Super Bowl LVII odds for Chiefs-Eagles

Super Bowl LVII odds for Chiefs-Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are the only teams remaining in the National Football League. For the biggest game of the year, sports betting enthusiasts eagerly awaited the release of the Super Bowl LVII odds.

Opening Super Bowl LVII odds

The first point spread for this game is different based on where you bet. Many of the sportsbooks had the Eagles as favorites, but a few outlets had the Eagles as small favorites. When the dust settled, Philadelphia was the favorite and that line has moved from Philly -1.5 all the way up to Eagles -2.5. My favorite sportsbook has the Eagles favored by -2.

Do you bet on the Super Bowl early?

The answer is yes. If the point spread is what you like, bet that team now. This betting line will change with two weeks to go until the big game. If you bet it now, it will give you the flexibility to bet on the team you want and get the most value.

How do you bet on Super Bowl LVII?

There will be more information posted in the weeks ahead about this game. This is the time to research and bet when you see the odds that you like. Pay attention to all of the latest news and information and make your bet when the price is right.

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