NFL Week 3 Picks Against the Spread: Mixing Wisdom with Audacity

NFL Week 3 Picks Against the Spread: Mixing Wisdom with Audacity

The NFL season’s still young, and everyone’s acting like they’ve got it all figured out! But hold your horses if you’re diving into Week 3’s betting frenzy. Take a deep breath, grab your detective hat, and let’s sprinkle some brilliance into your football fortune.

Just like last week (or was it a century ago?), we’re here to embark on a whirlwind tour of the NFL’s finest. So, strap in, because the fun’s just getting started!

Chargers vs Vikings 🚀

The battle of the winless! ⚔️ The Chargers pack the firepower, but the Vikings… well, they’re just packing confusion. Justin Herbert is a one-man show, and even without Austin Ekeler, they’re a force. The Vikings? They’re still trying to figure out which way they’re going. The Chargers are the clear pick here, but watch out for surprises; this is the NFL, after all!

Best Bet: Chargers +1 💰

Saints at Packers 🧀

The Saints on a short week? 🤨 The Packers still searching for their groove? 🙃 An A+ defense and short-week shenanigans point to New Orleans! Jordan Love may have the potential, but facing a fierce Saints defense fresh off a win, he’s in for a tough night. The Packers’ offensive line woes only add to their problems. Expect the Saints to capitalize.

Best Bet: Saints +1 🎯

Texans at Jaguars 🐆

Houston’s rising star vs. Jags’ inconsistency. 💫 The Jaguars may be touted as AFC South favorites, but their inconsistency is showing. On the other side, QB CJ Stroud is giving Texans fans some hope. Jacksonville’s struggles in the red zone should give Houston a chance to keep this one close. Betting on the Jags doesn’t seem as safe as you’d think!

Best Bet: Texans +7.5 💪

Titans at Browns 🏈

A short week for the Browns after losing Nick Chubb? 😰 The Titans may not be flashy, but they’re getting the job done. DeShaun Watson, under Jim Schwartz’s guidance, could prove a challenge. The Browns’ aggressive defense is underrated, and it’s their saving grace. Expect them to dominate, even without Chubb.

Best Bet: Browns -3.5 🚀

Colts at Ravens 🧙‍♂️

No Anthony Richardson for the Colts? 👀 The Ravens, on the easier side of the schedule, have been making the most of it. Gardner Minshew stepping in is a plus for Indy. The Colts’ defense, known for pressuring QBs, will keep them competitive.

Best Bet: Colts +8 🎯


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Broncos at Dolphins 🐬

Sean Payton’s Broncos desperate for a win! 🏆 The Dolphins, with their MVP aspirations, await. While the Fins’ bandwagon is packed, Denver is desperate and will keep it close. Tua or not, the Broncos will prove they’re no pushovers.

Best Bet: Broncos +6.5 💰

Patriots at Jets 🛫

Jets aiming to break a 14-game losing streak against the Pats! 😲 Mac Jones is finding his groove, but the Jets’ defense is fierce. Prepare for the streak to shatter as New York steps up.

Best Bet: Jets +2.5 🎉

Bills at Commanders 🛡️

The Bills back in form, but the Commanders are no joke! 🤫 Washington’s undefeated and showing promise. The Bills’ eyes on next week’s Dolphins game might be a distraction. Don’t underestimate the Commanders!

Best Bet: Commanders +6 🏹

Falcons at Lions 🦁

The Falcons’ surprise running game faces a resilient Lions squad. 🏃‍♂️ Desmond Ridder’s aerial show could be grounded by Detroit’s defense. Expect the Lions to roar.

Best Bet: Lions -3 🐾

Panthers at Seahawks 🏹

Panthers without Bryce Young, Seahawks inconsistent. 🤷‍♂️ The Seahawks barely survived against Detroit, and they’re showing inconsistency. Betting on youth is risky. Can the Panthers capitalize?

Best Bet: Panthers +5.5 🚀

Cowboys at Cardinals 🌵

Trevon Diggs is out, but the Cowboys want to make a statement! 🤠 The Cardinals are looking forward to the draft. Dallas is out to prove they can power through adversity.

Best Bet: Cowboys -13.5 🤑

Bears at Chiefs 🐻

The Bears, a tough season and a tough matchup against the champs! 🏆 Sometimes, the “easy” pick isn’t the best one. Back the Bears; they’re hungrier than ever.

Best Bet: Bears +12.5 💪

Steelers at Raiders ☠️

The grand finale! 🎆 Our in-depth analysis and pick are waiting for you in the full article.

Best Bet: Read the full article and get the pick 📖

Happy betting, NFL fans! 🍀 Remember, it’s a wild ride out there, so bet wisely and enjoy the action. We’ll be here to guide you through every thrilling twist and turn.


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NFL Week 2 Picks Against the Spread: Your Winning Playbook

NFL Week 2 Picks Against the Spread

As the NFL season kicks into high gear, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of making those winning picks against the spread. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just looking to add a little extra excitement to your Sunday football ritual, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we break down each Week 2 matchup, analyze the latest trends, and provide expert insights to help you make informed betting decisions. Get ready to conquer the point spreads and come out on top this NFL season with our Week 2 picks against the spread for every game.

Bears vs Buccaneers: Bear Down, Tampa!

In a world where the Bucs shocked everyone in Week 1, remember they did it against a Viking squad that seemed more lost than a polar bear in Florida. Now, they’re the darlings of the oddsmakers, but the Bears are no cubs. It’s time to unleash the secret weapon: the Week 1 double-digit loss trend! Teams stung in the first week tend to bounce back in Week 2, and our Chicago Bears are roaring to embrace this trend. Mayfield, meet the bears; they’ve got something to show you.

Best Bet: Bears +2.5

Chiefs vs Jaguars: Lawrence’s Jungle Fever

Sure, the Chiefs suffered a Week 1 upset, but guess what? The cavalry’s back! Kelce and Jones are strapping in for action. But hey, Jacksonville ain’t just any jungle; it’s got Trevor Lawrence, and his offense can party with the big boys. Revenge is a dish best served hot and spicy, and the Jaguars are cooking up something special. Get ready for an upset of epic proportions.

Best Bet: Jaguars +3.5

Ravens vs Bengals: The Burrow Bounce-Back

Bengals fans, hold onto your tiger-striped hats. Joe Burrow may have stumbled in Week 1, but he’s got the calf injury excuse in his playbook. This time, he’s back and ready to roar. History tells us that when Burrow’s wounded, he strikes back harder. The Ravens are in for a growling surprise as the Bengals pounce and claw their way to victory.

Best Bet: Bengals -3.5

Colts vs Texans: Rookie QB Rumble

In the land of the untested QBs and rebuilding dreams, the Texans’ defense emerges as the iron fist in this showdown. DeMeco Ryans is cooking up a defensive storm that’s bound to confuse poor Anthony Richardson. The odds flip-flop faster than a pancake on Sunday morning, and it’s all because of that Texans defense. Brace yourself for a rookie QB rollercoaster.

Best Bet: Texans -1

Raiders vs Bills: Bills Bounce Back?

Bills Mafia had their wings clipped when Josh Allen had a Monday night meltdown against the Jets, a team that looked about as lost as your uncle at a carnival. But fear not, Buffalo faithful! The Raiders are in town, and they’ve had quite the East Coast sleepover to adjust to the time change. Here’s the twist: they’ve been sleepwalking through their road games recently, going 7-11 ATS in their last 18. Allen, itching to answer the critics, is ready to serve a Raiders’ platter of humble pie.

Best Bet: Bills -8.5

Chargers vs Titans: Charger-less Thunder

The Chargers are hitting the East Coast but leaving their big guns behind. Austin Ekeler is sidelined with an injury, and while their backup isn’t too shabby, they’re also lugging around a coach with a playbook that’s like reading a foreign language. Meanwhile, the Titans boast a defense as stout as grandma’s chili. Mike Vrabel’s home underdog record (60% ATS) speaks volumes, and with Derrick Henry dictating the tempo, it’s charger-less thunder on the horizon.

Best Bet: Titans +2.5

Packers vs Falcons: Pack Attack vs Runnin’ Falcons

Green Bay’s offense looked spicier than a jalapeño popper in the opener, but injuries are raining on their parade. Without Aaron Jones and Christian Watson, they’re rolling in with a skeleton crew. The Falcons, on the other hand, have legs and they know how to use them, boasting one of the league’s top ground games. Green Bay’s defense has more holes than Swiss cheese. The Falcons fly high at home and put the Packers in the rearview mirror.

Best Bet: Falcons -2

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Seahawks vs Lions: Lions, Tigers, and Seahawks – Oh My!

The Seahawks stumbled out the gate, and it’s looking like an uphill climb. Their offensive line is more patched up than your grandma’s quilt, trying to keep Geno Smith safe. The Lions, fresh off taking down the champs, have had some beauty sleep. Everyone’s betting on Detroit, but hang on to your blue feathers. Pete Carroll’s got a 61% ATS record after a loss, and history says road underdogs off a double-digit loss are the real comeback kings. Seattle keeps it spicy.

Best Bet: Seahawks +4.5

49ers vs Rams: Purdy Impressive

In Week 1, the 49ers looked like the Terminator, dominating the Steelers. The Rams, on the other hand, shocked everyone with a road upset. Now, back on their turf as deep divisional dogs, they’re up against a dominant 49ers team that’s won and covered in eight of their last nine meetings. Brock Purdy is proving his QB chops, going 7-0 when he starts and winning by double digits. The Rams are in for a wake-up call.

Best Bet: 49ers -7.5

Giants vs Cardinals: Birds of Prey

The Giants aim to bounce back after a rough outing against Dallas. Their road trip to Arizona might seem inviting, but looks can be deceiving. With a leaky offensive line and opponents catching on to Brian Dabol’s schemes, the Giants face an uphill battle. The sharps are on Arizona, and that’s enough to bet on the birds.

Best Bet: Cardinals +4

Jets vs Cowboys: Defensive Duel

The Jets face life without Aaron Rodgers against the Cowboys. The Cowboys’ defense is licking its chops at the thought of facing Zach Wilson. But hold on, this game isn’t a slam dunk for Dallas. The Jets boast an incredible defense, and the Cowboys’ offense struggled against the Giants. Expect a low-scoring, defensive battle.

Best Bet: Jets +9

Commanders vs Broncos: Reality Check

It’s a battle to determine who’s for real. The Commanders, fresh off a nice win against Arizona, or the Broncos, who faltered against the Raiders. Our money’s on Washington. They played well as a team and sport a superior defense. The Broncos had trouble moving the ball, with Russell Wilson averaging a measly 5 yards per pass. Favorites on their second consecutive home game are 12-24 ATS. Broncos fans, brace for more disappointment.

Best Bet: Washington +3.5

Dolphins vs Patriots: Sunday Night Showdown

Sunday night serves up a sizzling divisional battle between the Dolphins and Patriots. The Dolphins dazzled on offense in Week 1, with Tua Tagovailoa dissecting defenses. But this is Bill Belichick’s house, and his defense is no pushover. Mac Jones looks comfortable under Bill O’Brien’s new offense, and the home team has dominated this series. Patriots take it on Sunday night.

Best Bet: Patriots +2.5


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NFL Week 2 Thursday Night Clash: Vikings vs. Eagles

NFL Week 2 Thursday Night Clash: Vikings vs. Eagles 🏈

In week 1, the NFL threw us some curveballs, but don’t fret! Get ready for the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles to square off in a showdown that promises more drama than a reality TV finale! The first game of NFL Week 2 will be a good one as two high powered teams face off in prime time!

Minnesota Misery 🥴

The Vikings’ opening act against the Buccaneers was like watching a horror movie sequel: dreadful and disappointing. These folks had Super Bowl dreams, and now, they’re more desperate for a win than a kid in a candy store! Going up against a serious contender on a short week? Ouch!

Eagle Eyed Optimism 🦅

The Eagles may not have looked like world-beaters in their win against the Patriots last week, but they got the job done. Now, under the dazzling prime-time lights at home, Jalen Hurts and the Eagle’s offense is set to light up the night like a disco ball at a ’70s party! They can run and pass the ball, which will only be easier against a Vikings defense that has struggled for years.

Vikings vs. Eagles Pick: Birds of Prey 📈

The Vikings have a few chinks in their armor, and falling behind early is like slipping on a banana peel – hilarious if you’re watching but painful if you’re the one tumbling. Philly has a knack for getting on the board first, and the Vikings? Well, let’s just say they’ve been known to serve up first-quarter points like it’s their job. The Eagles swoop in, win big, and cover the spread as Week 2 unfolds!

💰 Bet on the Eagles -7 and get ready to ride the laughter-filled rollercoaster of Thursday night NFL action! 🎢

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NFL Week 2 Survivor Pick: Your Ultimate Guide to a Surefire Win

NFL Week 2 Survivor Pick: Your Ultimate Pick to a Surefire Win

Survivor pools offer fans a unique challenge in the unpredictable world of the NFL: pick one winning team each week, but you can’t choose the same team twice. After Week 1, you’re probably thinking hard about your Week 2 survivor pick. That’s where we come in. Our team of experts has analyzed the matchups, the odds, and the stats to bring you the best Week 2 survivor pick that will keep you in the game and on track to claim the top prize.

How to pick the best NFL Week 2 Survivor Pick

When picking your next survivor pool winner early in the NFL season, a few essential tips and hints can make all the difference. First, analyze the opening week performances carefully. Look for teams that displayed not just dominance but consistency on both sides of the ball. Keep a close eye on injury reports; a single key player’s absence can alter a team’s fortunes dramatically. Additionally, consider the strength of the schedule. Some teams might have faced weaker opponents in the opening week, making their Week 2 matchup more challenging. Lastly, trust your instincts but also consult expert opinions and consensus picks to make an informed choice. By staying vigilant and applying these strategies, you’ll increase your odds of surviving deep into the season.

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The Best NFL Week 2 Survivor Pick is…

Detroit Lions

While our crystal ball might have had a bit of a glitch in Week 1, fear not! We’re back with a winner for Week 2. The Seattle Seahawks, bless their hearts, stumbled at home in a game that was about as surefire as a touchdown dance. Meanwhile, our beloved Lions roared to life with a jaw-dropping victory over the mighty Kansas City Chiefs. Now, as the Lions return home to a hero’s welcome, they’re facing a Seattle team that’s about as deflated as a popped balloon. It’s the perfect storm for Detroit. So, buckle up and get ready to witness the Lions’ victory lap because we’re picking them to win and you to survive another week!



Sunday Night Showdown: Cowboys vs. Giants Week 1 NFL Prediction

Cowboys vs. Giants Week 1 NFL Prediction

Get ready for a gridiron spectacle like no other as the Dallas Cowboys face off against the New York Giants in a highly anticipated Week 1 Sunday Night Football clash. The energy is electric, the stakes are high, and football fans across the nation are on the edge of their seats. In this SEO-optimized prediction, we’ll break down the key factors, stats, and insights that could determine the victor in this primetime showdown. So, let’s dive into the excitement and explore what might unfold on the field under the Sunday night lights.

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Cowboys vs. Giants Picks

Get ready for a showdown that’s set to light up the gridiron! It’s the Giants taking on the Cowboys, and the excitement is off the charts. But let’s not beat around the bush – the Giants are in for a tough battle. To topple the Cowboys, they’ll need more than a “new year, new me” approach. The Cowboys’ defense is geared up and ready to stonewall the Giants’ offense like it’s Fort Knox. While Daniel Jones and the Giants have been working on some new tricks under the guidance of Brian Daboll, they’re not quite ready for a spot on Dancing with the Stars just yet.

Now, here’s the real kicker – Dak Prescott, our superstar QB, is about to put on a show that’ll have folks singing his praises for days. MVP chatter? You better believe it! He’s serving up a double dose of trouble for the Giants on Sunday night. So, get your popcorn ready because this isn’t just a game; it’s a Dak-umentary in the making!

While the Giants have shown improvement, it’s the Cowboys who are poised to secure the win and cover the spread on Sunday night football. Get ready for some prime-time action.


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NFL Super Bowl Hangover: How Winners and Losers Perform in Week 1

NFL Super Bowl Hangover: How Winners and Losers Perform in Week 1

The Super Bowl, the grand finale of the NFL season, is a spectacle that captures the attention of fans, pundits, and sports bettors alike. As the confetti falls and the Lombardi Trophy is hoisted high, the victors revel in glory. However, in the midst of this celebration, a phenomenon looms on the horizon – the Super Bowl Hangover. This term refers to the challenging task of maintaining momentum and focus after reaching the pinnacle of success. The NFL week 1 odds are available, so choose carefully. In this article, we’ll delve into the Super Bowl Hangover and explore how teams that won and lost the Super Bowl fare in the first week of the regular NFL season, both in terms of straight-up (SU) wins and against the spread (ATS) performance.

Super Bowl Winners: The Weight of Expectation

For Super Bowl champions, the journey is euphoric, but it’s often followed by intense scrutiny and heightened expectations. The challenge for these victorious teams is to fend off complacency and maintain the same level of performance that led them to Super Bowl glory.

Historical data shows that Super Bowl winners have had mixed results in Week 1 of the subsequent regular season, both SU and ATS. While they do have a positive record SU, it’s not overwhelmingly dominant. Over the past decade, Super Bowl champions have won approximately 60% of their Week 1 games SU. It’s a respectable figure, but it also means that they face a 40% chance of starting their championship defense with a loss.

ATS performance paints a similar picture. Super Bowl-winning teams have covered the spread at a rate of around 50-55% in Week 1, showing that they don’t always meet the high expectations set by the sportsbooks. It seems that the Super Bowl Hangover can manifest in the betting realm as well, as these teams often don’t cover the spread by the anticipated margin.

The Super Bowl Hangover for winners can manifest in multiple ways. Sometimes, it’s the sheer exhaustion from the extended playoff run that leads to a slow start. Other times, it’s the weight of expectation and the “target on their back” that makes every opponent bring their A-game.

Super Bowl Losers: The Desire for Redemption

For teams that came tantalizingly close to Super Bowl glory but fell short, the Super Bowl Hangover can manifest differently. These teams often enter the new season with a burning desire for redemption, determined to rectify their past mistakes.

Interestingly, Super Bowl losers have a slightly better track record in Week 1 compared to winners, both SU and ATS. Over the past decade, they’ve won approximately 65% of their opening games SU. This suggests that the agony of coming so close to the ultimate prize fuels their motivation for a strong start.

ATS performance for Super Bowl losers is more encouraging as well. They have covered the spread at a rate of around 55-60% in Week 1, indicating that they often meet or exceed the expectations set by sportsbooks. This suggests that the Super Bowl Hangover might be less severe for teams that lost in the championship game.

Week 1 Matchups and Variability

It’s important to note that Week 1 matchups play a significant role in how Super Bowl winners and losers perform, both SU and ATS. The NFL schedule is carefully designed, but it’s not always equitable. Some teams may have tougher Week 1 opponents than others, which can influence the outcome.

Additionally, team dynamics change from season to season due to player trades, injuries, retirements, and coaching changes. These factors introduce a level of unpredictability that can disrupt the Week 1 performance of both winners and losers.

Conclusion: The Super Bowl Hangover in Week 1

The Super Bowl Hangover is a real phenomenon, but its impact on Week 1 performance varies, both SU and ATS. Super Bowl winners often have to grapple with elevated expectations, and their record in the first game of the new season is around 60%. On the other hand, Super Bowl losers, driven by a hunger for redemption, tend to perform slightly better, winning around 65% of their Week 1 matchups SU.

Ultimately, Week 1 results are just a glimpse of the long NFL season ahead. While they can provide some insight into how Super Bowl participants cope with the Hangover, it’s crucial not to read too much into a single game’s outcome. The NFL is a dynamic and unpredictable league, and what matters most is how teams adapt and evolve over the course of the season.

For sports bettors, Week 1 presents intriguing opportunities to wager on the Super Bowl Hangover, both SU and ATS. Understanding the historical trends can be a valuable tool in making informed betting decisions. Whether you’re backing a Super Bowl champion looking to defend their title or a runner-up seeking redemption, Week 1 is just the beginning of the NFL’s thrilling journey.

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NFL Preseason Week 2: Browns vs Eagles Pick

NFL Preseason Week 2: Browns vs Eagles Pick

The NFL preseason heads into week two with a full head of steam. The Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles highlight the start of the week. Although the Browns faltered in the last game against the Washington Commanders, they will have a chance for redemption on Thursday night. When making Browns vs Eagles picks it is essential to consider how long the starters will play and who wants to win in the preseason.

Browns vs Eagles Odds

According to the best sportsbooks to bet on football, the Eagles became (-1) point favorites to start. That point spread ballooned to as high as (-4) with the news leading up to game time. Before making the Browns vs Eagles pick, the first place to look is at each camp as teams freely admit what they plan to do in the preseason. It is essential to consider that these teams have had joint practices which can play a role in the outcome of the game tonight.

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Browns vs Eagles Pick: Who wins? 

The Browns need to make a statement in this game. Browns QB DeShaun Watson struggled at times in joint practices against the Eagle’s defense. But that won’t matter since Watson will not play in this game. Kellen Mond and Dorian Thompson-Robinson looked good in the debut and Josh Dobbs will need to play well to hold on to the No. 2 spot.

Philadelphia will focus on running the ball and determining the running back situation. This will lead to a vanilla offense output from the Eagles offense. In a meaningless game, taking the points and betting on the underdog is the way to go.

Bet on the Browns +3.5

NFL Preseason Week 1 picks: Packers vs Bengals predictions

NFL Preseason Week 1 picks: Packers vs Bengals predictions

The first week of the NFL preseason is here and after two games on Thursday, the NFL delivers multiple games for the Friday night slate. After picking a winner last night, the focus will turn to two games tonight starting with the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Why Betting on the NFL preseason may be difficult (but profitable)

Betting on the NFL preseason presents a unique challenge due to its unpredictable nature, with starters seeing limited playing time and various strategies being employed by coaches. However, this complexity can also yield profitable opportunities for astute bettors. In-depth research, combined with a keen understanding of team dynamics, player development, and training camp performance, allows bettors to identify hidden value and capitalize on misjudgments by oddsmakers. While navigating the preseason requires a more nuanced approach, those who invest time in analyzing team compositions and following the latest reports can position themselves to secure profitable outcomes amid the uncertainty.

Packers vs Bengals predictions

This seems like an easy game to bet on because the Packers have Jordan Love looking to impress as the new face of the franchise. On the other side, the Bengals are without Joe Burrow due to injury. However, the preseason is not all about wins and losses for many teams. Packers coach Matt LaFleur could care less about the preseason and his record is 3-7 in the preseason. The Packers are going through the motions in this game. The Bengals are preparing for life without QB Joe Burrow and need to make sure the depth chart is ready. Take the Bengals and the points.

Bet on the Cincinnati Bengals +3.5

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Bonus Bet: Steelers vs Buccaneers

Mike Tomlin is a masterful coach and his team is always ready to win, even in the preseason. However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lot to prove. They have a quarterback battle that starts with Baker Mayfield. Mayfield has a big chip on his shoulder and he has to perform well to win over the fans and secure the starting job. The important factor to consider is the weather.

The Steelers will wilt in the humidity in a game that doesn’t matter and the Bucs will win the game.

Bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3


NFL Preseason Week 1 picks: Patriots vs Texans

NFL Preseason Week 1 picks: Patriots vs Texans

NFL Preseason kicks off tonight with a doubleheader as the New England Patriots battle the Houston Texans and the Minnesota Vikings take to the field against the Seattle Seahawks. It may not be the regular season, but it’s time to make the NFL Preseason Week 1 picks against the spread. Both games are intriguing, but the Patriots vs Texans game provides the most value.

Why bet on the NFL preseason? 

Betting on the NFL preseason can be a shrewd move for several reasons. With limited playing time for established starters, coaches often experiment with different lineups and strategies, resulting in less predictable outcomes. This unpredictability opens up unique betting opportunities that keen observers can capitalize on, leveraging their insights into team dynamics, player development, and training camp reports. Additionally, early preseason games showcase rookies and newcomers vying for roster spots, providing bettors with a chance to gauge their potential and possibly identify breakout players before the regular season even begins. While preseason betting requires careful research and a solid understanding of the shifting landscape, it can reward those who are willing to dive into the intricacies of the game and make informed wagers. Here are some basic betting tips on how to win betting on the NFL preseason. 

Where to bet on the NFL preseason

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What do the odds say? 

The Texans are -3.5 point favorites at most sportsbooks and that may be startling to most football fans. The Texans are one of the worst teams in the league and the Patriots are one of the best, although they have struggled without Tom Brady. However, in the preseason the point spread is based on motivation, not winning. That is where the Texans have the edge.

NFL Preseason Week 1 picks: Who wins?

Patriots coach Bill Belichick likes to win the preseason with a 32-24-4 record, but not in this game. Mac Jones is easing into the offense and the Patriots defense is set. Staying healthy is the No. 1 priority. Meanwhile, the Texans start the year with a new coach in DeMeco Ryans that is eager to install a winning culture into this franchise.

Rookie QB CJ Stroud will get his first “real” chance to impress and the Texans will make sure that he succeeds by focusing on what he does best. Since Stroud will get the early reps that leaves veterans Davis Mills and Case Keenum to pick up the late quarters. They will beat up the backups for the Patriots and get a late cover in this game.

Bet on the Houston Texans -3.5 

2023 NFL Hall of Fame Game Picks: Browns vs Jets

2023 NFL Hall of Fame Game Picks: Browns vs Jets

The 2023 NFL Hall of Fame starts the season with an exhibition game featuring the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. This begins the NFL season, and although it is just a preseason game, it can be wagered on. Betting on the preseason in the NFL does have value and here is why you should bet on it. 

What is the NFL Hall of Game?

The Hall of Fame Game is a unique opportunity for fans to witness live football action and see some of the newly enshrined Hall of Famers in attendance. While the game does not have significant implications for the regular season, it’s a chance for teams to evaluate their players and get some early-season experience. Both teams will test players and allow players to get reps with an extra game.

Why Bet on the Hall of Fame Game? 

Some bettors find an edge in the early preseason games by closely following team news, training camp reports, and coach interviews. You may find advantageous betting opportunities if you have insights into how teams prepare for the season or key players’ health status. This is the case for tonight as both coaches are transparent with the game plan.

2023 NFL Hall of Fame Game Picks: Who wins?

The Jets will not play Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson will get the majority of the snaps. Aaron Rodgers will not play and the goal for the Jets is to stay healthy. The Browns have more on the line tonight. They are honoring Jim Brown and they have a Hall of Fame player in Joe Thomas that is being honored tonight. More importantly, the Browns ownership is trying to get the public to support a new stadium. QB DeShaun Wason needs reps and the ownership needs optimism to get the fans to buy into a stadium.

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2023 NFL Hall of Fame game Betting Special

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