JJ Watt Odds

JJ Watt Odds: Where Will Watt Play next Season?

This NFL off-season is going to be incredible. Big-name quarterbacks like Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson, and Carson Wentz may be switching teams. But it’s not all about the quarterbacks. There are running backs and defensive players that can change the landscape of the league by switching teams. The JJ Watt odds suggest that he will be on a new team next season, but where will he end up?

This article is updated with the latest news, rumors, and information. Check back for the latest rumors, updates, and odds! 

Update Mar 1, 2021

It’s official JJ Watt is no longer a free agent. Here are all the details you need to know. 

This is an under-the-radar move by Watt and it will make the NFC West even more challenging. Because of this move the odds for the Cardinals to win the division, the conference, and the Super Bowl have drastically changed.  See the latest odds on Arizona. 

Update Feb 24, 2021

If you believe the latest reports, JJ Watt will not be joining the rest of his talented family on the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the question still remains, where will he go? If you believe the latest reports it is down to just a few teams.

The odds are still giving love to the Browns who are still in the running although they were not mentioned in the report. If you want some extreme value, I suggest a bet on the Titans +1000. Watt has connections in Tennessee and they are a contender.

But other reports suggest it’s still up in the air and everyone is involved.

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Update Feb 20, 2021

The JJ Watt rumors have started to quiet down, but that will not stop the Bills Mafia from trying to recruit Watt to head North.

The odds suggest that it is not going to happen. As much as Watt and his wife may love Buffalo wings, the favorites to land his services are still the Steelers, Packers, and yes, the Browns.

Update Feb 16, 2021

The odds are constantly changing and JJ Watt to the Browns is real. Very real. Just look at the odds.

Bet Now Bet Cleveland Browns -125
Bet Green Bay Packers +500
Bet Pittsburgh Steelers +550
Bet Buffalo Bills +700
Bet Tampa Bay Buccaneers +750

That is an incredible jump in the odds. Sportsbooks only do that when the don’t want to lose money.

Update Feb 15, 2021

If you believe the latest sports betting odds on where JJ Watt will play next season, Buffalo has a shot. A few days ago, odds were not available for Buffalo and now they are near the top of the list.

See the odds Bet here Pittsburgh Steelers +250
Bet here Buffalo Bills +400
Bet here Green Bay Packers +400
Bet here Cleveland Browns +500
Bet here Tampa Bay Buccaneers +550

Update Feb 14, 2021

Quarterbacks get all the looks and a player like Cam Newton is always entertaining but the focus is on defense right now. The JJ Watt saga continues as fans and players are reaching out to Watt to try and entice him to play with their team. In what now has become a tradition, fans are out donating to a good cause to honor Watt and his time in Houston.

That is wonderful news, but when it comes to Watt’s next team, there was even bigger news and it came from a current player. In fact, it was more than one player and they are calling on Watt to go to Buffalo.

Everywhere you look to include the latest odds, the preferred and expected landing spot for Watt is the Steelers, but that is slowly changing. The Buffalo Bills are now on the odds board as a team that is interested and the Jets are rising up the board as a contender in the Watt sweepstakes.

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Update Feb 12, 2021

That didn’t take long. Earlier today JJ Watt announced his time with the Texans was over. Soon after that, the odds on his next team were released. Then shortly after that, they changed. In some cases, drastically.

Update Feb 12, 2021

It’s official. The Houston Texans and JJ Watt have parted ways. The NFL trade rumors are heating up and they all are surrounding where Watt will play next.

The Texans still say that they want to keep Deshaun Watson on the team, but after letting Watt go, that seems unlikely. Now that Watt will have a new team, the sportsbooks are posting odds on where he will play next.

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BET HERE 207203 Pittsburgh Steelers +150
207204 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +200
207212 Green Bay Packers +500
207207 Baltimore Ravens +700
207208 Dallas Cowboys +1000
207213 Los Angeles Rams +1200
207205 New England Patriots +1200
207211 Cleveland Browns +1400
207206 Miami Dolphins +1400
207209 New York Giants +1600
207210 Tennessee Titans +1800

It will be interesting to see where Watt goes next considering the multitude of teams that are interested in bringing in a defensive superstar.

Houston Texans

JJ Watt is an icon in Houston. He is a legend in the league and one of the best players to play on this team. Not to mention he is an all-around good guy, but let’s face it this team is in a complete rebuild. They are going to lose Watson and they might as well get something for Watt while they can.


New England Patriots

Is it me or are the Patriots one of the first teams connected to every player that is available? Patriot’s nation is out in full force and they already believe that getting Watt is more than a possibility, but a reality.


Pittsburgh Steelers

This destination will get a lot of traction. Especially since J.J.’s little brothers Derek and T.J. Watt are already on the roster. From a family standpoint, this is an ideal situation.

He has a cap-friendly deal and may actually be a candidate to head to the Steel City.

Green Bay Packers

Watt has a connection to Wisconsin and this is a team that was one game away from the Super Bowl. The Packers need to show Aaron Rodgers that they are willing to add pieces so the team will win now and Watt is the perfect fit.

Rodgers is very persuasive, so do not be surprised if Watt lands in Green Bay.

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