2023 Super Bowl Odds: How to bet the big game

2023 Super Bowl Odds: Tracking the smart money

Everyone likes to bet on the Super Bowl and this year is no exception. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs are the participants and money is already being bet on the big game at incredible levels. Since the 2023 Super Bowl odds were released, the point spread has moved. However, it can be difficult to tell if that is due to respected money from people who bet on football for a living or big money that moves the line. Our goal is to find out.

Super Bowl line moves

Tracking the line moves can be difficult. There are hundreds of sports betting sites and many have changed the line. The majority of the outlets opened the Super Bowl line with the Chiefs as a small favorite. Since the opening, the line has moved and now, nearly everywhere, the Eagles are the favorites to win the game. This normally indicates that the public is taking Jalen Hurts and the Eagles to win the game, but this game is special.

Why is the Super Bowl Special?

The Super Bowl is special for various reasons. It is one of the most popular events to bet on every year. Last year a record  $179.8 billion was wagered on the Super Bowl. The amount of money bet on this game is crazy and that can change the way that the line moves. This game includes hundreds of prop bets that can easily change the way that people bet on the game. And finally, there are two weeks to think about and wager on this contest. All of this has to be taken into account before betting on the Super Bowl.

What is smart money?

Smart money is money that is bet on the game by respected handicappers who bet on sports for a living. But, those types of people do not usually advertise what games they are going to bet on. In the past, big money amounts would be a strong indication of “smart money” but that has changed over the years. With social media, big bets are reported instantly and shared all over the globe.

Pick your spot

Fading the public can be lucrative considering that Las Vegas sportsbooks have only lost money twice on Super Bowls. However, finding the public side and the smart money side is never easy. The best way to approach betting on the big game is to do your work. Find the team that you want to bet on find the best point spread and place your bets. This is how you make money betting on the Super Bowl.

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Kyrie Irving trade? It’s time to retire

Kyrie Irving trade? It’s time to retire

Just when you thought the Super Bowl was going to dominate the news, Kyrie Irving shocked the NBA world by demanding a trade. The Brooklyn Nets have days to trade a disgruntled player with a bunch of baggage. Irving put the Nets in a bad spot by demanding a trade, but he is talented and he can change the dynamics of a team. The Kyrie Irving trade is hard to watch because Kyrie holds all the cards. Or does he?

Timing is everything

Kyrie Irving requested this trade with a purpose. He will be a free agent this summer. If the Nets don’t trade him, he will give up on the season. If Irving does not go to the team he prefers he will make things difficult for Brooklyn. Irving has one goal. Get traded to another team (that he chooses) and in the meantime, destroy Brooklyn.

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NBA trade rumors: Where does Kyrie go?

Kyrie Irving is an incredible basketball player, but he does come with some baggage. The biggest connection is the LA Lakers. LeBron James knows Kyrie and there is every reason to believe that LeBron can make this happen. But, there is no need to overshadow the accomplishments of LeBron by making Kyrie the headline. Irving has burned bridges with the best players in the league. Although he has an opportunity to select where he will play, many of the contenders don’t want to bring Irving into the fold.

The perfect trade

The perfect trade for Kyrie Irving has nothing to do with Irving. It has to be the perfect combination of players and teams that are willing to make the market move. The Toronto Raptors, Atlanta Hawks, and Minnesota Timberwolves are all teams that have the players and the assets to get Irving. But will Irving want to go to those teams or do those teams want him?

It’s all about Irving

Irving put the Nets in a tough spot. Brooklyn has to take a bad deal and get rid of him or wait until the end of the season and lose Irving with nothing in return. There will be a team that will trade or sign Irving, but that is a mistake. Although talented, Irving is not a team player and he hurts every team he plays for.

 It’s time for Irving to retire.

Derek Carr next team predictions: Will it be the Jets?

Derek Carr next team predictions: Will it be the Jets?

The Las Vegas Raiders are parting ways with quarterback Derek Carr and he will play elsewhere next season. That much is clear, but it may be the only thing that is clear about Carr’s future. Carr looked outstanding in the Prop Bowl precision passing competition increasing his value on the NFL market. The Derek Carr next team odds show that he may be heading east, but there are more and more teams joining in on the hunt. While you wait for the Super Bowl, check out the frontrunners to acquire Carr.

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New York Jets +300

According to the odds, the Jets are the favorites to land Carr. However, recent rumors about New York going after Aaron Rodgers will make this very interesting. Carr will fit in well on the Jets since it seems like the only piece that they are missing is a quarterback, but other teams are going to be calling about Carr.

Tennessee Titans +800

The Titans are in the market for another quarterback. Ryan Tannehill has fallen out of favor and Malik Willis is not ready to start in the league yet. Carr will be a bridge to Willis and will allow the Titans to compete for a title now instead of wasting Derrick Henry’s years while waiting for a young quarterback to mature.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000

In case you missed it, the Buccaneers are in the market for a new quarterback. Tom Brady is retired, but the Bucs have a loaded roster that is built to win now. They won’t be able to do that if they don’t have a solid quarterback to put up points. Carr to Tampa makes the Bucs an instant contender.

Other notable teams going after Carr

The favorites to land Carr (after the Jets) in order are the Colts, Commanders, and Panthers. Other interesting scenarios include Carr going to Green Bay if they move on from Aaron Rodgers or heading to New England to take over the Patriot’s offense.

There is only one team that makes sense. Derek Carr should join the Washington Commanders and compete for a title next season.