NFL Week 4 Picks for every game: Battling the Spread with Swagger!

NFL Week 4 Picks: Battling the Spread with Swagger!

In the thrilling spectacle that is the NFL, every week unfolds like a grand theatrical performance. But if you’re keen to turn your passion for football into some extra cash, you’ll want the inside scoop on each matchup. Fear not, for we bring you a full slate of Week 4 action, complete with our winning picks against the spread. 🏈💰

Falcons vs Jaguars: London Awakens!

The early London kickoff, adorned with a Toy Story theme, promises entertainment galore. The Jags enjoy the comforts of home-field advantage, but are they the sure bet here? Nope, the Falcons have a good mix of offense and defense and are the winner in the early game.

Our Pick: Falcons +3

Rams vs Colts: Curious Favorites?

Hold on, the Colts are the favorites? Despite toppling the Ravens and the return of rookie QB Anthony Richardson, they wear the favored mantle. We raise an eyebrow. But it’s for good reason, the Colts have a team with a chip on their shoulder and they win big at home.

Our Pick: Colts -1

Commanders vs Eagles: A Rookie’s Trial

Last week, Sam Howell had a harsh introduction to the NFL, and he’ll need to grow up fast facing the Eagles. While the Eagles are fresh off a short week, their fearsome defensive line could wreak havoc on the Commanders’ O-line. But it’s a divisional game and the Commanders have something to prove. On a short week, the Eagles will struggle and this game is close.

Our Pick: Commanders +8

Broncos vs Bears: The Battle of Desperation

Ah, the beauty of two teams in dire need of a win. Expect personnel changes before the season’s end, but who comes out on top here? This game is ugly, but the Broncos are in desperate need of a win after that embarrassing loss.

Our Pick: Broncos -3

Buccaneers vs Saints: Saints’ Carr-Deprived Challenge

The Saints seemed destined for division glory, but the loss of Derek Carr for a few weeks put their plans on hold. Now, they must face a Tampa Bay team that started hot but tripped against the Eagles. The Saints are too good on defense and Winston has a score to settle against Tampa Bay.

Our Pick: Saints -3.5

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Ravens vs Browns: A Game of Injuries

The Browns’ defense has been red-hot, but this game hinges on the injury report. The Ravens were hit hard, with nine starters sidelined last week, while the Browns worry about Deshaun Watson’s ailing shoulder. The Brown’s defense is dominant and they will go down as one of the bets ever. Cleveland needs this win at home and they get it.

Our Pick: Browns -2.5

Vikings vs Panthers: Pressure Cooker Showdown

With Bryce Young set to return, the Panthers face off against the winless Vikings. Pressure mounts as both Kirk Cousins and Jefferson express the urgency of clinching that elusive first win. This is a trap game and they are begging everyone to bet on the Vikings, so we go Panthers.

Our Pick: Panthers +3.5

Steelers vs Texans: CJ Stroud’s Trial

CJ Stroud’s Texans are off to a fiery start, but they’ll encounter a fearsome pass rush in the form of the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the Steeler’s offense is awful and they cannot put together a complete game. The Texans get a big win at home!

Our Pick: Texans +2.5

Dolphins vs Bills: Clash of Titans!

It’s the game of the day, folks! Fresh off a 70-point win, the Dolphins take on the Bills, their fiercest AFC East rivals. Dive into our full write-up for this colossal showdown with our free pick against the spread. Check it out in the article! 📈

Bengals vs Titans: The Great Unknown

What should we expect from the Bengals? Joe Burrow’s injury has put a dent in their game. The Titans haven’t exactly wowed this season, but their defense could keep this game close. The Titans go back to the run dominate the clock and get the close, low-scoring win.

Our Pick: Titans +2.5

Raiders vs Chargers: Raiders’ Turmoil

The Raiders find themselves in a whirlwind of troubles – quarterback injuries, inconsistency, and even off-field controversies. But are they really this bad? The Chargers may be messy but not to that extent. The Chargers offense is off to a historic start that continues in this double-digit win.

Our Pick: Chargers -5.5 


Cardinals vs 49ers: Upset Afterglow?

Fresh from their colossal upset over the Cowboys, the Cardinals embark on another double-digit underdog journey against the 49ers, arguably one of the NFL’s finest. But the 49ers are focused and now will be ready to avoid a similar upset. This game gets ugly early.

Our Pick: 49ers -14

Patriots vs Cowboys: A Shadow of Former Glory

This matchup carries a sense of melancholy. Two once-proud franchises now grappling to regain their former glory. The Patriots squeaked out an unsightly win against the Jets, while the Cowboys, wounded from a loss to the Cardinals, seek redemption on home turf. This is a get-well game for the Cowboys with a great matchup.

Our Pick: Cowboys -6

Buckle up, NFL fans! Week 4’s gridiron battles promise thrills, spills, and more than a few surprises.

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