NFL Draft Props 2021

NFL Draft Props 2021: Place Your Bets

The NFL draft is one of the highlights of the offseason. The Super Bowl is over and all of the teams are on an equal level. Although trade rumors for big named players like Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson will dominate the headlines, the draft is the big event. The NFL draft props 2021 edition is focusing on the big names and the big picks and if you are going to bet, you have to choose your wagers wisely.

NFL Draft Props 2021 Odds

If you are looking for the biggest menu of NFL draft props, you can find them here. The odds and the betting options always change based on the latest news and rumors, so if you have a hunch you want to bet on, now is the time. Here are a few of the picks that have caught our eye. Bet on them now with this NFL draft betting bonus.

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Who Will be the 2nd Pick Overall?

Unless Urban Meyer is out of his mind, the Jacksonville Jaguars will select Trevor Lawrence with the first overall selection. So the obvious question is who will be selected second overall? BYU QB Zach Wilson is the favorite and getting all of the hype, but the newest “hot” name is Trey Lance. Will the Jets trade the pick? Plenty to think about as you make this bet.

2021 NFL Draft – 2nd Pick Overall – See all the Prop bets

What about 3rd?

If you believe that Zach Wilson will not get selected with the 2nd overall pick, you can get Wilson at +600 to be drafted 3rd. However, if Wilson does go at No. 2, there is still plenty to choose from.

2021 NFL Draft – 3rd Pick Overall – See all the Prop bets

How Many QB’s?

The quarterback position always dominates the draft and this year is no different. With the potential for two QB’s to be selected with the first two picks, this will be the position to watch again this year. Will there be more than 4.5 QB’s elected in the first round? The prop bets suggest it is a lock.

2021 NFL Draft – First Four Picks All Be QBs – See all the Prop bets

The Draft Day Stunner You Did Not See Coming

Quarterbacks are the hot ticket, but the stock for each player will rise or fall based on the latest buzz. At the start of the draft the big name was Justin Fields who garnered praise, but the new hot name leading up to the draft is Trey Lance. Lance is connected with the Broncos, Panthers, and Patriots according to the latest rumors. The draft day stunner that you did not see coming is that Lance will be drafted before Fields in the 2021 NFL draft.

2021 NFL Draft – Who Will Get Drafted First – See all the Prop bets

Sam Darnold Odds

 Sam Darnold Odds: Will the Jets Trade Darnold?

This NFL offseason is all about the quarterback. Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff, and Carson Wentz have all been traded. Who is next? Maybe Cam Newton? The obvious choice is Deshaun Watson, but all eyes are on Sam Darnold. With the NFL draft on the horizon, there are many teams to consider. It’s time to break down the Sam Darnold odds, to find out which team may acquire the young quarterback.

This article is updated with the latest news, rumors, and information. Check back for the latest rumors, updates, and odds! 

Sam Darnold Odds

Here are the latest Sam Darnold trade odds and where he will play next season

Sam Darnold traded to the Patriots? (Odds +1600, Bet here)

It just won’t happen. It’s the same division and the Jets do not want to trade a quarterback to a divisional rival that will haunt them for years. But it would not be crazy to think that Bill Belichick might try to make it happen. The Patriots are more likely to get Marcus Mariota according to the latest buzz.

Sam Darnold Stays with the Jets? (Odds +150, Bet here)

The Jets love Darnold, but they have a high draft pick, a new coach, and a chance to rebuild a struggling franchise. This is the opportunity for the Jets to make a move and if it’s not going to be with Darnold under center, now is the time to trade him. If the Jets get any credible offers, Darnold is as good as gone.

Sam Darnold traded to the Texans? (Odds +500, Bet here)

If the Texans decide to trade Deshaun Watson, the Jets make sense as a trade partner. They have a multitude of draft picks and they can send an NFL-ready QB in the deal. Up till now, the Texans have not wanted to part ways with Watson, but that may change soon. The Panthers are considered to be an aggressive candidate for Watson, but the Jets are players.

Sam Darnold traded to the Bears? (Odds +1200, Bet here)

The Bears need a QB and they are going to be aggressive this offseason in acquiring one. Is Darnold that QB? Plenty of people think that it may be the perfect landing spot. This is a cheap alternative for the Bears that will be a good fit. The odds are very nice and this might be a bet worth making.

Where Does Cam Newton Play

Where Does Cam Newton Play in 2021?

The NFL offseason is incredible. Big-name players are leaving teams or requesting trades. This is especially true for the quarterback position. It is estimated that almost half of the NFL teams will have different quarterbacks next season. Names like Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, and Carson Wentz are stealing headlines, but there are other players to watch. Everyone wants to know where does Cam Newton play in 2021 and it’s not an easy question to answer.

This article is updated with the latest news, rumors, and information. Check back for the latest rumors, updates, and odds! 

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Update Feb 22, 2021

Cam Ready to sign?

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you have heard all about Cam Newton, He is getting heckled by kids at his own camp and everyone seems to be doubting his ability. But this is actually a good thing for Cam. He handled the situation perfectly and the high school football player has apologized.

Cam is more motivated than ever and there is every reason to believe that he will play this season.

The question is where?


Cam can play backup for teams like Baltimore or the Raiders or he can start in New England. If you think he will play for the Patriots, you are going to love these betting odds on his next team. 

And from the sounds of it, Cam will be more than happy to go back to New England.

How much does Newton respect Bill Belichick? This much

Cam Newton Odds

With so many rumors and breaking news surrounding a player like Newton, it is hard to determine where he will play next season. The first reasonable place to investigate is the sports betting odds on his next team.

Bring Him to Baltimore

If you believe the odds, the Ravens have the inside track on signing Cam Newton. Cam will be a leader and mentor to Lamar Jackson and a good fit on an offense that runs first. But the Ravens are not a lock to sign Newton.

Many “experts” believe that there is a chance that the Patriots bring him back to New England, but let’s face the facts, that was a failure. That leaves other teams like the Jaguars, Chargers, Raiders, and Broncos as teams that have the flexibility to bring in Newton.

Don’t Doubt Denver

Newton will be a backup if he signs with any of the teams mentioned above, except one, the Denver Broncos. He will have to compete with Drew Lock (if they still have him) but Newton can easily become the starter. If you want to bet on where Newton will play next season and you want a decent return on your money, bet on Cam going to Denver and starting for the Broncos.

Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win Super Bowl LVI

Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win Super Bowl LV

The Kansas City Chiefs will win Super Bowl LVI and it won’t even be close. Many people are betting on the Buccaneers. Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever play the game and the Buccaneers have had an incredible season, but betting on this team is a huge mistake. The Chiefs dominate in every area of the game to include the quarterback. So if you bet on the Buccaneers or if you are good friends with Mattress Mack, look away, this is about to get ugly.

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Coaching Matters

For the last two weeks, all of the talk was about how Tom Brady is better than Bill Belichick. That’s hogwash. They worked well with one another and Belichick was needed in big games like the Super Bowl. Andy Reid is easily the best head coach in this game and that alone is worth at least 3 points in the biggest game of the year.

The Bets You Need to Make

If you believe the Chiefs will win big, then you need to look for alternate lines. The ones I found that I liked are the Chiefs -7.5 +150 and the Chiefs -10.5 +200. But there is a long list of props to choose from in this game.

Why the Chiefs Win and Cover

The Buccaneers beat the Packers and the Saints and won every game on the road to get to the playoffs. That’s impressive, but let’s faces it, the home-field advantage does not matter. The Buccaneers have many problems throughout the playoffs and if not for turnovers by the Saints and bad coaching by the Packers, they may not even be here.

Your sportsbook is lying to you

The public is betting on the Chiefs. That’s what you read everywhere you look, but is that true? Then why is the betting spread moving from Chiefs -3.5 to Chiefs -3? It is because everyone is betting on Tampa Bay. The sportsbooks are begging for Chiefs’ money and they know you want to fade the public.

And then there is this….

If you want to know more about that bet, then you have to see this…

Why the Chiefs Crush the Buccaneers

They have the better coach and they have the better team. The home-field advantage is all but zero with COVI-19 and the Chiefs feel very comfortable playing in this stadium. In the six playoff games that Patrick Mahomes has played in the Chiefs have averaged 36 points. So on average, this team will put up 36 or more points. This is bad news for a Buccaneers defense that is beatable on every level.

Brady is a notoriously slow starter in the big game with just three total points in the first quarter of his nine Super Bowl appearances. This is tough to do against a Chiefs offense that can pile up the points. Although taking the Buccaneers and the points may be tempting, keep in mind that the favorites are 29-23-2 ATS in the biggest game of the year. In close games, the points are always attractive, but the winner of the game is 46-6-2 ATS which means it’s really just a matter of picking the team that will win the game. That team is the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are used to being favorites and normally they are double-digit favorites. hen they are not, the Chiefs rush the books. Mahomes is 27-13-1 ATS when the Chiefs are not double-digit favorites. If the Chiefs win there is a great chance that they will cover since the winning team is 46-6-2 in the Super Bowl.

Final predictions: Chiefs 38 Buccaneers 20 [BET ON THE SUPER BOWL]

Before the game, all of the conversations were about the greatness of Tom Brady. After the game, the discussion will be all about Patrick Mahomes and the Chief’s dynasty.

JJ Watt Odds

JJ Watt Odds: Where Will Watt Play next Season?

This NFL off-season is going to be incredible. Big-name quarterbacks like Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson, and Carson Wentz may be switching teams. But it’s not all about the quarterbacks. There are running backs and defensive players that can change the landscape of the league by switching teams. The JJ Watt odds suggest that he will be on a new team next season, but where will he end up?

This article is updated with the latest news, rumors, and information. Check back for the latest rumors, updates, and odds! 

Update Mar 1, 2021

It’s official JJ Watt is no longer a free agent. Here are all the details you need to know. 

This is an under-the-radar move by Watt and it will make the NFC West even more challenging. Because of this move the odds for the Cardinals to win the division, the conference, and the Super Bowl have drastically changed.  See the latest odds on Arizona. 

Update Feb 24, 2021

If you believe the latest reports, JJ Watt will not be joining the rest of his talented family on the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the question still remains, where will he go? If you believe the latest reports it is down to just a few teams.

The odds are still giving love to the Browns who are still in the running although they were not mentioned in the report. If you want some extreme value, I suggest a bet on the Titans +1000. Watt has connections in Tennessee and they are a contender.

But other reports suggest it’s still up in the air and everyone is involved.

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Update Feb 20, 2021

The JJ Watt rumors have started to quiet down, but that will not stop the Bills Mafia from trying to recruit Watt to head North.

The odds suggest that it is not going to happen. As much as Watt and his wife may love Buffalo wings, the favorites to land his services are still the Steelers, Packers, and yes, the Browns.

Update Feb 16, 2021

The odds are constantly changing and JJ Watt to the Browns is real. Very real. Just look at the odds.

Bet Now Bet Cleveland Browns -125
Bet Green Bay Packers +500
Bet Pittsburgh Steelers +550
Bet Buffalo Bills +700
Bet Tampa Bay Buccaneers +750

That is an incredible jump in the odds. Sportsbooks only do that when the don’t want to lose money.

Update Feb 15, 2021

If you believe the latest sports betting odds on where JJ Watt will play next season, Buffalo has a shot. A few days ago, odds were not available for Buffalo and now they are near the top of the list.

See the odds Bet here Pittsburgh Steelers +250
Bet here Buffalo Bills +400
Bet here Green Bay Packers +400
Bet here Cleveland Browns +500
Bet here Tampa Bay Buccaneers +550

Update Feb 14, 2021

Quarterbacks get all the looks and a player like Cam Newton is always entertaining but the focus is on defense right now. The JJ Watt saga continues as fans and players are reaching out to Watt to try and entice him to play with their team. In what now has become a tradition, fans are out donating to a good cause to honor Watt and his time in Houston.

That is wonderful news, but when it comes to Watt’s next team, there was even bigger news and it came from a current player. In fact, it was more than one player and they are calling on Watt to go to Buffalo.

Everywhere you look to include the latest odds, the preferred and expected landing spot for Watt is the Steelers, but that is slowly changing. The Buffalo Bills are now on the odds board as a team that is interested and the Jets are rising up the board as a contender in the Watt sweepstakes.

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Update Feb 12, 2021

That didn’t take long. Earlier today JJ Watt announced his time with the Texans was over. Soon after that, the odds on his next team were released. Then shortly after that, they changed. In some cases, drastically.

Update Feb 12, 2021

It’s official. The Houston Texans and JJ Watt have parted ways. The NFL trade rumors are heating up and they all are surrounding where Watt will play next.

The Texans still say that they want to keep Deshaun Watson on the team, but after letting Watt go, that seems unlikely. Now that Watt will have a new team, the sportsbooks are posting odds on where he will play next.

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BET HERE 207203 Pittsburgh Steelers +150
207204 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +200
207212 Green Bay Packers +500
207207 Baltimore Ravens +700
207208 Dallas Cowboys +1000
207213 Los Angeles Rams +1200
207205 New England Patriots +1200
207211 Cleveland Browns +1400
207206 Miami Dolphins +1400
207209 New York Giants +1600
207210 Tennessee Titans +1800

It will be interesting to see where Watt goes next considering the multitude of teams that are interested in bringing in a defensive superstar.

Houston Texans

JJ Watt is an icon in Houston. He is a legend in the league and one of the best players to play on this team. Not to mention he is an all-around good guy, but let’s face it this team is in a complete rebuild. They are going to lose Watson and they might as well get something for Watt while they can.


New England Patriots

Is it me or are the Patriots one of the first teams connected to every player that is available? Patriot’s nation is out in full force and they already believe that getting Watt is more than a possibility, but a reality.


Pittsburgh Steelers

This destination will get a lot of traction. Especially since J.J.’s little brothers Derek and T.J. Watt are already on the roster. From a family standpoint, this is an ideal situation.

He has a cap-friendly deal and may actually be a candidate to head to the Steel City.

Green Bay Packers

Watt has a connection to Wisconsin and this is a team that was one game away from the Super Bowl. The Packers need to show Aaron Rodgers that they are willing to add pieces so the team will win now and Watt is the perfect fit.

Rodgers is very persuasive, so do not be surprised if Watt lands in Green Bay.

How to Bet Super Bowl 2021 Prop Bets

How to Bet Super Bowl 2021 Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is such a unique game. It is more than a game, it is a global event. Many handicappers will use the odds to make a pick on the big game, but the real pros will exploit the props. Once the Super Bowl 2021 Prop Bets were posted handicappers flooded the sportsbooks betting on the unique wagers that can only be found in the Super Bowl.

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Super Bowl 2021 Prop Bets Mania

The Super Bowl pro bet menu is endless, but once it is up, it is always exciting to see.

The sharp bettors love to bet on props and that is why they are often limited to how much they can bet on each prop. It is often the public who bets the ‘OVER’ on prop bets while the smart bettors will be the ‘UNDER’ or look for middle opportunities on the lengthy menu of props.

Manage Your Money 

Prop bets are fun to play, but you still have to manage your money. Quite often people will overextend to bet on this game since it is the biggest sporting event of the year. Make smart and informed wagers while you manage your bankroll and you will enjoy the game. You want to especially manage your money when you bet the wacky and popular props, like this one.

What is the most popular prop bet?

The most popular prop bet (by the public) is the coin toss.

It is fun; it’s usually one of the first things to happen so the bettors will know if they are starting with a win or a loss. Because of the popularity of the bet, it has spawned different varieties of this wager.

Different sportsbooks will have different variations of the coin toss and different prices. You have to find the best one to make the most money when betting on the Super Bowl, which leads us to our next point.

Shop Around For Numbers

Every sportsbook has a long list of Super Bowl Props and you need to look at what each one offers. You can get a better betting number and you can get a better return on your money.
Carson Wentz Odds

Carson Wentz Odds: Welcome to Indianapolis

The Super Bowl always demands attention, but the NFL off-season is going to be sick. The most important player on any team is almost always the quarterback. This year, there are several high-profile names that may be switching teams. Names like Matthew Stafford and Deshaun Watson get headlines, and Cam Newton will be discussed, but according to the Carson Wentz odds, the Philadelphia Eagles may have a new quarterback next season.

This article is updated with the latest news, rumors, and information. Check back often!

Update Feb 18, 2021

The Colts have traded for Carson Wentz. If you think this move will make the Colts contenders you may want to bet on this team now. The odds you see here are likely to change.

Bet Now Tennessee Titans     -105
Bet Now Indianapolis Colts     Ev

Update Feb 15, 2021

Carson Wentz to the Colts! 

It’s not official, but this is what I am betting on. The best odds for Wentz to the Colts can be found here. Many sportsbooks are pulling the odds for Carson Wentz, so if you are going to bet on this, do it now.


Bet Now                          Indianapolis Colts    +200

It has been rumored that the Wentz trade was going to happen soon, but it has taken weeks. Now ESPN has once again reported it will be done soon. Why the change? The Colts and the Bears balked at the original offer. Now the Eagles are adding pieces (like Zach Ertz) to make it happen.

The deal is not done yet, but I am betting that he lands in Indianapolis as the new quarterback of the Colts.

Update Feb 14, 2021

The latest headlines on the Eagles and Carson Wentz are all the same. The Eagles cannot get enough interest in Wentz to get a1st round pick. Reports suggest that some teams may offer a future 1st round draft pick that is not in the upcoming draft, but even that is unlikely.

Despite the drop in value, the most popular destination is still in Chicago. Several outlets believe a Wentz for Foles swap is still in the making. The odds still have Chicago as the favorite, but Wentz remaining in Philly is still a real possibility. 

Update Feb 13, 2021

The NFL rumor mill is dominated by JJ Watt and Russell Wilson rumors, but don’t forget about Carson Wentz. It is clear the Eagles are going to move Wentz.

It is very clear from these rumors that the Eagles have lost all leverage. It is also clear that now the Colts, Bears, and the Panthers control the bidding war if there is such a thing. (There’s not). The odds have slightly changed since this report. The Bears are still heavy favorites just ahead of the Colts, Eagles, and the Broncos. See the complete Carson Wentz odds and here and get up to $2500 to bet on his next team. 

Update Feb 9, 2021

The rumors are saying that Carson Wentz will be traded and the Bears and the Colts are the favorites, but that depends on where you look. Sportsbooks once again have posted odds and they may surprise you.

At BetUS, the Bears are the favorites but keeping Wentz with the Eagles is not as far-fetched as some may think. The Raiders and Panthers also may be a team to watch.


Bet Now Philadelphia Eagles     +175
Bet Now Indianapolis Colts     +200
Bet Now Denver Broncos     +700
Bet Now Chicago Bears     -300
Bet Now New England Patriots     +3000
Bet Now San Francisco 49ers     +3000
Bet Now Miami Dolphins     +4000
Bet Now New York Jets     +3000
Bet Now Carolina Panthers     +1000
Bet Now Las Vegas Raiders     +1200
Bet Now Houston Texans     +2000

But at BetOnline, the odds are different.  The Bears are still the favorite, but the Eagles are not on the board.

Bet Here Chicago Bears +100
Bet Here Indianapolis Colts +150
Bet Here Denver Broncos +800
Bet Here Washington Football Team +900
Bet Here Carolina Panthers +1200
Bet Here Houston Texans +1600
Bet Here Las Vegas Raiders +1800
Bet Here New England Patriots +2000
Bet Here San Francisco 49ers +2000
Bet Here Dallas Cowboys +2500
Bet Here Miami Dolphins +2500
Bet Here New York Jets +2500

If you are going to bet on Wentz going to the Colts, the time is now. Wentz reportedly prefers the Colts as his landing spot and that may force the Eagles to make a trade.

Update Feb 8, 2021

With the Super Bowl complete, the focus will be on the NFL draft and the rumors surrounding trades. The Texans swear that they will keep Deshaun Watson, and that has put all of the focus on Carson Wentz. The Bears and the Colts are still the front runners.


As we reported before the Bears (or any team) is reluctant to give up more than one first-round pick and that can indicate that more than one team will be in the mix in this deal.

The Raiders are reportedly one team that can be involved in the deal. Only one sportsbook that I know of still has odds on where he will be traded, but they change quickly so if you are going to bet on where Wentz plays next season, bet on it now. 

Update Feb 06, 2021

The Bears are making a move that reportedly will send Nick Foles back to Philadelphia.

If yesterday was not exciting enough, the news about Carson Wentz just keeps on coming. His time in Philadelphia is done and he is going to get traded. Only one sportsbook that I know of still has odds on where he will be traded, but they will be taken down soon once the details leak out.

Philly will need the team taking Wentz to help out with money or give something huge in returns due to the dead cap hit. This may mean more than one team is getting involved.

Update Feb 05, 2021

All the talk around Wentz is that he may go to the Colts or the Bears, but usually, it is the team flying under the radar that makes the deal. In this case, the team that may sneak in to make the best deal is the Las Vegas Raiders. Many of the sportsbooks are pulling odds which usually means the deal is close. Only one sportsbook still has odds at all.

2021 AFC Conference Championship Picks

2021 AFC Conference Championship Picks: Bills vs Chiefs Predictions

The NFL playoffs now have the four best teams fighting for a championship. All eyes are on the NFC Championship game but making 2021 AFC Conference Championship picks will be much more difficult. The Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs will be the best game to watch this weekend. If you are going to bet on it, you must be informed.

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Monitoring Mahomes

It’s Official!

If you are going to bet on the Chiefs, you are advised to bet on them right now. Kansas City is still -2.5 at many of the sportsbooks which will jump to 3 (or higher) once QB Patrick Mahomes is cleared.

The Chiefs need him to have success in the running game. The Chiefs had the10th fewest rushing attempts in the league this year but rank 12th in yards per rushing attempt at 4.5 yards per carry. This is an indication of the defense focusing on Mahomes and the passing attack.

Mahomes is practicing, but not always in full. This is the No. 1 situation to watch as the game-time nears. Here is the latest.

The need to have Mahomes under center since the Bills are 5-1 ATS in their last 6 meetings in Kansas City.

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Coaching Counts

This game features two of the best coaches in the NFL. Andy Reid is a mainstay in the league and Sean McDermott is a newcomer, but Reid likes what he sees in the young coach.

The Chiefs will now host their third straight conference championship game and that experience cannot be overlooked.

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Bills vs Chiefs Predictions

Don’t wait to bet the Chiefs. Bills QB Josh Allen makes mistakes. These mistakes are tough to recover from against a Chiefs offense that can score on every possession. The Chiefs are 5-2 ATS in their last 7 home games when playing against a team with a winning road record. They rise to this type of occasion. They have the experience, they have the coaching and they have the best player in the National Football League. Sorry Buffalo, your story ends here.


2021 AFC Conference Championship picks

Chiefs 46 Bills 32

Chiefs -2.5 [BET NOW]

2021 MLK Day NBA

Betting the Buckets: 2021 MLK Day NBA

Betting the Buckets is our new, daily basketball betting article. In this article, we will share sports betting tidbits and free picks against the spread. This includes odds, betting trends, and up-to-date information in the NBA. Today in the Association is one of the best days of the year and here is the insight on 2021 MLK Day NBA.

Betting the Buckets Recap: Every day we will post recaps of the previous picks and update our record.

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Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets acquired James Harden in a trade and now they have officially anointed the Nets as the team to beat. According to the basketball betting odds, they are the favorites to win the Eastern Conference and only behind LeBron and the Lakers in the odds to win the NBA Championship. Did everyone forget about the Bucks?

Still the MVP

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the reigning MVP and this is a well-rested team. The Bucks beat the Mavericks on the 15th and will have two days off before this game. The Bucks have played just two games in the last six nights. That is good news for players who are recovering from an injury like reserve forward Torrey Craig.

Still Adjusting

Harden looked incredible in his debut for the Nets as he put up a triple-double and had a record-setting night. But don’t confuse that performance with team chemistry.  Kevin Durant admitted that the team was forcing passes early in the game.  Coach Steve Nash said ”I think it’s going to be an adjustment for everyone.” This is going to take time and the struggles to gel will be obvious against a better opponent in Milwaukee.

2021 MLK Day NBA Picks

This is the biggest game of the day and the play is the Milwaukee Bucks.  They have a chip on their shoulder. They have been dismissed as the conference favorite and they have the best basketball player on the court. To get a team of this caliber against a team that is adjusting to a new key player is too good to pass up. The fact that the Bucks are favorites, should tell you everything that you need to know.

Bet on Bucks vs Nets

Betting the Buckets Play: Milwaukee Bucks -1.5 [See the odds and bet here]

Tampa Bay vs New Orleans Predictions

NFL Playoff Picks 2021: Tampa Bay vs New Orleans Predictions

The NFL playoffs are the best time of the year. All of the games are exciting to watch, but some stand out more than others. That is the situation this weekend. Everyone is excited to see Tampa Bay go up against New Orleans for the third time this season. With apologies to Green Bay and Kansas City, the Tampa Bay vs New Orleans predictions are what everyone is talking about.

Backing Brady

Tom Brady may possibly be the best quarterback to ever play the game. Brady excels in the playoffs and his track record is unmatched. This may be the reason that over 58 percent of the public is willing to bet on the Buccaneers plus the points this weekend. The odds show that the Saints started out as 3.5 point favorites and that spread is down to 3 points after the public put money on the Buccaneers.

Third Times a Charm

The narrative is talked about all the time. The Saints won 34-23 win in New Orleans in Week 1 and again in Week 9 in a 38-3 rout.  It is hard for any team to win three times in a row against any team. The stats say it all. Teams that host a playoff game that has beaten an opponent twice in the regular season are 12-5 straight up in those meetings. If you throw in how teams do against the spread when they win the game outright, this game becomes more interesting.

Tampa Bay vs New Orleans Predictions

The Bucs are one dimensional. They are all about Brady. The Saints can run and they can pass. They have a better coach and they have a better defense.  In the past, the Saints defense has frustrated Brady and although has played better in recent weeks, he has not faced a defense of this caliber. The Saints have cover 80 percent of the last ten games played and they are 7-1 ATS in the last 8 games as a favorite and in the NFC.

Tamps is 0-5 ATS in the last five meetings and they will lose again. It will be close, but the Saints will win, advance, and cover the spread.

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