NFL Draft props 2022 and best bets

NFL Draft props 2022 and best bets

The NFL draft starts on Thursday night and thousands of fans will tune in to see if their favorite team will drastically improve. Millions will tune in because they have played a bet on the most anticipated NFL event of the off-season. Scour the NFL Draft props 2022 list and get ready for the best bets to watch this week.

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Wager on Walker, or Not

Travon Walker is the favorite (-190) to be selected No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars have interest and the odds have moved drastically. The odds on Walker were once at +300 and have dropped significantly with the latest reports and rumors that he will be the top pick. However, the NFL draft is all about smoke screens and surprises happen every year. But the value is on Aidan Hutchinson as the No. 1 overall selection. The odds on Hutchinson are now at +210, and that is a nice return. His athleticism is elite and he is arguably the best pass rusher in the draft.

Aidan Hutchinson selected No. 1 +210 [BET NOW]

Quarterbacks Can Wait…

The quarterback is the most important position in the game. Picking the right QB in the draft can instantly change the culture of a franchise. But this draft is not deep at the position. Although several teams are looking for a quarterback like the Falcons, Steelers, Panthers, and Saints, teams will not reach for a risk. Kenny Pickett and Malik Willis are locks to go in the first round, but after that, it gets a bit sketchy. Teams can also trade for the 49er’s Jimmy Garoppolo or Baker Mayfield instead of trading to move up.

Quarterbacks have taken in the first round: Under 3 +100 [BET NOW]

If you can get 3.5 it is even sweeter, but the 3 offers the possibility for a push. Take the under.

But not for long

Although the quarterback market is thin, Pickett and Willis are sought-after players. The over/under draft position for both players is something to watch. The draft position over/under for Willis is 13.5 and it is 15.5 for Pickett.

Kenny Pickett draft position under 15.5 +120 [BET NOW]

Many mock drafts are connecting Pickett with the Carolina Panthers with the No. 6 pick and that will easily cash this prop bet. If he slips there are other teams that will be looking to pick him up in the first round.

Malik Willis draft position under 13.5 +100 [BET NOW]

Willis has been connected with a few different teams, but the most common team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and they draft at No. 20. However, there are a few other teams that need quarterbacks that draft ahead of Pittsburgh. Both Atlanta and Seattle pick before Pittsburgh and they are surprise candidates to get Willis. Betting both of these props will yield a profit on draft day!

Enjoy the draft and good luck on your NFL draft props!

The early 2022 NFC West win total you have to bet now

The early 2022 NFC West win total you have to bet now

The NFL season has yet to begin, but there is still reason to look at the NFL’s future odds, especially in the NFC West. This is arguably one of the best divisions in all of football. This division has the defending Super Bowl champions in the Los Angeles Rams and several other teams that can make the playoffs this season. Although anything can happen between now and the start of the season, but there is one early 2022 NFC West win total you have to bet on now.

2022 NFC West win totals

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LA Rams

Over 10.5 Wins -110

Under 10.5 Wins -120

The Rams are the Super Bowl champions so, of course, they are going to have an inflated win total. The projected 10.5 wins may be a little high to some, but this team has the talent to get it done. Matthew Stafford is focused to repeat the run and the team paid to bring back Aaron Donald. This is a win total that you can wait to bet on.

Seattle Seahawks

Over 5.5 Wins -140

Under 5.5 Wins +110

The Seahawks made a splash this offseason by trading All-Pro quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos. This signals a rebuild and every indication is that they will trade or release their best players with an eye on the future. It may be tempting to bet the under 5.5 total wins, but don’t bet against Pete Carroll with something to prove. Pass on this bet.

Arizona Cardinals

Over 9 Wins -130

Under 9 Wins +100

This win total is very interesting because everyone wants to know what is going on with quarterback Kyler Murray. He wants to get paid, but the 49ers are not budging (yet). The drama is being played out on social media.

This NFL win total may seem like a good bet right now, but if the Cardinals ultimately bring Murray back it could change anything. Don’t bet on this one just yet, but there is another one that you have to bet on now.

San Francisco 49ers

Over 9.5 Wins -145

Under 9.5 Wins +115

The 49ers are in trouble. They went deep in the playoffs a year ago and have one of the best defenses in the league as well as an offense loaded with firepower. Yet there is big trouble coming.

Deebo Samuel scrubbed his social media of everything that is the 49ers and he wants a trade. This is a clear indication that everything is not okay in San Francisco. And don’t forget about the problems at quarterback. Despite winning football games his entire time by the bay, Jimmy Garoppolo is on his way out. The 49ers have made it clear that they plan to go with Trey Lance. Jimmy G is rehabbing his shoulder and Lance has “indications” that he will be the starting QB this season.

This uncertainty will cause problems around the franchise. Asking this team to get 10 wins with everything going on is asking too much.

The 2022 NFC West win total you have to bet now is the 49ers UNDER 9.5 wins +115

49ers Deebo Samuel Trade Rumors: Where Does Deebo Play Next?

49ers Deebo Samuel Trade Rumors: Where Does Deebo Play Next?

This is the off-season of disgruntled wide receivers. It started with a few quarterbacks that wanted to play with new teams. Then it moved to quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield who have yet to find a team, but now the wide receivers are stealing the show. With Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams getting a big payday, the other stars in the league are ready to get paid. This could be a sign of bad things to come for San Francisco. The 49ers Deebo Samuel trade rumors show that big names will be moved soon.

Deebo wants a trade

A few weeks ago it was announced that some big-time wide receivers AJ Brown and Deebo Samuel were not happy and would not attend off-season workout sessions. But Deebo took it a step further. He wants out of San Francisco. The 49ers have said they are willing to pay him, but he is not listening.

Where Will Deebo Play Next?

According to the odds, Deebo will most likely stay with the 49ers. However, there are several other teams that are interested in making a trade. See the list of teams and the latest odds on Deebo’s landing spot. Bet on where he will get traded to and get a $1000 bonus! [BET NOW]

Deebo Rumor Mill

Ever since the trade potential was reported that rumors and possibilities started leaking. Several teams are being discussed as landing spots for Deebo. The one team getting the most talk is the New York Jets.

But that does not stop other teams’ fanbases speculating about the potential of landing Deebo in a blockbuster trade.

Where Will Deebo Go?

There are several teams in the mix, so let’s start with the obvious. He has no choice but to stay where he is.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers do not have to trade him. He is still under contract and trading him may send a bad message to anyone else on the team who wants out.

But if the 49ers do want to trade him, there are plenty of teams that are interested. This includes the Jets, the Eagles, the Bears, the Chiefs, the Packers, and the Patriots.

New York Jets

The Jets wanted to get Tyreek Hill according to PFT, but he went to the Dolphins, so of course, they are in the mix. However, the Jets have zero chance at the playoffs and this would be a death sentence for Deebo.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs believe that they are the same team, even without Tyreek Hill. To believe that they will now trade for a wide receiver that they will have to pay is ludicrous. The Chiefs would love to have him, but they are not willing to give up the assets.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers lost Adams to the Raiders so this move makes sense, but the Packers do not pay for pass catchers. They recently signed Sammy Watkins on the cheap and they will most likely draft a wideout in the NFL draft. This is highly unlikely.

New England Patriots

This is the spot for Deebo. The Patriots have a young offense with plenty of weapons and Bill Belichick will know how to use Deebo. As a running back/wide receiver hybrid he can thrive in this offense and allow the Pats to compete with the Bills and the Dolphins. If the 49ers are going to trade Deebo, the Patriots are the best landing spot.

Why Baker Mayfield to the Panthers is a problem

Why Baker Mayfield to the Panthers is a problem

The Cleveland Browns made it very clear that they are parting ways with quarterback Baker Mayfield. The Browns pursued and signed DeShaun Watson sending Baker a clear message. Baker responded by saying he felt disrespected and it is clear that his time in Cleveland is over. Over the weekend, reports began to surface that the Browns are shipping Baker Mayfield to the Panthers, but that will be a big problem in Carolina. Now with rumors about other teams, like the Steelers, it is time to look at why Pittsburgh will pass and Carolina should too.

How about the Steelers?

The Steelers are a very good option for Baker, but it is clear that Pittsburgh will only take Baker on the waiver wire and does not want to pay for him. This is the time of year when rumors circulate to increase the value of a player. Although it is interesting to see a rival QB facing his former team, it will not happen. The Browns won’t pay a rival to take a QB that may haunt them for years to come. The Steelers don’t want anything to do with Baker.

They are not alone, the Panthers have plenty of reasons why they should pass on Baker.

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The Robby Anderson problem

When reports suggested that Baker may land in Carolina, there was one player that had a very big problem with it. Wide receiver Robby Anderson had no issues sharing with the world his thoughts on the potential acquisition. Anderson has strong ties with quarterback Sam Darnold, so it is not a shock that he is not a fan of this move. But it will provide turmoil on the team and make things tough for Baker.

They already have a QB

Whether you like him or hate him, Sam Darnold is the quarterback for the Panthers. It is clear that he has issues and that may be one of the reasons that they are looking at Baker. However, a quarterback competition between two players with fragile egos will not end well. The Panthers will need help from the Browns to cover the salary and then be stuck with Darnold and his contract.

And then there is this…

The Panther’s offensive line is one of the worst in the game today. Up to this point, the Matt Rhule hiring has been a failure. The odds for this team to do anything show that they have no chance. In fact, the odds are worse with Baker.  This is a clear reach for a team and a coach that is panicking. This is a team that is 15-34 over the last three years and they need to rebuild. That starts in the draft and not by making a trade for another questionable player. The Panthers need to draft a quarterback because trading for Baker Mayfield is a big mistake.

DeVante Parker to the Patriots, is OBJ next?

DeVante Parker to the Patriots, is OBJ next?

The NFL off-season is wacky up to this point with multiple big-name trades that have changed the landscape of the league. Up until now Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have stayed out of the spotlight. Last year the Patriots were part of a free agent frenzy, so it comes as no surprise that they were not players this year. However, that all changed when they made a trade to acquire wide receiver DeVante Parker from the Miami Dolphins. Does this change anything for either team? We are about to find out.

Details of the DeVante Trade

The Patriots get Parker and a 2022 fifth-round pick and the Dolphins get a 2023 third-round pick. It’s a good deal for both teams. The Dolphins get a high draft pick for a player they no longer want and the Patriots get a veteran wideout to fill a void. The Patriots played well last year, but they need to keep up with the ever improving AFC.

What does Vegas Say?

The Patriots are predicted to get 8.5 wins this season. That is tied with the Dolphins and below the Bills who are favorites to win the AFC.  The odds to win the AFC East did not change much either as Buffalo is the clear-cut favorite. Parker has only gone over 1,000 yards once in his career. He is a great addition, but not necessarily a game-changer. But, this signing may attract another top-tier pass-catcher by the name of Odell Beckham Jr.

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There is Still Time to sign Odell

The Patriots reportedly had talks with Odell before the trade with Parker. Now many assume that the deal is dead since the Pats landed Parker. But don’t count out the Patriots just yet. Beckham and Belichick admire one another and they would love to play with one another. The Patriots love to make unexpected moves and don’t count this team out of the OBJ race just yet. The Patriots need to keep pace with the Dolphins and catch up with the Bills. That may happen sooner than you think.

2022 Sweet 16 Picks for every Thursday game

2022 Sweet 16 Picks for every game

The college basketball field is down to 16 teams and this is where everything will get interesting. Sure, you may have busted your bracket, but you can still bet on winners. Here are the picks for every game on Thursday night.

Arkansas vs Gonzaga

Arkansas is a gritty team that plays great defense. They struggle from shooting three-point shots, but can still keep this game close. The Hogs rank 14th in the country in adjusted defensive efficiency and coach Eric Musselman knows how to get the most out of this team. Stopping Gonzaga’s stud Drew Timme will not be easy, but this game is close. The Razorbacks are 4-0 against the spread (ATS) as underdogs and the Zags are on upset alert.

Arkansas +10


Michigan vs Villanova

This game is very interesting. Over 60 percent of the bets are on Villanova, yet the point spread is not moving. That is a clear sign that the smart money is on Michigan. The line opened at 5 and is now at five just hours before tip-off. The Wolverines are 35-14-2 ATS in the last 51 games at a neutral site. The Wolverine run is not over, they beat Villanova.

Michigan +5


Houston vs Arizona

Houston will be playing a home game since this game is being played in San Antonio. Arizona is off an overtime game and they will have tired legs near the end of the game. The Wildcats are 3-10 ATS in their last 13 neutral site games as a favorite and 0-4 ATS in their last 4 NCAA Tournament games as a favorite. Houston wins.

Houston Money line


Texas Tech vs Duke

Coach K mentioned that his team is under pressure because it is his last year. They had a valiant comeback against Michigan State, but they are going to run out of gas tonight. Texas Tech has a very experienced team that knows how to close out a young Duke team under pressure. The Red Raiders are 7-3 ATS in their last 10 NCAA Tournament games and they will end the Duke run and send off Coach K.

Texas Tech PK 



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Duke vs Syracuse Predictions and Free College Basketball Picks

Duke vs Syracuse Predictions and Free College Basketball Picks

Although March is technically not here yet, the madness has begun. College basketball teams are already trying to get into position for a good seed in the NCAA Tournament. It’s not time to fill out your brackets, but it is time to start ramping up your research if you want to win March Madness contests. Here is our Duke vs Syracuse predictions and free college basketball pick against the spread for Saturday, February 26th.

Duke vs Syracuse Predictions

Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski is coaching his final season and that makes every game seem important. However, it is Syracuse that needs a signature win late in the season. Syracuse has little chance to make the big dance but a win against Duke will go a long way. Duke is the better team, but they are just 5-4 against the spread (ATS) on the road. The Orange are 11-3 overall at home and they are 7-1 ATS in the last eight games after a loss. Syracuse may not win this game, but they will keep it close.

Syracuse +7.5 [BET NOW]

Purdue vs Michigan State

Purdue is the much better team, but why are they only -4.5 favorites? If the odds look too good to be true, they usually are.  The Boilermakers are powered by one of the best offenses in the country, but it covers up for a porous defense. However, the Spartans can shoot the ball well from beyond the arc and in a close game, they deliver at the free-throw line. The odds seem low but Purdue is only 2-5-1 ATS in the last 8 games as a road favorite. The home team is 5-1-1 in the series and the Spartans win on Saturday.

Michigan State +4.5


Bonus Bets

Notre Dame -10 over Georgia Tech

The Yellowjackets are in a travel nightmare situation. They have been in a travel crunch for the last week and will be flat after a win over Virginia Tech at home. The Fighting Irish are 12-4 ATS in the last 16 games and get the blowout win at home.

Notre Dame -10



TCU +5 over Texas Tech

The Horned Frogs are in revenge mode after a blowout loss in Lubbock. Meanwhile, the surprising Red Raiders will be in letdown mode after a big win against Oklahoma. Texas Tech is 1-8 ATS as a road favorite and the Horned Frogs are 13-5-3 ATS in the last 21 games.

TCU +5


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Men’s NCAA Tournament Schedule and Printable March Madness 2022 Bracket

Men’s NCAA Tournament Schedule and Printable March Madness 2022 Bracket

March Madness is here!

It’s a new year and the NCAA Tournament Schedule and Printable March Madness 2023 Bracket is here!


It is time to get your March Madness 2022 Bracket and get ready for the best month of the college basketball season.  Everyone loves March because there are great college basketball contests that give out huge cash prizes and great basketball action. But before we can fill out the brackets, we have to check out the schedule.

Men’s NCAA Tournament Schedule

Selection Sunday: 6 p.m. ET March 13

First Four: March 15-16

First round: March 17-18

Second round: March 19-20

Sweet 16: March 24-25

Elite Eight: March 26-27

Final Four: April 2

NCAA championship game: April 4

2022 March Madness: Complete schedule, dates

Now that you have the schedule, you need to know the locations for each round. Travel and home-court advantage are huge factors when picking winners. If you are betting on March Madness or filling out brackets, it is vital to watch the schedule.

The first four are in Dayton Ohio and will be held at the UD Arena. The first and second rounds will be held at multiple locations. The locations will focus on Texas, California, Pennsylvania, and Illinois for the Sweet 16 and the Elite Eight. Finally, the Final Four will be held in New Orleans.


Selection Sunday March 13 N/A N/A
First Four March 15 and 16 Dayton, Ohio UD Arena
First/Second March 17 and 19 Buffalo, New York KeyBank Center
First/Second March 17 and 19 Indianapolis, Indiana Gainbridge Fieldhouse
First/Second March 17 and 19 Fort Worth, Texas Dickies Arena
First/Second March 17 and 19 Portland, Oregon Moda Center
First/Second March 18 and 20 Greenville, South Carolina Bon Secours Wellness Arena
First/Second March 18 and 20 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Fiserv Forum
First/Second March 18 and 20 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PPG Paints Arena
First/Second March 18 and 20 San Diego, California Viejas Arena
Sweet 16/Elite Eight March 24 and 26 San Antonio, Texas AT&T Center
Sweet 16/Elite Eight March 24 and 26 San Francisco, California Chase Center
Sweet 16/Elite Eight March 25 and 27 Chicago, Illinois United Center
Sweet 16/Elite Eight March 25 and 27 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wells Fargo Center
Final Four April 2 and 4 New Orleans Caesars Superdome

Printable March Madness 2022 Bracket

Now that you have the schedule, dates, and locations, it is time to get your bracket. Here are the latest March Madness odds and now you are ready to fill in the brackets on Selection Sunday and pick your winners!

2022 NCAA bracket: Printable March Madness bracket .PDF |

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Will the Los Angeles Rams Repeat as Super Bowl Champions?

Will the Los Angeles Rams Repeat as Super Bowl Champions?

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Rams on their sensational season that ended with a Super Bowl championship. Quarterback Matthew Stafford finally won a chip and he had help from Cooper Cupp, the offensive player of the year, and Aaron Donald, the best defensive player on the planet. Now that the big game is over, everyone is asking, will the Rams repeat?

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Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII

The odds to win Super Bowl LVII are available for betting and the Rams are getting some serious disrespect. The oddsmakers believe that the AFC will win the Super Bowl. Both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills are above the Rams on the list. It only took a few days after the Super Bowl to forget just how good the Rams are.

Ignore all of the Talk

The Rams have to keep the band together or at least the key components. Donald is flirting with retirement and the Rams defense will be vastly different without him. But he is caught up in the moment and if I had to guess, he will be back again next year.

Head coach Sean McVay is also hinting at retirement, but coaches only know how to do one thing and that is coach. McVay is young and he is with an incredible organization that is willing to spend to keep him and to get him, players. He may retire, but with two Super Bowls on his resume already, there is no reason to walk away from the game.

The Answer is…..

The Rams have work to do. They have to extend the contract of Matthew Stafford and they have to decide what they are going to do with some of their role players like Odell Beckham Jr. LA plays in a difficult division with other teams that are in a good position to win the Super Bowl. But they have things in their favor.

Winning teams always attract free agents, but teams that win in LA have the ultimate reason for players to sign up. They can play in warm weather and mix with elite celebrities as they play with the defending champions. That is good news for the future of this franchise.

Can the Rams repeat? Yes. Is it smart to bet on it now? No. The Rams are already overlooked and it will only provide more value as the season gets closer. There are better ways to bet on the Rams right now to make money, but wait before you bet on this team to repeat as champs.



The Team to Bet Now and the Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII

The Team to Bet Now and the Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII

The Los Angeles Rams and quarterback Matthew Stafford are the Super Bowl Champions. The Cincinnati Bengals had an incredible season, but it’s time to look ahead. We can all argue that the two best teams in the league were not in the Super Bowl, but what about next year? Soon after the big game ended the odds to win Super Bowl LVII came out. Before the draft and free agency, there is some value if you want to bet on the Super Bowl.

Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII

The best sportsbooks were hard at work getting ready for next season seconds after the Rams were crowned champions. Here are the early odds for Super Bowl LVII and the Kansas City Chiefs are the early favorites to win it all. (see the updated odds here) lick on your favorite team to bet now!

Kansas City Chiefs +650

Buffalo Bills +700

Los Angeles Rams +1000

Cincinnati Bengals +1200

San Francisco 49ers +1400

Green Bay Packers +1500

Dallas Cowboys +1600

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1800

Tennessee Titans +2000

Baltimore Ravens +2000

Denver Broncos +2200

New England Patriots +2500

Arizona Cardinals +2500

Los Angeles Chargers +2500

Indianapolis Colts +2500

Minnesota Vikings +3000

New Orleans Saints +3500

Seattle Seahawks +4000

Cleveland Browns +4000

Philadelphia Eagles +4000

Miami Dolphins +4000

Las Vegas Raiders +5000

Atlanta Falcons +6000

Washington Commanders +6000

Pittsburgh Steelers +6000

Chicago Bears +8000

Carolina Panthers +8000

New York Giants +10000

Jacksonville Jaguars +12500

Detroit Lions +15000

Houston Texans +20000

New York Jets +20000

The one team to bet now

Sure, it’s early. It may be foolish to bet on a team before free agency and the NFL draft, but there is one team that stands out above the rest. Betting on a team now gives you an opportunity to play on them (or against them) during the year to guarantee a profit.

The Super Bowl champs will once again come from the NFC West, but the team to watch is the San Franciso 49ers. Sure the 49ers have some issues at quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo is not the answer and the 49ers made that very clear. However, the market for a quarterback that led his team to the playoffs is high and there are several teams interested.

This type of trade will yield the 49ers a 1-st round draft pick, if not more. The team can use this pick to support the secondary and other areas that need improvement. The ownership, General Manager, and coach are all on the same page. They have incredible players to build on and they are strong in the running games and in the trenches.

Although the 49ers love Trey Lance, they will most likely sign a veteran (and a good one) to cover Lance until he is ready. Mike Shanahan will put the offense in a position to succeed and they are set to play a daunting schedule in 2002.

The 49ers have had success in the NFL draft, they have a strong core and they have playoff experience. There is every reason to believe that this team has a shot to win the Super bowl in 2023.

San Francisco 49ers +1400

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