NFL Preseason Week 2 2021 Picks Against the Spread For Saturday

NFL Preseason Week 2 2021 Picks Against the Spread For Saturday

Making winning picks in the NFL is never easy. This is especially true in the preseason. Players and game plans can change instantly without warning. But, if you put in the time and hard work you may be able to pick a few winners.  We started off the week with an easy winner with the Patriots and the Chiefs. but now it is time to cover the week 2 NFL schedule for Saturday and deliver the NFL Preseason Week 2 2021 Picks.

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Saturday, August 21

Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears

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The big news in this game is that Mitch Trubisky is going to get some playing time against the Bears. The Bills will go out of their way to make sure he has a decent outing. And the fans will look forward to it.

However, the Bears are deeper especially at QB since Andy Dalton has something to prove after the comments that he made earlier this week.

Bet on the Bears -5


New York Jets at Green Bay Packers

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The Jets seem serious about winning in the preseason. The Packers? Not so much. Jordan Love is unlikely to play and you know Green Bay wants to keep Aaron Rodgers healthy. Zach Wilson will add to his impressive debut with another quality outing and that makes the Jets, the best bet in this game.

Bet on the Jets -2.5


Baltimore Ravens at Carolina Panthers

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As I said in week one, don’t bet against Jim Harbaugh and the Ravens in the preseason. All they do is win and they are going to break a record for consecutive victories if they win this game against the Panthers. Let’s not make it hard.

Bet on the Ravens -3.5

Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The joint practices have been fun to watch as these two teams are getting feisty. Bucs WR Antonio Brown was thrown out of practice and they had four brawls during the joint practices. That is the mentality of the Titans who play hard every time out. This includes the preseason.

Bet on the Titans PK


Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Ravens get credit for a successful preseason, but what about the Steelers? Mike Tomlin is 11-3 in his last 14 games. But, the Lions need a successful outing in this contest. The Steelers have had a good preseason and will be looking past this game as they focus on the start of the season. The Steelers still win, but it’s close.

Bet on the Lions +6.5

Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings

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Don’t let last week influence how you bet this week. The Vikings rested everyone and got crushed, so it’s easy to fade them this week against the Colts. But it also can be a sign of how Mike Zimmer is treating the new preseason schedule. The Colts have announced that they will play most of their starters in this game. The Colts are more interested in this game and therefore the bet to make.

Bet on the Colts +2.5


Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins

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Not many people may have noticed it, but the Dolphins are in trouble. The offensive line is not getting the job done and the rushing game is struggling to find a lead back. The Falcons may not have had a good offensive outing, but Calvin Ridley is looking sharp in practice. In fact, the Falcons looked like the much better team in joint practices and that will show in this game.

Bet on the Falcons +5


Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys

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Bad teams play well in the preseason. We mentioned that a week ago when the Texans were small dogs against the Packers. They are just over an FG underdog against the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy does not care about winning. He is 2-4 in the last 6 preseason games and the Cowboys treat this as a walkthrough and the Texans treat this as the Super Bowl.

Bet on the Texans +3.5


Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams

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The Rams and the Raiders spent the week brawling during joint practices ahead of their nationally televised showdown. The Rams treat preseason like a practice. They have already lost top starters to injury and they don’t want to lose any more players in a meaningless game. Sean McVay has never had a winning record in the preseason. Meanwhile, Jon Gruden is 7-2 in the preseason and has not had a losing record in the exhibition since 2006. This spread is high for a reason.

Bet on the Raiders -6.5


Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks

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The Broncos had the best performance of any team in week one of the preseason. They have Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater fighting for the starting job and the public is buying in on Denver. But this spread has jumped too many points since the opening line. The value is on Seattle and they are 11-5 against the spread in the last 16 games as an underdog. Bet the birds.

Bet on the Seahawks +5

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