NFL Week 17 Picks against the spread for every game

NFL Week 17 Picks against the spread for every game

As the NFL regular season barrels toward its climax, Week 17 is upon us, offering a dazzling array of matchups and implications for playoff contention. With the New Year’s countdown approaching, football fans are gearing up for a final regular-season feast. Dive into this week’s breakdown of every game, including picks against the spread, to unravel the thrilling gridiron narratives set to unfold on the last day of the year.

Rams vs Giants: Giants +6

The Rams are strutting in hot, but this Big Apple rendezvous smells like a distraction. The Giants might not sling a victory, but they’ve got the gusto to keep this showdown tight.

49ers vs Commanders: 49ers -14

The Commanders can’t decide who’s on quarterback duty, which is bad news when facing an irate 49ers squad fresh off a loss. It’s a recipe for a one-sided smackdown.”

Raiders vs Colts: Colts -3.5

The Raiders have a knack for surprise wins, but consistency isn’t their strong suit. Indy’s hometown advantage and playoff thirst will be too much. Colts are claiming this one.

Cardinals vs Eagles: Eagles -12.5

The Cardinals are nursing a bad case of ‘checked-out-itis,’ while the Eagles are hungry to regain their winning groove. Philly’s ready to soar, and the Cards won’t stop them.

Saints vs Buccaneers: Saints +2.5

Hold your horses, Baker fans! The Saints pack a better punch overall. Carr’s got the arm to rattle the Bucs, making room for some Saints’ ground dominance. My money’s on the Saints.

Falcons vs Bears: Bears -2.5

The Bears are on a mission to spruce up Fields for the trade market. Plus, that Panthers’ first-rounder is too tempting. Meanwhile, the Falcons have their eye on a new coaching gig.

Panthers vs Jaguars: Panthers +3.5

The Jaguars are hobbling towards the end, and minus Lawrence, they’re in no mood for a battle. Panthers are still clawing for victory and snag this one.”

Dolphins vs Ravens: Ravens -3.5

Missing Mostert and Waddle for the Dolphins is like taking the wind out of their sails. Ravens are eyeing that home-field advantage and victory – MVP vibes and Super Bowl dreams.


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Titans vs Texans
Titans +3.5

The Titans might not have much at stake, but with murmurs about Derrick Henry’s tenure, they’re still playing for pride. The Texans welcome CJ Stroud back, but expect the Titans to keep this one tight.

Patriots vs Bills
Bills -14.5

Patriots had their moment last week, but the Bills are cooking up a revenge storm. They’re eyeing a grand send-off for Belichick and plan to serve the Pats their season’s worst loss. Big win for the Bills incoming.

Steelers vs Seahawks
Seahawks -3.5

The Mason Rudolph tale ends here – the Steelers face a robust Seahawks squad, 12th man in tow. It’s a long road to disappointment for the Steelers against a healthy Seattle team.

Bengals vs Chiefs
Chiefs -6.5

The Chiefs, fueled by Pacheco’s return, are looking to right their offensive wrongs. There’s something about the Bengals in their stadium that gets the Chiefs fired up. Swift moves lead to a Kansas City victory.

Chargers vs Broncos
Chargers +3

Disarray in Denver spells trouble. Rumors of discontent and Easton Stick’s growing comfort in the Chargers’ system make for a promising road win for Los Angeles.

Packers vs Vikings
Packers +1.5

Vikings’ desperation meets Packers’ health. With QB shifts and injuries plaguing Minnesota, the Packers are all set to shut the playoff door on the Vikings with a confident win.

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