Hawks vs Bucks Game 4 Predictions

Bucks vs Hawks Game 4 Predictions and Pick Against the Spread

The Milwaukee Bucks are in the driver’s seat in the series against the Atlanta Hawks. Not only do they have a 2-1 series lead, but the Hawks have injury issues with Trae Young, the unquestioned leader of this team. The Hawks vs Bucks Game 4 predictions cannot be made without knowing the status of Young heading into game four.

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What’s Up With Trae Young?

All eyes are on Trae Young and the injury that he suffered in game three when he stepped on a referee.

It is official that Trae Young will not play in game four tonight.

Odds and Trends

The sportsbooks made the Bucks a -6 point favorite, but that number is moving. MyBookie has the Bucks at -7 right now and there is no doubt it is because Young is hurt. But it is worth noting that the Hawks are 20-7 against the spread (ATS) in the last 27 home games. They have also won 11 of 16 ATS in the last 16 games overall. It is hard to bet against the Hawks, but injuries are important.

Hawks vs Bucks Game 4 Predictions

The Bucks are advancing in this series. If they want this to happen, they need to win this game. Young is limping into this game and that gives an edge to the Bucks. I know the Hawks are at home, but Khris Middleton is finding his groove and he works so well with Giannis right now that this team will be impossible to stop. The Bucks have found a new gear and have cashed in four of the last five games against the spread.

Bet the Bucks -7

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Hawks vs Bucks Game 2 Predictions

Hawks vs Bucks Game 2 Predictions: Must Win For Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks are one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. They were the clear-cut favorite to win game one and the Eastern Conference Finals, but all that changed with a game one loss to the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks vs Bucks Game 2 predictions are not easy to make. The Bucks are in must-win mode, but the Hawks have been so spectacular it is hard to bet against them.

The Odds Say What?

The Bucks were -7 in game one and they lost outright. It would make sense if the point spread was lower in game two but think again. Currently, at the best sportsbooks, the Bucks are -8 to beat Atlanta in game two. How does Milwaukee become a bigger favorite? Because they are going to adjust and win big.

The Smart Way to Bet

Trae Young is an elite superstar who nearly put up fifty in game 1. But that is a difficult feat to repeat. The Bucks struggled from 3-point range in Game 1, again, something that is nearly impossible to repeat in game two. Let’s make two bets on this game.

Bucks -3.5 first half


Bucks -7.5 in the game

This gives us the freedom to hedge the game as it goes. The Bucks win big in game two.

Final Score Predictions

Bucks 117

Hawks 105

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Hawks vs Bucks Game 1 Prediction

Hawks vs Bucks Game 1 Prediction, Preview and Picks: Who Wins?

What else do the Atlanta Hawks have to do to get respect? They have pulled off multiple upsets, but they are still not expected to win the NBA title. They have young talent and an incredible Head Coach and will challenge the Milwaukee Bucks in this series. However, the Hawks vs Bucks game 1 prediction is not easy to make. After all, this is the Eastern Conference Finals.

Betting the Hawks Bandwagon

According to the latest sports betting consensus, the Hawks are getting a lot of love at the betting window. With over 60 percent of the wagering on Atlanta, the line is starting to drop. This is surprising since the Bucks are such big favorites to win the series.

The Bucks opened as 7-5 point favorites and that number dipped down to 7. Hawks backers are happy to bet on this number since it was the same number they won with when the Hawks took down the 76ers in game seven.  However, the Bucks are a much better team and that will be clear in the first game of this series.

Hawks vs Bucks Game 1 Prediction

Trae Young and John Collins are fun to watch, but the scrappy type of play is only going to take you so far. Khris Middleton and Jrue Holliday are a formidable defensive duo that can keep the perimeter scorers in check. The Bucks are deeper inside and can use multiple looks to slow down and confuse the Hawks’ offense. The Hawks will be able to adjust, but not in game one. This game will belong to the Milwaukee Bucks.

This game is a reality check for the Hawks. Bet against the Bucks at your own risk.

Game 1 Final Score Prediction

Hawks 103

Bucks 118

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Hawks vs Bucks Series Predictions

Hawks vs Bucks Series Predictions: Can Atlanta Pull Off the Upset?

The Atlanta Hawks are the Cinderella story of the NBA Playoffs. With upsets over the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers, they are the underdog everyone is rooting for. The road to the championship will not get any easier as now they have to attempt to take down the Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee is the favorite to win the championship and they have a home-court advantage. Can the Hawks pull off another upset? Our breakdown and Hawks vs series predictions for the Eastern Conference Finals.

Bucks vs Hawks Series Odds

The Bucks are heavy favorites heading into this series and according to the odds; the Hawks don’t have a chance. Milwaukee is getting -500 odds to advance to the NBA Finals, but the Hawks are just getting +370 odds according to MyBookie Sportsbook. The Bucks are also the favorites to win an NBA title, while Atlanta is an afterthought.

Beat down By the Bucks?

When an underdog becomes the popular bet, it is time to get off the bandwagon. That is exactly what is happening with Atlanta right now. The Bucks have a distinct advantage with depth and size and it will be very clear when these teams take to the floor. In fact, it will be obvious that the Bucks have an edge in game one.

Greater Than Giannis

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the MVP of Milwaukee. Khris Middleton and Jrue Holliday form a dynamic duo that compliments his play. But the depth of the Bucks team will be hard to match up with. The Bucks will send a constant barrage on offense and defense that will overwhelm the Hawks. The Hawks may have to shoot 60 percent to keep up in this series.

Hawks vs Bucks Series Predictions

The ride is over for Atlanta. They deserve high praise for what they have accomplished up to this point and they will steal at least one game away from Milwaukee. But it is clear that the Bucks are focused on winning a championship.

Bucks Advance to the NBA Finals in Five Games


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Odds on the 76ers Making a Ben Simmons Trade

Odds on the 76ers Making a Ben Simmons Trade

The NBA playoffs are not over yet, but after a demoralizing loss for the Philadelphia 76ers, they are already thinking about next season. After losing to the Atlanta Hawks in an embarrassing fashion, the Sixers realize they have to make a change. Most NBA fans are focusing on what teams will win this year, but fans in Philadelphia are looking at potential Ben Simmons trade destinations.

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Ben Simmons Watch 7/29 *Draft Night*

The Sixers are ready to move Ben Simmons and draft night seems like the perfect night. We are posting all of our free draft props here (@bookie_blitz), and it looks like it will be a busy night.

Ben Simmons Watch 7/28

The Sixers are going to trade Ben Simons and the betting odds confirm it. But the Sixers asked for what??? It is very clear that the Sixers are shopping Ben Simmons and evidently, the price tag is out of this world.

They asking way too much. How much you ask? look at this report involving the Spurs who were involved in trade talks with Philadelphia.

So who is the favorite to land Simmons? The NBA betting odds say the Heat, Spurs, and the Kings. The Sixers want to get it done on draft night.

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Ben Simmons Watch 7/18

The Ben Simons watch is getting quiet, but the rumor mill is always moving. It gets more interesting when you read all about the other disgruntled players in the NBA, like Damian Lillard, Kemba Walker, and Bradley Beal, just to name a few. Here is a good breakdown.

The Ben Simmons betting odds are always changing so if you want a true idea of where he may play next season, you may want to follow along. 

Ben Simmons Watch 7/14

With all of the buzz surrounding Ben Simmons yesterday, you may have believed there would be more noise today. But the opposite has happened. Teams are backing out or at least taking superstars off the table.

This is not a surprise as the 76ers have to deal with the lowball deals since Simmons went out so poorly to end the year. The odds still point to other teams (see below) to get the deal done.

Ben Simmons Watch 7/13

It is clear now that the Sixers are trading Ben Simmons. Now they have to play the game and make it look like they are not going to give him away.

The Sixers are looking for an All-Stra caliber player in return. With so many disgruntled superstars on different teams and the belief that Simmons can be “fixed”. This trade will happen. According to the odds at BetUS the Spurs and the Bulls are the favorites to trade for Simmons, but teams like Dallas and Portland are in the running.

Where will Ben Simmons play next Year? Guess and if you are right you can win! Make your prediction! 

7903 San Antonio Spurs     +300
7904 Chicago Bulls     +300
7905 Utah Jazz     +350
7906 Portland Trailblazers     +600
7907 Houston Rockets     +600
7912 Oklahoma City Thunder     +600
7913 Indiana Pacers     +900
7914 Washington Wizards     +1000
7916 Toronto Raptors     +1200
7917 Cleveland Cavaliers     +1200
7918 Dallas Mavericks     +800

Ben Simmons Watch 7/2

The Sixers have officially announced that they are working with Ben Simmons on his game and do not want to trade him. That will not stop other teams from trying.

Simmons will be traded, despite his poor post-season performance. This is a good offer, but the Sixers most likely declined because they know they may have better offers.

The 76ers odds on trading Simmons are very good, but where he may go is another question. The Pacers are on the big board as contenders, but teams like the Spurs and the Bulls still have the best chance. If you believe these odds.

7903 San Antonio Spurs     +300
7904 Chicago Bulls     +300
7905 Utah Jazz     +350
7906 Portland Trailblazers     +600
7907 Houston Rockets     +600
7912 Oklahoma City Thunder     +600
7913 Indiana Pacers     +900

Will the Sixers Make a Deal?

Trading Simmons seems to be an inevitable conclusion for this team. In-game seven Simmons had just five points, passed on an open layup, and set records for poor free-throw shooting.

He did own up for his poor performance, but the relationship is all but dead. If the odds are correct the Simmons trade will happen.

Ben Simmons Trade Odds

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It did not take long for basketball-betting sports outlets to post odds on where Ben Simmons may play next year if the Sixers decide to trade him.

7901 Yes     -300
7902 No     +200

According to the odds at BETUS, the San Antonio Spurs are the front runners to land Simmons in a deal. The Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls are next on the list. However, if you plan on betting on this deal, look at other sportsbooks, because some have the Portland Trailblazers as the favorite to get Simmons from the Sixers.

7903 San Antonio Spurs     +300
7904 Chicago Bulls     +300
7905 Utah Jazz     +350
7906 Portland Trailblazers     +600
7907 Houston Rockets     +600
7912 Oklahoma City Thunder     +600
7913 Indiana Pacers     +900
7914 Washington Wizards     +1000
7916 Toronto Raptors     +1200
7917 Cleveland Cavaliers     +1200

The odds pushing for Simmons to go to Portland may be inspired by comments made by Stephen A. Smith.

“[The 76ers should] try to get yourself somebody like CJ McCollum. Bring him to Philly, send Ben Simmons to Portland,” Smith said during Monday’s edition of First Take.

Rumors Running Rampant

Everyone is chiming in on Simmons and where he will play next season. Fans are firing up the trade machine and the results are hilarious.

NBA executives are adding fuel to the rumor mill fire by chiming in with chemistry issues with Embiid and comparisons.

“He’s not the perfect fit with Embiid,” the second NBA executive told HoopsHype. “Other players could complement Embiid better. Simmons is difficult to build a team around and is not good enough to be the central figure. I think the lack of free-throw shooting does hurt his value. I’d explore a trade. Guys like Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal are two levels better than Simmons.”

This story is going to be interesting to watch as the NBA season heads into the offseason. The Sixers may be selling cheap and there will be many teams interested in acquiring Simmons for the right price. This can change the “process” for Philadelphia. There is one thing that is almost guaranteed, Simmons will not be on the Sixers next year.

Hawks vs Sixers Game 7 Predictions

Hawks vs Sixers Game 7 Predictions: Ready For a Blowout?

The Atlanta Hawks and the Philadelphia 76ers have provided a very entertaining series. Although game one of the Western Conference Finals begins today, there is nothing like game seven. The winner will meet up with the Milwaukee Bucks in the Finals. The Hawks vs Sixers Game 7 predictions include a look at the latest news, odds, and the best bet for tonight’s game.

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Hawks vs Sixers Game 7 Odds and Trends

The Sixers opened as (-7) point favorites but that number has dropped and is closer to (-6) as we approach game time. The basketball betting public believes that this point spread is too big. Over 65% of the bets are on Atlanta to make this a game.

The public is betting on the Hawks because they have been a cash cow in the NBA playoffs. The Hawks are 9-4 against the spread (ATS) in the last 13 games overall and they are 8-0 ATS in the last eight games on Sunday, but they will be shorthanded.

Fight Fallout

In the last game, the Sixers and the Hawks were involved in a scrum and the NBA issued fines and suspensions prior to game seven.

This is not a huge blow to the Hawks team, but it is noteworthy when trying to pick a winner ATS in game seven.

Hawks vs Sixers Game 7 Predictions

The Hawks are done. They have no energy and they do not have the experience to win this game. Trae Young and John Collins provide the Hawks with a bright future, but not this year. The betting line looks too big, so it is tempting to take Atlanta, but the Hawks are just 3-7 ATS in the last 10 road games.

The Hawks have no answer for Joel Embiid. He only stops himself. To make matters worse for Atlanta, this is a statement game for Ben Simmons. The 76ers are 9-4 ATS in the last 13 games as chalk and they win in a blowout today.

Bet on the Sixers -6.5 in game 7  

England vs Scotland Predictions

UEFA Euro 2020: England vs Scotland Predictions

The 2020 UEFA European Championship is living up to the hype. With great storylines, incredible goals, and fantastic matchups, it is dominating the summer scene. The ultimate betting guide gives an excellent review of the teams, groups, and the overall projected winner.

Recap and Look Ahead

In the opener, England won a close match against Croatia. Scotland was not so lucky as they opened up with a loss. This does not mean that England is overlooking the match against Scotland. The win for England was so big, that there may actually be some letdown. How big was the win?

“That is such a good game in the history of English football,” Captain Harry Kane said of that 2-0 Wembley win.

That’s right, it is a historic win. That is important because England is in a rare situation after such a big win in the opener. The game against Scotland may be just as important.

Ticket to the Knockout Stages

If England can win, they can secure qualification for the knockout stages on Friday. However, Scotland is desperate to avoid defeat after losing 2-0 to the Czech Republic in the opener. Scotland will unleash John McGinn and Scott McTominay and push every play. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

England vs Scotland Predictions

England may be the better squad, but they will have trouble recovering from such an impressive win against Croatia. Scotland will attack early and this will force England to play a different style than they are used to. Asking Scotland to pull off the outright victory may be too much to ask, but there is another way to bet on this team.

How to bet on England vs Scotland: Scotland +1.5 goals (-129)

Scotland has key concerns with injuries, but this is the game where they can pull off the upset. They were nervous in the opener since it was the  Scots’ first international tournament since ’98, so the can now focus on this match.

Where to Bet 

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Stephon Gilmore Trade

Patriots Stephon Gilmore Odds, Rumors and the Team to Watch

The New England Patriots have a problem. They have Stephon Gilmore, who is arguably one of the best defenders in the National Football League, but it’s time for him to move on. Gilmore has a difficult contract and he wants an extension. The Patriots know that if they are going to trade him, know is the time. Unfortunately, for Patriot fans, the team had to part ways with Gilmore. According to the odds, there is one team that is the favorite to sign him.

Here is a timeline of what got us to this point in the Gilmore saga.

Gilmore a Panther

It’s official,. Gilmore is now a member of the Carolina Panthers. The news broke today as the Panthers add another big name on defense.

Update Patriots Part Ways with Gilmore

In stunning news, the Patriots and Gilmore are parting ways. The updated odds on where he will play next may just surprise you.

Where does Gilmore Go?

When healthy Gilmore is one of the best players in the league. Many teams will be pushing to sign the superstar. Several teams like the Saints, Packers and Seahawks are on the odds list. But our prediction will be they he heads out West and signs with the LA Rams. This will make the Rams the best defensive team in the league and a favorite to win the Super Bowl. 

Older news and the timeline for Gilmore and the Patriots (below)

All Signs Point to Gilmore Staying with the Patriots

The latest news on NFL superstars Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson suggests that they may be playing elsewhere next season, there is one star that looks like he is staying with his team. All signs point to Stephon Gilmore staying with the New England Patriots.

Sportsbooks Are Betting on it

The latest odds from BetUS have the Patriots as BIG FAVORITES to get Gilmore. Some other sportsbooks, like MyBookie, have removed all odds on Gilmore. *Get a 125% bonus, when you sign up today!*

Reports Show It

The latest NFL reports suggest that Gilmore is going to sign with the Patriots and it will be as early as this week.

Mike Reiss – Cornerback Stephon Gilmore didn’t report to mandatory minicamp, and while some holdouts can become acrimonious, my sense on Gilmore’s mindset is different. He seems to enjoy being a Patriot, is open to sticking around, and this was his least-expensive-but-most-decisive way of sparking more productive contract talks with the team, so he can feel better about being part of New England’s present and future.

And in what has become a time-honored tradition in Boston, we have a player sighting report.

While this technically confirms nothing, all signs point to Gilmore staying with New England.

Cutting Out on Camp

The Patriots and Gilmore are miles apart on a contract extension. The first line that was drawn in the sand happened today. Gilmore did not show up for the mandatory minicamp.

But there are many that believe Gilmore deserves to be paid and he should be part of this team if they want to win another championship.

Just Ask Bill

If you want clarity on this situation all you have to do is ask Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

He should really teach a master class on how to avoid answering any question because he is awesome at it.

Gilmore Trade Destinations

If the Patriots do trade Gilmore, where will he end up? It depends on what you read and where you look. According to the odds at MyBookie, these teams are the favorites to land Gilmore in a trade.

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Tennessee Titans

The Titans swallowed a lot of cash to get Julio Jones, so it is clear they are all in this season. Opening up the doors for Gilmore makes sense. They have the offense but need to bolster the defense.

Dallas Cowboys

The money will be an issue. However, the Cowboys need defense and this will drastically improve a secondary that is one of the worst units in the league. It may seem like a long shot, but if anyone can get this deal done it is Jerry Jones.

LA Rams

Jalen Ramsey made it very clear that he is a very big fan of Gilmore. Ramsey took to social media to recruit Gilmore to LA with the hopes of getting another ring.

The Rams are not afraid to give away picks to get a player, but this may be a difficult fit. The Patriots have a $16.2 million dollar cap hit, so this move is more about money than anything else. This is a perfect fit, but unlikely.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks want Gilmore and he is surely a difference-maker. The team already proved that they will overpay for secondary help and Gilmore is an upgrade for a team that has secondary issues. Alongside Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs, Gilmore will make Seattle the best [ass defense in the league. This is needed in a division that features the Rams. Seattle is a perfect location to rent Gilmore for a year and give up a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick.

Stephon Gilmore Next Landing Predictions

Gilmore is not going to stay on the Patriots. He is holding out for an extension and that is not something that the Patriots will give him. Now it is all about finding the right team to take on the money or offer up the picks.

That team is Seattle

After rumors of Russell Wilson being unhappy, the Seahawks showed that they want to please their best player. The prediction is that Seattle will get Gilmore on a one-year rental deal in exchange for a 2nd round pick in the future. Anything can happen and the Patriots will search for the best deal. However, Seattle is a perfect place for Gilmore.

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How to Bet Suns vs Lakers Game Six

How to Bet Suns vs Lakers Game Six

The Los Angeles Lakers are in trouble and they are now in a must-win situation. This series has been a rollercoaster affair for both teams. In game one, the Suns pulled off the upset, and the Lakers responded. When it looked like the Lakers were going to take charge, it was the Suns that won. Then everyone believed LeBron James was going to take over when Anthony Davis was sidelined with an injury and the Lakers were embarrassed. It’s easy to be questioning how you will approach the next game. This is what you need to know when you bet Suns vs Lakers.

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Suns vs Lakers Game Six Odds

The Lakers started out as small 3 point favorites and that number is shrinking. The Lakers are now just 2 point favorites and that is a complete overreaction to the loss in game five. This is when you need to look ahead and not look back. The sports betting public jumped on the Suns in this game as 71 percent of the bets are on Phoenix. This is weird considering that the Suns are 1-4-1 against the spread (ATS) in the last six road games. That is a big mistake.

How to Bet Suns vs Lakers Game Six

The best way to bet on this game is to avoid the obvious. You want to bet on the Suns because the Lakers have looked so bad. Anthony Davis is hobbling, LeBron is hurting, but that is not the right way to bet on this game. Take the Lakers and bet them now. The Suns may be the better team, but this belongs to LA. They are at home and they are facing elimination. The minute that everyone gives up on a team is the minute you should bet on that team.

People doubt LeBron James. They are second-guessing his legacy and his ability. Although Father Time will catch everyone, it will not be in game six.

Bet Now: Lakers -2

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Lakers vs Suns Game 5 Picks

Lakers vs Suns Game 5 Picks: Don’t Count out LeBron James

The LA Lakers are in trouble. Or at least that is what everyone wants you to think. The Suns won the last game in LA and the series is knotted at 2 games apiece. Anthony Davis is hurting and the Lakers look vulnerable. The “experts” have spoken and the Lakers vs Suns Game 5 predictions are pointing towards the Suns. You can bet on the Suns if you want, but I will not bet against LeBron James with his back against the wall.

Lakers vs Suns Game 5 Odds

The point spread can tell a story in any game and it most certainly does in this one. The Suns are 5 point favorites against the Lakers. I do realize that the Suns are at home and the Lakers will be hurting without Anthony Davis, but five points??

That’s a big number. I can bet on the best player in basketball and the best team in basketball and get points? The Suns were favored in game one and it looked too good to be true, but this game is different.

Overreaction to the Action

This point-spread is high for two reasons. One, the Suns had a big win in LA, and two the Anthony Davis injury. In fact, the spread opened up at 4.5 and moved to 5 as the public started to bet against the Lakers. The Lakers are now underdogs to win this series.

This will not last. The Lakers and LeBron are a favorite of the basketball betting public, so your best bet is to bet it right now.

Leave it to LeBron

There may be another team in the west that can beat the Lakers, but it’s not Phoenix. LeBron is at his best when his back is against the wall. He cannot do it alone, but he does know how to get the best out of his teammates. As a leader, he is going to get this team to stand up and play to the best of their ability without AD. The Lakers are a perfect 4-0 against the spread (ATS) in the last four games after a loss. They know how to respond to adversity.

Missing Links

The Lakers need Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Montrezl Harrell to show up. The numbers show it as his +9.3 net rating is something that the Lakers need right now. Marc Gasol is an efficient and smart veteran that can pick his shots and provide a big body that can open up the paint and score. This was clear with his performance in game four when he shoots above 40 percent from the floor.

NBA teams rise to the occasion when they know they will be without a key contributor.  With Davis, most likely out of the lineup, several Laker players will step in to help. LeBron will make sure that it will happen.

Lakers vs Suns Game 5 Picks

This may be one of the finest performances that we have ever seen by LeBron James. The Suns still have an ailing Chris Paul that they have to be concerned with. Although the Suns are off a win, they are just 2-5-1 ATS in the last eight games overall and 1-3-1 ATS as a favorite. Just when the Suns get comfortable, the Lakers will show why they are the defending champions.