Midweek Mayhem: Ball State vs. Bowling Green Predictions

Ball State vs. Bowling Green Predictions

Midweek college football is awesome and Tuesday nights are great, but the games get better on Wednesday. In the rollercoaster ride that has been the 2023 season, both Ball State and Bowling Green have found themselves in some intriguing twists and turns. Ball State, after a rocky start with a brutal non-conference schedule, finally celebrated their first triumph over an FBS opponent against Central Michigan. It was a sweet victory, especially considering the challenges they faced against powerhouses like Kentucky, Georgia, and Georgia Southern. The Cardinals, despite early setbacks against Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, and Toledo, are showing signs of a comeback. They came tantalizingly close to defeating the Rockets in an intense home showdown before finally breaking the losing streak in their latest clash with the Chippewas.

Buying Ball State?

Two wins, one game, and a truckload of action! The Cardinals managed to snatch a sweet victory in their previous showdown, putting up 24 points against Central Michigan and securing a seven-point lead. Marquez Cooper was on fire, running 26 times for 162 yards and even spicing it up with a touchdown. However, the season hasn’t been all sunshine and touchdowns for Ball State. They’ve been averaging a modest 16.1 points per game while their defense has shown a tendency to play Santa, generously gifting opponents 29 points per game. Offense-wise, they’ve snagged the 129th spot in the league, and on the defensive end, they’re flexing their skills at 97th place. Will Ball State bring the party to Bowling Green, or will they need more tricks up their sleeves?

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Bowling Green by the Numbers

Let’s talk about numbers, folks! The Falcons have been like magicians, making total yards disappear on their offense, ranking -118-worst in the last three games, with just 242.3 yards per game. But hold the phone. Because on the flip side, their defense has been a real superhero. Holding their opponents to just 291.0 total yards during that stretch, earning them a cool 24th-best rank.

Now, onto points. The Falcons’ offense has been about as lively as a snail race, ranking -31-worst in the entire FBS, putting up only 21.7 points per game in the last three matchups. However, their defense has been a tough cookie to crack, sitting at 52nd place with 18.3 points allowed per game.

Don’t Pass Go

Now, when it comes to passing, Bowling Green’s offense has been struggling like a fish out of water. They’re -126-worst, barely making a ripple with 77.3 passing yards per game over their last three outings. But fear not, their defense has been holding down the fort. Allowing 158.3 passing yards per game, landing them at the 37th spot. It’s time to see if Bowling Green’s air game can take flight. Or if their defense can continue to be the sky marshals of this showdown!

The Betting Angle

Alright, folks, let’s cut to the chase. Based on these stats, it’s clear both teams have had their struggles and moments of glory. Ball State seems to be picking up some steam after a big win against Central Michigan, but Bowling Green’s defense has shown some grit.

As for the betting angle, it might be wise to keep an eye on the total points. With Ball State’s offense sputtering and Bowling Green’s defense holding its ground, we might be in for a lower-scoring affair. So, if you’re leaning towards a bet, consider the under on total points.

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