Antonio Brown to the Buccaneers

Antonio Brown Odds: What team signs AB?

The Antonio Brown odds are starting to heat up. After Cam Newton was signed by the Patriots, the focus then switched to Antonio Brown. Although the attention should be on what team will sign Colin Kaepernick, Brown is an intriguing target and many teams have interest.



UPDATE 10/23/2020

The Antonio Brown rumor wire is getting hot as everyone is speculation where he will play this year. The Ravens are all but ruled out (read below), but there are some other big names still in the mix. 

One team is going above and beyond to reach out to Brown as the Seattle Seahawks are publically saying that Brown will fit well in Seattle. This may be why Seattle is still the favorite to get Brown. But other teams are lurking on the NFL odds board as potential landing spots for Brown. SEE THE ODDS

UPDATE 10/22/2020

After the NFL world went crazy with the latest on Antonio Brown, now Dez Bryant is stealing all of the headlines. 

With the latest reports indicating that the Ravens are no longer interested in signing Antonio Brown, where does that leave Brown?

Here are the latest odds on the team that will sign Antonio Brown. Seattle is the front runner, but other teams on the list include the Saints, Patriots, and the Packers.


The NFL world was abuzz when news broke about Antonio Brown and teams that are vying for his playing time. 

Here is the problem. He still has other issues to deal with.

So what teams are the favorite to sign Brown? Sure it’s Seattle and even Baltimore, but there is another team that can get him and you will not see this coming. Here are the latest odds on the team that will sign Antonio Brown.


UPDATE: 9/25/2020

The rumors are continuing to swirl around Brown. The Houston Texans have become the latest team to reportedly be in the mix for Brown. 


Houston is in desperate need of a pass-catching threat, but there is still plenty of time before Brown can take the field once again. 

UPDATE: 9/20/2020

The latest news on Brown is that he is dealing with his legal issues. This is something that has to be done although he still has seven weeks on his suspension. But everyone wants to know where he may end up when he does take the field. The Ravens, Seahawks and Patriots are all possibilities. Although these teams are on the top of the rumor mill, our sources suggest there is another team to watch in the race for Brown. 

That team is the New Orleans Saints. The odds on what team Brown plays for includes the Saints who have shown interest in Brown in the past. With the injury to Michael Thomas, the Saints have to consider all options. Brown will be thrilled to join forces with a contender. 


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Antonio Brown suspended 8 games

The news on Brown keeps on changing and on the surface this looks like bad news, but it’s not.


Brown cannot play for eight games but this opens the door for teams to sign him. Brown will be on a team very soon, but what team? 

Brown and Brady together again?

The Antonio Brown odds have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the favorite to land the All-Pro. Brown to the Buccaneers may help Tom Brady in his quest to win a Super Bowl. The latest reports suggest that it may happen.

Bucs Not Buying Brown

Although it is fun to think about it doesn’t seem logical. The Bucs have plenty of talented wide receivers led by Mike Evans and they all have an incredible chemistry. Not to mention that the reports indicate, over and over again, the Buccaneers are not interested.

Best Landing Spot for Brown

The Buccaneers may not be interested but that does not mean that the discontented wide-out does not have teams that are interested. The first teams that come to mind are the Baltimore Ravens and the Seattle Seahawks.

Both have good coaches and they will be able to handle any distraction that signing Brown may bring to the team. The Seahawks and the Ravens are the best landing spot, but the Antonio Brown odds also show a few surprise teams in the mix.

Bringing Brown back?

The most notable rumor flying around is that Brown will be a great fit back in Foxboro with the Patriots. After signing Newton, Brown would be welcomed and the two super stars have been working out with one another. The wide-out raised a few eyebrows  by posting an Instagram photo of himself in a New England Patriots uniform with an alarm emoji as the caption. Brown racked up four catches, eight targets, 56 yards and one touchdown in his only game for Patriots.

Another long-shot is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have been longing for a stud wide out and AB will fit right in, if he can handle the pressure.
So what team is best fit for Brown?

It’s simple, Brown should sign with the New England Patriots.

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