NFL Week 17 Picks against the spread for every game

NFL Week 17 Picks against the spread for every game

As the NFL regular season barrels toward its climax, Week 17 is upon us, offering a dazzling array of matchups and implications for playoff contention. With the New Year’s countdown approaching, football fans are gearing up for a final regular-season feast. Dive into this week’s breakdown of every game, including picks against the spread, to unravel the thrilling gridiron narratives set to unfold on the last day of the year.

Rams vs Giants: Giants +6

The Rams are strutting in hot, but this Big Apple rendezvous smells like a distraction. The Giants might not sling a victory, but they’ve got the gusto to keep this showdown tight.

49ers vs Commanders: 49ers -14

The Commanders can’t decide whoโ€™s on quarterback duty, which is bad news when facing an irate 49ers squad fresh off a loss. Itโ€™s a recipe for a one-sided smackdown.”

Raiders vs Colts: Colts -3.5

The Raiders have a knack for surprise wins, but consistency isnโ€™t their strong suit. Indy’s hometown advantage and playoff thirst will be too much. Colts are claiming this one.

Cardinals vs Eagles: Eagles -12.5

The Cardinals are nursing a bad case of ‘checked-out-itis,’ while the Eagles are hungry to regain their winning groove. Philly’s ready to soar, and the Cards wonโ€™t stop them.

Saints vs Buccaneers: Saints +2.5

Hold your horses, Baker fans! The Saints pack a better punch overall. Carr’s got the arm to rattle the Bucs, making room for some Saints’ ground dominance. My money’s on the Saints.

Falcons vs Bears: Bears -2.5

The Bears are on a mission to spruce up Fields for the trade market. Plus, that Panthers’ first-rounder is too tempting. Meanwhile, the Falcons have their eye on a new coaching gig.

Panthers vs Jaguars: Panthers +3.5

The Jaguars are hobbling towards the end, and minus Lawrence, they’re in no mood for a battle. Panthers are still clawing for victory and snag this one.”

Dolphins vs Ravens: Ravens -3.5

Missing Mostert and Waddle for the Dolphins is like taking the wind out of their sails. Ravens are eyeing that home-field advantage and victory – MVP vibes and Super Bowl dreams.


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Titans vs Texans
Titans +3.5

The Titans might not have much at stake, but with murmurs about Derrick Henry’s tenure, they’re still playing for pride. The Texans welcome CJ Stroud back, but expect the Titans to keep this one tight.

Patriots vs Bills
Bills -14.5

Patriots had their moment last week, but the Bills are cooking up a revenge storm. They’re eyeing a grand send-off for Belichick and plan to serve the Pats their season’s worst loss. Big win for the Bills incoming.

Steelers vs Seahawks
Seahawks -3.5

The Mason Rudolph tale ends here โ€“ the Steelers face a robust Seahawks squad, 12th man in tow. Itโ€™s a long road to disappointment for the Steelers against a healthy Seattle team.

Bengals vs Chiefs
Chiefs -6.5

The Chiefs, fueled by Pacheco’s return, are looking to right their offensive wrongs. There’s something about the Bengals in their stadium that gets the Chiefs fired up. Swift moves lead to a Kansas City victory.

Chargers vs Broncos
Chargers +3

Disarray in Denver spells trouble. Rumors of discontent and Easton Stick’s growing comfort in the Chargers’ system make for a promising road win for Los Angeles.

Packers vs Vikings
Packers +1.5

Vikingsโ€™ desperation meets Packersโ€™ health. With QB shifts and injuries plaguing Minnesota, the Packers are all set to shut the playoff door on the Vikings with a confident win.

Updated 2023-24 NFL MVP Odds: A New Leader

Updated 2023-24 NFL MVP Odds: A New Leader

In the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL, the race for the coveted 2023-24 NFL MVP title is gaining momentum. As fans eagerly speculate and enthusiasts place their bets, the NFL’s top stars are making waves. With the season progressing, there’s a new frontrunner emerging, shaking up the MVP odds. The excitement around the league is palpable, and the updated odds reflect a shifting narrative in the hunt for the most prestigious individual honor in football. Let’s dive into the latest MVP odds, dissect the contenders, and uncover who’s leading the charge in this fiercely competitive season. Get ready to explore the pulse of the NFL MVP race!

Lamar is the Leader

Following the Ravens’ commanding 33-19 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, QB Lamar Jackson’s stellar performance has propelled him to the forefront of the NFL MVP race, according to the latest odds. Jackson’s dynamic showcase on the field showcased his exceptional skills, consolidating his position as a frontrunner for the prestigious award. His ability to lead the Ravens to victory while showcasing remarkable athleticism and game-changing plays has not only solidified his team’s standing but also elevated his status as a leading candidate for the coveted MVP title. As the season progresses, Jackson’s electrifying performances continue to captivate audiences and position him firmly as a frontrunner in the MVP race.

How to bet on the MVP Late in the season

Approaching the final weeks of the NFL regular season, betting on the MVP becomes a game of observing late-season surges and impactful performances. Assessing recent player statistics, standout moments, and their influence on team success is crucial. Keep an eye on odds adjustments across sportsbooks, as late-season narratives and critical games can dramatically shift MVP probabilities. Strategic betting hinges on identifying players showing consistency, elevating their game when it matters most, and impacting their team’s fortunes as the season draws to a close. Keeping a close watch on player narratives and team dynamics provides valuable insights for making informed MVP bets in the closing stages of the regular season.

2023-24 NFL MVP Odds:

– Lamar Jackson: -177

– Jackson’s consistent and explosive performances have positioned him as the clear frontrunner for the MVP title. His exceptional ability to lead the Ravens with both his arm and legs has significantly lowered his odds, indicating strong confidence from oddsmakers and bettors alike.


– Christian McCaffrey: +390

– McCaffrey’s return to top form has garnered attention, reflected in his favorable odds. As a versatile playmaker for the 49ers, his impact on both the rushing and passing game makes him a notable contender. He may be the only one that can catch Jackson and his numbers say that he is deserving.


– Brock Purdy: +1025

– Purdy’s emergence as a dark horse showcases his potential to disrupt the MVP race. His performances have intrigued, earning him relatively favorable odds compared to more established names. But after a miserable four-interception performance in arguably the biggest game of the year, Purdy is out of this race.


– Tua Tagovailoa: +1050

– Tagovailoa’s consistent improvement throughout the season has slightly elevated his odds, positioning him as a potential surprise candidate with a chance to make a late-season push.


– Josh Allen: +1425

– Despite being a consistent performer, Allen’s odds have seen a slight increase, possibly due to other standout performances overshadowing his season to date. But the latest run by the Buffalo Bills will keep him in the race.

Other Notable Names

– Dak Prescott:+1925
– Tyreek Hill: +2200
– Jalen Hurts: +2500
– Patrick Mahomes: +4400

Lamar Jackson’s dominance on the field has not only solidified his position as the favorite but also signifies his impact and influence on the MVP race, showcasing his prowess as a top-tier player in the league.

Christmas Day NFL: Ravens vs 49ers Picks

Christmas Day NFL: Ravens vs 49ers Picks

Get ready for an NFL Christmas extravaganza as the Baltimore Ravens clash with the San Francisco 49ers in a holiday showdown that promises fireworks! The NFL had Thursday and Saturday games, but this is the big one! This Christmas night matchup between two NFL powerhouses, the Ravens and the 49ers, is set to light up the gridiron with an intense battle for supremacy. As football fans unwrap the gift of this high-stakes game on Christmas Day, the Ravens vs 49ers showdown is a must-watch event that encapsulates the spirit of NFL action during the festive season.

Ravens Ten win underdogs

History might just be in the making as the Baltimore Ravens, a team with over 10 wins and an impressive .750 winning percentage, step onto the field as +5.5 underdogs. It’s a rare sightโ€”the last time a team of such caliber, with their primary starting quarterback, found themselves in a similar position was back in 2019 Week 13 when the 49ers, faced with similar odds, challenged the Ravens. The result? A thrilling 20-17 victory for the Ravens, proving that underdog status doesn’t always tell the full tale on game day.

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Bet on Brock?

Monday nights have become the stage for football underdogs to shine, and this clash is no different. Brock Purdy steps into his 20th regular-season start as a quarterback with an impressive track recordโ€”he’s never played as an underdog. That streak, unmatched in the Super Bowl era, adds a thrilling layer to the game. Purdy boasts a 12-6-1 ATS record as a starter, hinting at his ability to defy expectations.

Speaking of underdogs, they’ve been rewriting Monday Night Football history lately. In a jaw-dropping streak, underdogs have seized victory in seven consecutive Monday night games, including both teams in Week 14. This streak marks the longest stretch of underdogs securing outright wins in the annals of Monday Night Football. Will this trend continue in this highly anticipated matchup? The stage is set for another unpredictable Monday night showdown!

Ravens vs 49ers Picks

In a clash of NFL titans, the 49ers boast an impressive lineup led by Brock Purdy, powerhouse Christian McCaffrey, and a rock-solid defense. Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson’s underdog record is nothing short of remarkable at 11-1-1 ATS (9-4 outright). However, despite Jackson’s prowess, the 49ers emerge as the stronger team in this matchup. With all factors considered, the 49ers at -5.5 stand out as the prime bet for this game.

NFL Week 15 Picks Against the spread for every game

NFL Week 15 Picks Against the spread for every game

Welcome back, NFL enthusiasts! Week 15 brings another thrilling lineup of gridiron clashes, and it’s time to break down the matchups and unveil the picks against the spread for each game. As the playoff race intensifies, so does the betting action. Join me as we navigate through the upcoming battles, analyzing the stats, trends, and key factors that could shape this pivotal week on the field and in the sportsbooks. Strap in for a comprehensive rundown of Week 15’s spread picks, aimed at helping you navigate the thrilling world of NFL betting!

New York Giants vs New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers

Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots


Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets

Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns


Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans


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Unveiling Winning College Football Betting Angles for Bowl Season 2023-24

Unveiling Winning College Football Betting Angles for Bowl Season 2023-24

As the college football bowl season kicks into high gear, and the schedule is released, enthusiasts and bettors alike gear up for thrilling matchups and profitable opportunities. With a myriad of games set to unfold, it’s crucial to identify strategic betting angles that can elevate your chances of success.

Bowl Season Betting Strategies Unveiled

ย 1. Analyzing Team Motivation and Momentum

Understanding each team’s motivation heading into bowl games is paramount. Some teams might be thrilled with their bowl selections, while others may feel slighted or disappointed. Additionally, teams riding momentum from strong regular-season finishes tend to carry that energy into bowl games.

2. Factoring in Rest and Preparation Time

Consider the time gap between the regular season’s end and the bowl game. Teams with ample rest may show improved performance, while others might struggle to regain momentum after a prolonged break.

3. Assessing Player Opt-Outs and Injuries

Injuries and player opt-outs significantly impact team dynamics. Analyzing team rosters, especially with star players opting out for the NFL Draft or due to injury, is crucial in predicting outcomes.

4. Exploring Historical Trends and Head-to-Head Matchups

Delve into historical trends for specific bowl games and teams. Some teams excel in bowl game settings, while others falter. Head-to-head matchups and past performances in similar scenarios provide valuable insights.

5. Capitalizing on Line Movements and Value Bets

Monitor line movements diligently. Understanding why lines shift and spotting value bets can be lucrative. Identifying discrepancies between the actual team strength and the betting lines presents golden opportunities.

6. Weather Conditions and Venue Impact

Climate and venue play a pivotal role, especially in outdoor games. Consider how weather conditions might influence game plans and impact the outcome.

ย Conclusion: Making Informed Decisions

College football bowl season presents a wealth of opportunities for savvy bettors. By applying strategic betting angles such as analyzing motivation, rest, injuries, historical trends, and line movements, bettors can position themselves for success. Stay tuned, stay informed, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
Remember, responsible betting is key. Enjoy the thrill of college football bowl season while betting wisely and within your means.
For more insights and up-to-date information on college football betting angles, stay tuned to our platform!

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NFL Week 13 Best Bets against the spread

NFL Week 13 Best Bets against the spread

Welcome to the ultimate guide for NFL Week 13’s top bets against the spread! As the football action intensifies, finding the most promising bets becomes crucial for enthusiasts aiming to maximize their wins. In this comprehensive breakdown, we uncover the top betting options, providing strategic insights and expert analysis on the spread for Week 13 NFL matchups. Get ready to navigate the gridiron with confidence as we delve into the best bets that promise potential success against the spread in this exhilarating week of NFL action.

Saintly Strategies: Saints +4.5 vs. Lions

The New Orleans Saints are navigating stormy waters this season, and if things don’t turn around, a coaching shuffle might be brewing in the Big Easy. Coach Dennis Allen’s defensive prowess is undeniable, but the Saints offense seems stuck in the Red Zone, struggling to light up the scoreboard. Today’s showdown with Jared Goff’s Lions presents an intriguing matchup. Detroit knows how to put points on the board but tends to falter in protecting their QB. Can the Saints capitalize on this vulnerability? With a track record of covering as underdogs and a knack for keeping games tight, the Saints might just work their divine intervention on the field.

Ramming Home the Win: Rams -3.5 vs. Browns

Guess who’s back? Joe Flacco makes a surprising return to lead the Browns, and the jury’s out on whether his hiatus has sharpened his skills. Meanwhile, the Rams are in dire need of victories to keep their playoff dreams alive. With Aaron Donald’s dominance fueling a stellar Rams defense, the aging Flacco might have a rough welcome. While the Browns boast a solid defense, their vulnerability on the road makes them susceptible. It’s time for the Rams to corral the win, especially against a team banking on a Flacco-led comeback.

Eagle Eye: Eagles +3 vs. 49ers

Hold onto your feathers, folks! The clash between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers promises gridiron drama at its finest. Despite their commendable record, the Eagles find themselves unexpectedly as home underdogs against the formidable 49ers. Here’s a fun stat: the Eagles have a penchant for covering the spread when it’s between +3 and -3, showing prowess in this role in recent seasons. Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are soaring, covering games left and right. It’s a bird-brained move not to back these home underdogs. Fly high with the Eagles as they swoop in for the victory!

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Week 12 NFL Showdowns: Game Previews & Winning Picks You Canโ€™t Miss!

Week 12 NFL Showdowns: Game Previews & Winning Picks

Welcome to the ultimate guide for NFL Week 12! As the season barrels forward, Week 12 brings a slew of exhilarating matchups, each ripe with potential and pivotal for teams eyeing playoff berths. In this comprehensive breakdown, we’ll delve into the most anticipated games, offering expert insights, key player analyses, and, most importantly, winning picks you simply can’t overlook. So, buckle up as we navigate through this week’s NFL showdowns, ensuring you’re primed and ready to make the best betting decisions for an action-packed weekend of football. Let’s start with the Week 12 NFL game previews, betting insights, and winning picks for this week in the NFL and maybe even a parlay.

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Looking for the top picks in Week 12 action? Here are three winners to lock in before Sunday’s kickoff:

Patriots vs Giants: Patriots -3

In this clash of early draft picks, the Giants might be riding high after a big win, but they were outplayed in almost every aspect against Washington. Bill Belichick’s squad is hungry for victories, aiming to prove a point. Expect the Patriots to secure the win and cover the spread against the Giants.

Steelers vs Bengals: Bengals +1.5

Despite Joe Burrow’s absence and the Steelers’ offensive struggles, the Bengals have the defensive prowess to disrupt Pittsburgh’s game. Being underestimated might just fuel the Bengals’ fire, making them a dangerous force this week. Look for Cincinnati to capitalize on their home advantage and cover.

Saints at Falcons: Falcons +1.5

Both teams sit in a struggling division, but the Falcons, despite recent form, are geared up to confront a Saints offense that’s been lackluster. With the playoffs in sight, Atlanta needs this victory. Expect them to rise to the occasion and grab a crucial win against the Saints.

Get ahead of the game with these savvy picks and make the most of Week 12’s matchups!

NFL Thanksgiving Games: San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks Picks

NFL Thanksgiving Games: San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks Picks

As the NFL Thanksgiving Weekend kicks off in full swing, the showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks stands as a centerpiece in the gridiron extravaganza. This NFC West rivalry ignites a fiery clash between two longstanding adversaries, promising a thrilling spectacle for football enthusiasts. Building on the holiday football fervor that began with the Thanksgiving Day games, this matchup between the 49ers and Seahawks emerges as a pivotal battle, rife with implications for both teams’ playoff aspirations and divisional standings. Let’s break down a matchup and get the lowdown on the San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks picks for Thanksgiving.

Rivalry for the Ages

The historic rivalry between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks has woven tales of legendary clashes and monumental moments in the annals of NFL history. With the spotlight now on this Thanksgiving Weekend showdown, the stakes are high for both teams vying for supremacy in the NFC West. This pivotal matchup not only holds the promise of gridiron fireworks but also serves as a critical juncture in the quest for postseason contention.

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How to Bet on the NFL Thanksgiving Day Schedule

For those eyeing the NFL Thanksgiving Day Schedule as a prime betting opportunity, understanding how to navigate the wagering landscape is key to unlocking winning picks. As outlined in our comprehensive guide on “How to Bet on the NFL Thanksgiving Day Schedule,” weโ€™ve delved into strategic insights, betting types, and factors to consider when placing bets on these thrilling holiday games. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions and elevate your betting game for an unforgettable Thanksgiving football experience. And don’t forget about the standalone Black Friday game!

San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks Picks

Listen up, folks! The 49ers aren’t just your run-of-the-mill team; they’re breathing Super Bowl contender vibes. Picture this: three consecutive victories and covers against these Seahawks. Talk about dominance! They’re riding high on not one, but two jaw-dropping wins and are geared up to pounce on a hobbling Seattle crew in the Thanksgiving nightcap. And guess what? Seahawks’ QB Geno Smith’s nursing an elbow hitch, but he’s bravely stepping onto the field against our ferocious pass rush. Brave, indeed!

Now, let’s talk game strategy. The 49ers have been tearing it up on the ground this season, thanks to the powerhouse Christian McCaffrey. This dude’s owned the field in previous clashes with the Seahawks, and he’s hungry for more today. Plus, Brock Purdy’s a slingshot under center, firing three touchdowns like it’s nobody’s business in back-to-back games.

While we’ve got a hot tip brewing for the Commanders vs. Cowboys showdown, let’s not sleep on this gem. The 49ers are bursting with talent and mark my words, Seattle won’t even get a sniff at keeping this close. It’s a no-brainer, folks! Put your money on the 49ers, giving away a comfy -7 points in the grand finale of Thanksgiving games. Get ready to watch the 49ers paint a masterpiece on that gridiron canvas!

NFL Thanksgiving Picks 2023: Best Bet for Gameday

NFL Thanksgiving Picks 2023: Best Bet for Gameday

As the NFL Thanksgiving Day Schedule unfolds, the gridiron spectacle brings forth a triple-header destined to captivate football enthusiasts nationwide. In our recent exploration of the ‘How to bet on the NFL Thanksgiving Day Schedule, we highlighted how to approach the significance of these pivotal games.

Great schedule for Turkey Dayย 

Now, diving deeper into the day’s showdowns between the Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions, Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks, we’re set to unveil our expert picks and predictions. Join us as we navigate the thrill of Thanksgiving Day football and uncover the best bet for these highly-anticipated matchups. And don’t forget about the standalone Black Friday game!

Washington vs Dallas is the game of the dayย 

The Washington vs. Dallas showdown has a bet thatโ€™s as intriguing as watching a turkey try to hike a football. Picture this: the Cowboys, strutting like they own the ranch, facing off against the Commanders fresh off a โ€˜what-just-happenedโ€™ loss to the Giants. The sportsbooks have stamped the Cowboys with a whopping (-13.5) tag, making it the heavyweight point spread of the day.

Now, hereโ€™s where it gets wilder than a Thanksgiving food fight: the best bet for the day might just be Washington plus those hefty points. Coach Ron Riveraโ€™s team thrives as the underdog; theyโ€™re 2-0-1 when slapped with double-digit odds. Plus, they’ve got that underdog magic and talent to keep things tighter than Uncle Joeโ€™s belt after dinner.

Best Bet of the Dayย 

Enter quarterback Sam Howell, primed for a comeback like the last piece of pie at the dessert table. He’s looking to light up the field against a Dallas secondary thatโ€™s got a chink in its armor. Get ready for a Commandersโ€™ charge, folks. Bet on those underdog warriors with a fat +13.5 for an afternoon game you won’t want to miss!

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NFL Week 11 Picks: Top 5 Must-Watch Games and Best Bets Against the Spread!

NFL Week 11 Picks: Top 5 Must-Watch Games and Best Bets Against the Spread!

NFL Week 11 is here, and it’s time for some wild, unpredictable action on the field! From shocking upsets to nail-biting finishes, it’s all up for grabs. Strap in for the ride and let’s dive into the most thrilling picks of the week against the spread! Instead of looking back at the year, let’s put our football betting prowess to the test with NFL Week 11 Picks.

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills: Bills -7

The Bills are on a redemption spree after a rough patch and they’re eyeing payback against the Jets. With the Jets struggling to find their offensive groove, it’s game-on for Buffalo to unleash their power and slam the door shut on this matchup!

LA Chargers vs Green Bay Packers: Packers +3

Injuries are clouding the Chargers’ offensive strength, and the Packers are seizing the opportunity at home. Jordan Love is set to shine against a vulnerable Bolts defense, making the Packers a live, barking home dog you don’t want to miss out on!

Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Jags -6.5

The Jaguars are hungry for a rebound after a bitter defeat. Facing a Titans team playing out the string, Trevor Lawrence is primed to dominate against a shaky Titans pass defense. Get ready for the Jags to roar back into form at home!

Seattle Seahawks vs LA Rams: Rams -1.5

The Rams are on a mission, armed with Matthew Stafford’s return and a playbook to exploit Seattle’s weak spots. Vulnerable to the underneath pass, the Seahawks face a relentless Rams offense. Buckle up for a Rams rollercoaster of points in this showdown!

Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos: Broncos -3

The Broncos are on fire, and despite the Vikings’ resilience, Denver’s momentum is hard to ignore. Riding high and fueled by recent victories, the Broncos aim to keep the fire burning bright at home under the Sunday night lights!

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