Washington Football Team vs Patriots Predictions

Washington Football Team vs Patriots Predictions and Pick Against the Spread

The first official full week of the NFL preseason is here. The schedule is jam-packed with games all weekend long. It all starts on Thursday night when the Washington Football team will play the New England Patriots. It may be a preseason game, but there are several reasons to watch and wager on the first game of the week.

Betting on NFL Preseason

There are many people who will say betting on the NFL preseason is a waste of time. The argument is that it may be easier than betting on the regular season. If you are going to make Washington Football Team vs Patriots predictions the information is out there and it’s not hard to find.

Washington Football Team

WFT HC Ron Rivera is not playing around. The fiery coach made it very clear that his players will take the field on Thursday night and he expects QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to take control of the offense. Rivera likes to win in the preseason and has a win-loss record of 20-16, and that includes a 2-2 record in 2019. Washington does have depth at QB with Taylor Heinicke and he will be fighting for this starting job. If you are going to bet on the preseason, depth charts and QB rotations are some of the most important things to look at. Washington is getting love from anyone who bets on the preseason, which explains the odds on this game.

Washington Football Team vs Patriots Odds

It’s the preseason so there is no reason to get wrapped up in home-field advantage, but many may be surprised to see that MyBookie has the Patriots as a +2 point underdog in the first preseason game of the season.

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New England Patriots

All eyes will be on the QB battle in New England between Cam Newton and Mac Jones. The Patriots fan base is excited about Mac Jones, but Newton is taking the reps with the first team. The Patriots will be missing tight-end Hunter Henry who will miss the game with a shoulder injury.

Bill Belichick is not as revealing with his game plan, but he does want to win in the preseason. In the last three years, he is 10-6 in the exhibition season. However, this year is different and it will be obvious when these teams take the field on Thursday.

Washington Football Team vs Patriots Predictions

Every game is different. When we picked a winner with the Steelers in the Hall of Fame game, we knew the Cowboys were not there to win. In this game, it is clear that the Patriots are here to win. The NFL preseason is shortened this year which means that Belichick and the Patriots need results right away.

Washington made headlines when Rivera said his team was going to play and the public went crazy betting on Washington, boy are they in for a shock. Belichick is on a mission to get his team ready. With all of the new additions, especially on defense, the Patriots will let players get involved in situations and play later in the game. It may be preseason, but fans will be there and the Pats are 9-2 against the spread as home underdogs.

The debut of new players, the return of players that took the year off and a determined attitude makes the Patriots the bet to make in this game.

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2021 NFL win totals predictions

2021 NFL win totals predictions and best bets

This NFL season is going to be fun. The Super Bowl odds point to the Kansas City Chiefs as the favorite, but anything can happen during the season. The NFL week 1 odds are out and sports betting fanatics are already picking winners. But if you want to have some serious fun, look at the latest 2021 NFL win totals predictions.

Win totals are a projected number of games that a team will win. To successfully make money betting on win totals, the football bettor will have to guess what team will go over or under the total. Here is a look at all of the teams and the win totals for this season.

2021 NFL win totals

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Team Win Total
Kansas City Chiefs [BET NOW] 12
Tampa Bay Buccaneers [BET NOW] 11.5
Baltimore Ravens [BET NOW] 11
Los Angeles Rams [BET NOW] 10.5
Green Bay Packers [BET NOW] 10.5
Buffalo Bills [BET NOW] 10.5
San Francisco 49ers [BET NOW] 10.5
Indianapolis Colts [BET NOW] 10
Dallas Cowboys [BET NOW] 9.5
Tennessee Titans [BET NOW] 9.5
Seattle Seahawks [BET NOW] 9.5
Cleveland Browns [BET NOW] 9.5
New Orleans Saints [BET NOW] 9
New England Patriots [BET NOW] 9
Los Angeles Chargers [BET NOW] 9
Miami Dolphins [BET NOW] 9
Pittsburgh Steelers [BET NOW] 8.5
Minnesota Vikings [BET NOW] 8.5
Arizona Cardinals [BET NOW] 8
Washington Football Team [BET NOW] 8
Denver Broncos [BET NOW] 7.5
Las Vegas Raiders [BET NOW] 7.5
Carolina Panthers [BET NOW] 7.5
Atlanta Falcons [BET NOW] 7
New York Giants [BET NOW] 7
Chicago Bears [BET NOW] 7
Jacksonville Jaguars [BET NOW] 6.5
Cincinnati Bengals [BET NOW] 6.5
New York Jets [BET NOW] 6.5
Philadelphia Eagles [BET NOW] 6.5
Detroit Lions [BET NOW] 5
Houston Texans [BET NOW] 4.5

2021 NFL win totals predictions

Now that you have the numbers, it’s time to pick the winners for the season. Here are our best bets for NFL win totals for the upcoming season.

Kansas City Chiefs UNDER 12 wins

It’s difficult to bet under on such a talented team, especially when they are vastly improved, at least on the offensive line. The Chiefs have the Super Bowl hangover and they have to understand that every team will get up when they play Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes may have dreams of an undefeated season, but the Chiefs will have less than 12 wins this year.

Minnesota Vikings OVER 9 wins

The Vikings had an offensive explosion a year ago with the addition of Justin Jefferson. However, injuries to the defense derailed this team. Now the Vikings are healthy on defense. The Lions are in rebuild mode, the Bears are changing quarterbacks and the Packers have the Aaron Rodgers drama. That clears the Vikings to have more than nine wins this season.

Atlanta Falcons Under 7 wins

The Falcons are in the division with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they just traded their best player when they let Julio Jones leave town. It makes sense that everyone is down on the Falcons this season. However, they still have Matt Ryan and Calvin Ridley and this offense will put up points. But that is the only bright spot. They have an early bye on the season (week 6) and have to travel to London. They have an ugly stretch in November with 3 out of the four games against the 49ers, Cowboys, and the Patriots. The Falcons will be lucky to get to 7 wins this year.

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Do you believe in the Super Bowl Hangover?

Do you believe in the Super Bowl Hangover? What it means For the Kansas City Chiefs

For as long as I can remember the Super Bowl hangover has been a real thing. History will tell us that teams that play in the Super Bowl will have different results early in the season. Although the Super Bowl odds will always favor the two teams that played in the big game the year prior, there is much more to the story.

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What Does it Mean for the Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs and the injury-riddled offensive line fell apart in the Super Bowl last year. But coach Andy Reid and QB Patrick Mahomes have led the Chiefs to the big game for two straight seasons. The Chiefs no it is difficult, but it has not stopped this team from talking about an undefeated season.

For some reason, the losers of the Super Bowl have problems coming back to the big game. The LA Rams (2018) and the San Francisco 49ers (2019) missed the postseason altogether. This is hard to believe considering how much that the Chiefs have improved especially on the offensive line. However, only eight teams in NFL history have made it back to the Super Bowl after a loss. (this includes the Bills from ’91-’93).

So just to be clear: Only eight times in 55 years has a team that lost the Super Bowl returned to play it again the next year.

Watch Week 1

The Super Bowl hangover is very evident in week 1 of the regular season. This year the Chiefs will play the Cleveland Browns in the home opener. A quick look at the betting odds shows that the Chiefs are six-point favorites in the opener. However, teams that lost the Super bowl are just 4-16 against the spread in the last 20 occurrences.

Catching the Chiefs

The Chiefs may be the one team that can beat the jinx. They are stocked on both sides of the ball and have improved dramatically in the offseason. However, the pressure for this team will be extreme. They have very high expectations and this can be difficult to meet in the NFL.

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Damian Lillard Knicks

Why Damian Lillard is Going to the New York Knicks

Damian Lillard is done in Portland. Lillard has spent his career trying to bring superstars to the Portland Trailblazers. But after a disappointing exit in the NBA playoffs, he is making a move. Although the Blazers do not want to lose him, he is going to request a trade. There is no doubt that Dame wants to make a splash and that will happen in New York when he gets traded to the Knicks.

Although reports suggest he does not want a trade…

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Damian Lillard says after <a href=”https://twitter.com/usabasketball?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>@usabasketball</a> practice that reports he has plans to soon request a trade are &quot;not true.&quot;</p>&mdash; Marc Stein (@TheSteinLine) <a href=”https://twitter.com/TheSteinLine/status/1416136635939319810?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>July 16, 2021</a></blockquote> <script async src=”https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

There is no doubt he wants out of Portland and he is already eyeing his landing spot.

What do the Odds say?

If you believe the NBA trade odds posted at BetUS, the Philadelphia Sixers are the favorites to get Damian Lillard. But right behind the Sixers are the Knicks, Heat, and the Warriors. The odds are wrong, so bet it now. 

Here is the full list of odds from BetUS.

7633 Philadelphia 76ers     +250
7634 New York Knicks     +300
7635 Miami Heat     +400
7636 Golden State Warriors     +450
7637 Los Angeles Clippers     +500
7638 Los Angeles Lakers     +500
7639 Boston Celtics     +1000
7640 Dallas Mavericks     +900
7641 Chicago Bulls     +1000
7642 Toronto Raptors     +1000
7643 New Orleans Pelicans     +1200

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Forget Philly

Philadelphia is only the favorite according to the odds because it is clear they are ready to trade Ben Simmons. Odds on the 76ers Making a Ben Simmons Trade. It may be an obvious spot because the Sixers want to make a trade, but Lillard wants to go to the Big Apple. Although Philly is an incredible sports town, New York is everything that Dame has ever wanted and he will be traded to the Knicks.

The Potential Trade(s)

When it comes to Damian Lillard to the Knicks, the pieces have to fit. The options are obviously endless, but there have been a few theories scattered about and they really do make sense. The Knicks have the players and the picks to get this done.

Why the Knicks?

Dame has been unselfish his entire career. This New York had a playoff team. Although they were not spectacular, they received great attention from the league and the fans. Perhaps more attention than Dame did when his team lost in the first round. He can attract star players and he will be playing the mecca of basketball and going up against the Brooklyn Big 3.

Portland will do this because the Knicks will go all out for a superstar. The Post has reported the Knicks likely would be amenable to trading three first-round picks. Say less. Dame Lillard is going to play for the Knicks.

NBA Finals Bet: Bucks +5

NBA Finals Game 2 Pick: Suns or Bucks?

The NBA Finals are underway and the Phoenix Suns made it very clear during game one that they were up for the challenge. The Suns easily won and covered and now the series price is changing. Will Milwaukee be able to adjust and even up the series? Or does Phoenix have the series in the bag? Our NBA Finals Game 2 Pick breaks down the game.

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Odds and Trends

The odds posted at MyBookie are very interesting for the second game of the NBA Finals. Although the Suns won easily in game one, the line is getting lower. The Bucks are +4.5, but some sportsbooks have pushed the number to Bucks getting five points. While the public is still betting Phoenix it is still close.

The Bucks are 4-0 against the spread (ATS) in the game following a loss in which they did not cover. But they are also an ugly 3-10 ATS in the last 13 games as an underdog. Meanwhile, the Suns have been a covering machine with an 11-3 ATS record in the last 14 games overall.

Bucks vs Suns Breakdown

The Bucks have two very big problems. They can’t slow down the pick-and-roll and they have to keep the Suns off the free-throw line. Chris Paul made Robin Lopez look foolish on the switch and when the Bucks were in foul trouble, the Suns attracted more fouls and free points.

The Bucks need a balance with Lopez. He is too good on offense to keep him off the floor, but his defense liability needs to be addressed. Giannis played the 5 in the 4th quarter and you can expect more of that in game two.

The good news is that the Bucks shot 44% from 3-point range and they were only outscored by two points in the paint. This is incredible considering that the Bucks missed layup after layup. That will change tonight.

NBA Finals Game 2 Pick

We did take the Bucks in the series, but this is another good time to get on the Bucks bandwagon. Giannis is healthy and the Bucks will make adjustments to keep up with the pick-and-roll. The Bucks switch and can change to a zone, but tonight it will be the aggressiveness of the Bucks getting to the rim that will be the difference. That will open up the 3-point shot and the Bucks will even up the series.

NBA Finals Bet: Bucks +5

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Suns-Bucks NBA Finals Preview

Suns-Bucks NBA Finals Preview: Who Wins Game 1?

The Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks are on center stage for the 2021 NBA Finals. Both teams have talent and can win the championship, but there are many factors to consider. The Suns-Bucks NBA Finals Preview starts with the first game of the series that will air on Tuesday night.

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Game 1 Info

ABC will televise the NBA Final games and game 1 will be on Tuesday. The tip-off is at 9 p.m. EST and Game 2 will be on Thursday.

NBA Finals Schedule

Game 1 (at Suns): Tuesday, July 6 | 9 p.m. ET | TV: ABC

Game 2 (at Suns): Thursday, July 8 | 9 p.m. ET | TV: ABC

Game 3 (at Bucks): Sunday, July 11 | 8 p.m. ET | TV: ABC

Game 4 (at Bucks): Wednesday, July 14 | 9 p.m. ET | TV: ABC

Game 5* (at Suns): Saturday, July 17 | 9 p.m. ET | TV: ABC

Game 6* (at Bucks): Tuesday, July 20 | 9 p.m. ET | TV: ABC

Game 7* (at Suns): Thursday, July 22 | 9 p.m. ET | TV: ABC

Odds and Trends

The Suns are the favorites at home in game one. Phoenix is -6 favorites to win the first game of the series. The Suns originally were -5.5, but with 75 percent of the wagers coming in on Phoenix and the injury problems the Bucks are facing, it jumped to 6. This is where it stands at most sports betting outlets, but for the latest odds check out MyBookie, the #1 sportsbook to bet on the 2021 NBA Finals.

The Suns are at home and that may be a good sign for anyone betting on this game. The Suns are 34-16 ATS in their last 50 home games, meanwhile, the Bucks are 3-9 ATS in their last 12 games as an underdog.

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What to Watch

Everyone is watching the status of Giannis Antetokounmpo. If Giannis is going to play in this series, it will change everything. Reports indicate that he has worked on the court, but his status is still day-to-day. Milwaukee fared well against Atlanta without him. My guess is that the Bucks will let him heal for game one to see how the rest of the team will perform without him.

The next thing everyone is watching is the pick-and-roll offense that Phoenix plays. This is important, but the youth of the Suns and star players like Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton are more important. Key to the success of the Suns these two superstars have been inconsistent at times. If they do not find the consistency they may be trailing in this series.

Suns-Bucks NBA Finals Preview and Game 1 Pick

We are backing the Bucks in the first game of the series. Betting the Bucks now is the key. If Giannis does play, the six points will be on the high side, since the point spread will drop. The Bucks have the defensive pieces to keep up with Booker and slow down Paul’s effectiveness and his mid-range jumper. The Bucks stop the Suns in game one and take the early series lead.

Game 1 Predictions: Bucks 107 Suns 103

Game 1 Pick Against the Spread: Bucks +6

Suns vs Clippers Game 4 Predictions

Suns vs Clippers Game 4 Predictions and Pick Against the Spread

If you are going to bet on the NBA playoffs sometimes you have to get creative. Yesterday we changed things up when we placed a double bet on the Hawks vs Bucks game two. Today we will do it again with our Suns vs Clippers Game 4 predictions. We have had a good handle on this series from the start, perfectly predicting every game against the spread. However, this one will be a bit different.

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Looking Back Pays

When we backed the Clippers in game three, we focused on the fact that Chris Paul may be a little rusty after the lay off and Devin Booker would struggle in his first game wearing a face mask. That prediction paid off big time as the Suns had some serious trouble scoring points in the early going. But they now have one game under their belt and that will help when they take the floor in game four.

Suns vs Clippers game info

  • Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

  • Date: Saturday, June 26, 2021

  • Time: 9:00 p.m. ET

  • TV: ESPN

  • Odds: Clippers -1 and Over/Under 218

Odds and Trends

This point spread is moving but it won’t really matter in the end. The Suns started out as -1 point favorites, but the Clippers are now -1. The public money is on Phoenix which makes sense, considering that they are 10-3 ATS in their last 13 games as a road underdog and 8-2 ATS in the last ten games.

Suns vs Clippers Game 4 Predictions

We love the player props bets tonight and would bet over on Chris Paul and Reggie Jackson on these props. But for the side and total, we are going to back the Clippers to even up this series. LA has covered 6 of the last 7 games against the spread and the Suns are 1-10 ATS in the last 11 meetings in Los Angeles.

Patrick Beverley is harassing Booker and that will lead to a frustrating night for the Suns. Reggie Jackson is emerging as the second scoring option and Paul George is getting everyone involved. The Clippers play better at home and get the win tonight.

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Suns vs Clippers Game 3 Expert Picks, Odds and Predictions

Suns vs Clippers Game 3 Expert Picks, Odds, and Predictions

After a dramatic win in game 2, the Phoenix Suns head to Los Angeles to battle the Clippers in game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Before we get to the Suns vs Clippers Game 3 expert picks, we have to take a look at the odds, trends, and latest news surrounding the series.

Chris Paul is Back

Hall-of-Famer Chris Paul has been sidelined for the first two games due to the COVID health and safety protocol, but he has confirmed that he will be back for game 3.

The presence of Paul in the lineup is an obvious plus. He is a leader and a distributor that can draw fouls and add an extra scoring punch. However, the first game back for a player of Paul’s caliber can be difficult. It is still uncertain how much time he will be able to play and how much he will be able to contribute in his first game back.

Suns vs Clippers Odds and Trends

Although Paul is back in the lineup, online sportsbook MyBookie has the Clippers getting -1 point favorite status. This has changed. When the point spread was originally posted, the Suns were the favorites. But the trends this is a spot that is ideal for LA.

The Clippers are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games following a straight-up loss and 6-1 ATS in their last 7 games as a home underdog. They have been an automatic bet in the postseason cashing 5-1 ATS in their last 6 games overall.

Suns vs Clippers Game 3 Expert Picks

Our picks have been on point for this series. We correctly predicted that the Suns would cover in game 1 and Booker delivered with a superstar performance. We backed the underdog Clippers in game 2 and cashed again. Now it’s all about game 3 and the return of Paul to the Sun’s lineup. But the Suns will have to adjust with Paul back and that gives the Clippers an opening.

The Clippers are 21-11 after a loss as an underdog in the last 32 games and Paul George will be looking for redemption after missing two costly free throws late in game 2. The Clippers will be powered by the home crowd and will sneak out a closely fought victory at home.

Pick: Clippers – 1


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Clippers vs Suns Game 2 Predictions

Clippers vs Suns Game 2 Predictions: Is the Series Over?

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns took a 1-0 lead in the series against the Los Angeles Clippers. But if you bet on the Suns in the first game of the Western Conference Finals, you know that it was much closer than you may have wanted. That is something that needs to be considered before making Clippers vs Suns Game 2 predictions.

Paul and Kawhi Out

It comes as no surprise that both Chris Paul and Kawhi Leonard will miss the second game of this series. Leonard is out with an injury and Paul is still in COVID health and safety protocol. As we mentioned in game one, this is something that both teams have had ample time to prepare for and it will not change the game plan for either team.

Clippers vs Suns game odds and info

  • Location: Phoenix Suns Arena, Phoenix, AZ

  • Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2021

  • Time: 9:00 p.m. ET

  • TV: ESPN

  • Odds: Suns -5

The Suns actually started out as (-6) and now the spread is as low as (-4.5) so if you want to bet the Suns, this is the best point-spread for you to place a wager on.

Clippers vs Suns Game 2 Predictions

The Suns, however, are not the wager to make tonight. The Clippers plus the points is the best bet to make. Paul George is making other players around him better. Reggie Jackson and Terance Mann have become consistent contributors. Mann will have a better performance and that will make this Clippers team better. The Clippers are 14-6 against the spread (ATS) in the last 20 meetings with the Suns and they have covered four of the last five games overall.

The Clippers have been in this position and they know how to handle this situation. They leave Phoenix with a win and tie up the series.

Bet on the Clippers +5.5

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Odds to Win the 2021 NBA Championship

Updated Odds to Win the 2021 NBA Championship

The NBA is down to the Final Four. The Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers and the surprising Atlanta Hawks are all vying for the NBA championship. Some teams are already looking at the future and trades (Sorry Ben Simmons). The franchises are starving for a championship, but only one can claim the title. The odds to win the 2021 NBA championship reveal the favorite to take home the title.

Odds to Win the 2021 NBA Championship


Milwaukee Bucks (+115)

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The Brooklyn Nets were the favorites to win the championship when the playoffs began. Since the Bucks were the team to send Kevin Durant and the Nets backing, it makes sense that they are now the favorites to win it all. Giannis Antetokounmpo is on a mission to bring a championship to Milwaukee. Giannis is not alone. The incredible supporting cast of Khris Middleton, Jrue Holliday, and an incredible supporting cast, makes the Bucks the team to beat. However, there is another team that is also high on the list.

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Phoenix Suns (+130)

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The Suns are the favorite team to come out of the west and the next favorite to win it all this year. This number may look very inviting considering that the Suns have a 1-0 game lead in the Western Conference Finals. What may be more impressive is the fact that they won the first game without the services of Chris Paul. Devin Booker is a true superstar and the Suns are focused on winning a championship.

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LA Clippers (+850)

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The Clippers lost the first game to the Suns, but all is not lost. The Clippers have lost the first game in every series that they have played in the playoffs. All reports indicate that Kawhi Leonard will not be back for this series, but Paul George is stepping up and taking over as the leader of this team. Inspiring efforts by other players like Terance Mann gives this team hope. However, with the recent rash of injuries, the Clippers will need serious adjustments by Coach Ty Lue, if they hope to advance.

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Atlanta Hawks +1100

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The Atlanta Hawks are the longshots to win the championship out of the final four teams, but that may be just the way that this team likes it. Since Nate McMillan took over the Hawks are 35-15 and just beat the No. 1 seed Sixers in Philadelphia to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Trae Young and John Collins lead a youthful offensive attack that is exciting to watch. They are scrappy on defense (forced 17 turnovers in game 7) and never give up. Betting the longshot is not always profitable, but in this case, it may pay off in a big way if you bet on Atlanta to win it all.

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