATS) in the Conference Quarterfinals round and Luks will have a tough time repeating his performance from game five. Kawhi Leonard is under pressure for his final shot in the last game and it made Rajon Rondo go viral.

This is the pressure that Leonard needs. The Clippers have underachieved in this series, but they will answer the bell and force a game seven.

Clippers -2.5

How to Bet Suns vs Lakers Game Six

How to Bet Suns vs Lakers Game Six

The Los Angeles Lakers are in trouble and they are now in a must-win situation. This series has been a rollercoaster affair for both teams. In game one, the Suns pulled off the upset, and the Lakers responded. When it looked like the Lakers were going to take charge, it was the Suns that won. Then everyone believed LeBron James was going to take over when Anthony Davis was sidelined with an injury and the Lakers were embarrassed. It’s easy to be questioning how you will approach the next game. This is what you need to know when you bet Suns vs Lakers.

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Suns vs Lakers Game Six Odds

The Lakers started out as small 3 point favorites and that number is shrinking. The Lakers are now just 2 point favorites and that is a complete overreaction to the loss in game five. This is when you need to look ahead and not look back. The sports betting public jumped on the Suns in this game as 71 percent of the bets are on Phoenix. This is weird considering that the Suns are 1-4-1 against the spread (ATS) in the last six road games. That is a big mistake.

How to Bet Suns vs Lakers Game Six

The best way to bet on this game is to avoid the obvious. You want to bet on the Suns because the Lakers have looked so bad. Anthony Davis is hobbling, LeBron is hurting, but that is not the right way to bet on this game. Take the Lakers and bet them now. The Suns may be the better team, but this belongs to LA. They are at home and they are facing elimination. The minute that everyone gives up on a team is the minute you should bet on that team.

People doubt LeBron James. They are second-guessing his legacy and his ability. Although Father Time will catch everyone, it will not be in game six.

Bet Now: Lakers -2

Bet at

The Big Business of the NBA Goes to Africa

The Big Business of the NBA Goes to Africa

The NFL, MLB, and NHL all have international players and enjoy popularity in other countries. But none of them hold a candle to being an international and global phenomenon compared to the NBA. An NBA partnership with Africa is meant to be.

This season the NBA has 107 international players on its rosters from a total of 41 players, including a record-tying 14 players from African countries.

European players can trace their roots to the NBA through Hank Biassatti. The Italian-born Biassatti first played on an NBA team in 1946. But back then, it was a mere trickle of foreign-born players coming to the NBA.

The floodgates began to open in the 1980s when the first African made it to the NBA in the person of Hakeem Olajuwon. The dominating center became one of the best players in NBA history and a hero to Nigerians and the whole of Africa. 

There have now been 63 NBA players from the continent of Africa, with Nigeria and Senegal being the countries that produced the most. And that has meant big bucks for the NBA, including merchandise sales and media and licensing rights.

The formation of NBA Africa, with an initial value of $1 billion, was only natural. The sports betting market will open their arms to offer up wagering on the NBA in Africa.

Basketball Africa League

Along with NBA Africa and the business investment made jointly by African companies and the NBA, is a new league called Basketball Africa League. The BAL has already begun play with 12 teams from all over Africa. It’s a joint venture between the NBA and the International Basketball Federation, and for this first season, there will be 26 games, all played in Rwanda.

BAL president Amadou Gallo Fall said of the league, “Through the BAL, we will provide a platform for elite players from across the continent to showcase their talent and inspire fans of all ages, use basketball as an economic growth engine across Africa, and shine a light on Africa’s vibrant sporting culture.”

The 12 teams of the BAL first had to qualify by either winning their home country’s national league or by winning a qualifying tournament. The 12 teams are from Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Egypt, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, and Tunisia.

NBA Africa Modeled After NBA China

The business side of NBA Africa hopes to operate similarly to the way NBA China has worked since it was first created in 2008. Started with a $253 million investment from partners that included Disney, NBA China is now worth an estimated $5 billion and has given the league greater access to a market of 1.4 billion people.

The population of Africa is almost identical to China’s, with 1.396 billion people, according to the most recent United Nations estimate. Although unlike China, which was much later in coming to its appreciation of the NBA, in large part because of Yao Ming, who went to the league in 2002, Africans have a nearly forty-year history of NBA basketball stars.

One thing that will also differ between NBA Africa and NBA China is the running of the BAL. The NBA operates the Basketball Africa League, and the NBA has the full support of Africa. However, the Chinese Basketball Association is state-run. The relationship between the NBA and China remains strained following the dust-up in 2019 over tweets from an NBA executive that supported pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

The Investors

Giving NBA Africa instant credibility is investor Dikembe Mutombo, who is Congolese. He is joined by investors/former players Luol Deng (South Sudan), Grant Hill, Joakim Noah (his grandfather was a Cameroon soccer player), and Junior Bridgeman, and a former Milwaukee Buck turned business mogul estimated to be worth more than $600 million.

Joining the former NBA stars are two of Africa’s most influential business leaders, Tunde Folawiyo and Tope Lawani. Folawaiyo is CEO of the Yink and Folawiyo Group and is a Nigerian worth $650 million. Lawani is a Nigerian national and Harvard grad and is head of Helios Fairfax Partners, an investment group with capital valued at $3 billion.

Both Folawiyo and Lawani are on the NBA Africa board of directors. Along with NBA commissioner Adam Silver, NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum, and CEO of NBA Africa Victor Williams.