Aaron Rodgers Odds and Where He Will Play in 2022

Aaron Rodgers Odds and Where He Will Play in 2022

The biggest upset of the divisional round is easy to identify. The San Francisco 49ers shut down the Green Bay Packers, leaving quarterback Aaron Rodgers with a difficult choice to make. As the Packers unravel yet again, they realize that the consistent playoff run for this team is over. The Aaron Rodgers odds show that there is a good chance that he will once again discuss leaving Green Bay for another team.

Update 2/21

The story surrounding Aaron Rodgers keeps getting more and more interesting. Rodgers took to Instagram to post a lengthy message expressing his gratitude for the people and players he spent time with at Green Bay.

What Does it mean? 

We will find out soon because Rodgers is expected to interview on the Pat McAfee show and the Packers announce GM Brian Gutekunst will have a press conference on Wednesday. But the speculation is that he will be parting ways with Green Bay. However, for Rodgers, this post is much more than that. It is his way to show appreciation, however, it is also his way of trying to come out of this as the nice guy. Not the guy who is forcing himself out of Green Bay. There are always two sides to the story and it will be fun to watch it unfold in the coming days. Then the race will be on to sign Rodgers, if he leaves.

Will he stay or will he go?

We have seen this story before, just last year. The Packers have hurdles to overcome if they want Rodgers back under center. The biggest reason is the salary cap. The Packers do not have money to spare and they will have to shed money if they want to get in a better place financially. Wide receiver Davante Adams wants to get paid, but the Packers will have to give him the franchise tag if they want to keep him. The writing is on the wall, the Packers are in rebuild mode and have to use this off-season to get as much as possible for the talent that they have. But, they are saying that they are going all-in on keeping Rodgers in Green Bay. But if they decide to trade him there are plenty of interested buyers on the market.

Aaron Rodgers Odds and Where He Will Play in 2022

The Aaron Rodgers odds according to this sportsbook show that if Rodgers does leave Green Bay, the favorite to land him is the Denver Broncos (+300). The 49ers passed on Rodgers on the draft, but they are second on the list at (+350) although they have been connected to Tom Brady. Other teams like the Buccaneers (+400), Steelers (+500), Ravens (+3300), and Patriots (+5000) are on the list for his services. Click here for the complete list of odds for where Rodgers may play next.

But where will he go?

This is where it gets interesting. It is very clear that Rodgers does not want to be a part of a rebuild. This means he is looking for a contender. But the move has to make sense to the Packers and his next destination. Green Bay is the best option. The team will have to get creative with the money, but they are willing to make him happy. He returns to a familiar system and as a team that can compete for the Super Bowl. The odds show that several teams are in the mix but with quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson potentially available, this may be the best NFL offseason ever.

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