2021 Alabama vs Ohio State Odds

2021 Alabama vs Ohio State Odds: Sharps vs Squares Betting Report

The 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship game will be one of the heaviest bet on games in history. The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Ohio State Buckeyes are two very popular teams that always attract heavy betting action. If you are going to exploit the 2021 Alabama vs Ohio State Odds, you have to watch the line movement and get the best number.

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2021 Alabama vs Ohio State Odds: Opening Numbers

Before the CFP semifinals, sportsbooks put out advanced spreads based on the potential matchups. The advanced line between Alabama and Ohio State was 11 points. That changed after the Buckeyes blew the doors off Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. The opening line was different at the major sportsbooks, but the consensus opening line was the Crimson Tide -7 with the Over/Under set at 76 points. It is that betting total that is catching the eye of the public bettors.

UPDATE: This spread is moving with all of the betting action leading up to game time. The spread can still be found at 8.5 or 9 at many of the popular betting sites. Alabama at one time was getting 61 percent of the bets, but that has dropped to 55 percent the day before the big game.

Who are the Squares Betting on?

The public bettors (also known as Squares) are betting the over in this game. It can’t get high enough for the public to get off this number. The total of 76 is the highest total for a championship game in the BCS and College Football Playoff eras. The public loves scoring and they love to see a high scoring game, so it’s only natural to want to root for points. Yet this total is dropping and can be found at 75 at many sportsbooks. This is an indication that the smart money is on the under.

UPDATE: The betting total is as low as 75, but it is creeping back up and the majority is at 75.5.

Who are the Sharps Betting on?

It is clear that the smart money (also known as Sharps) like the under in this game, but what about the side? The Crimson Tide are favorites, but that is no surprise considering that Alabama has been favored in 79 consecutive games. The public is betting on the Tide as 61 percent of the early betting action is on Alabama. That is pushing this line up to 8 points, with a few sportsbooks showing 8.5. Many smart handicappers stay away from games of this magnitude. It is clear that the few that are betting in this game believe that the value lies with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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