NFL Preseason Week 1 picks: Packers vs Bengals predictions

NFL Preseason Week 1 picks: Packers vs Bengals predictions

The first week of the NFL preseason is here and after two games on Thursday, the NFL delivers multiple games for the Friday night slate. After picking a winner last night, the focus will turn to two games tonight starting with the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Why Betting on the NFL preseason may be difficult (but profitable)

Betting on the NFL preseason presents a unique challenge due to its unpredictable nature, with starters seeing limited playing time and various strategies being employed by coaches. However, this complexity can also yield profitable opportunities for astute bettors. In-depth research, combined with a keen understanding of team dynamics, player development, and training camp performance, allows bettors to identify hidden value and capitalize on misjudgments by oddsmakers. While navigating the preseason requires a more nuanced approach, those who invest time in analyzing team compositions and following the latest reports can position themselves to secure profitable outcomes amid the uncertainty.

Packers vs Bengals predictions

This seems like an easy game to bet on because the Packers have Jordan Love looking to impress as the new face of the franchise. On the other side, the Bengals are without Joe Burrow due to injury. However, the preseason is not all about wins and losses for many teams. Packers coach Matt LaFleur could care less about the preseason and his record is 3-7 in the preseason. The Packers are going through the motions in this game. The Bengals are preparing for life without QB Joe Burrow and need to make sure the depth chart is ready. Take the Bengals and the points.

Bet on the Cincinnati Bengals +3.5

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Bonus Bet: Steelers vs Buccaneers

Mike Tomlin is a masterful coach and his team is always ready to win, even in the preseason. However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lot to prove. They have a quarterback battle that starts with Baker Mayfield. Mayfield has a big chip on his shoulder and he has to perform well to win over the fans and secure the starting job. The important factor to consider is the weather.

The Steelers will wilt in the humidity in a game that doesn’t matter and the Bucs will win the game.

Bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3


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