Falcons Should Trade Julio Jones to Patriots

Falcons Should Trade Julio Jones to Patriots

The Atlanta Falcons and the Julio Jones are clearly parting ways this off season. Much like the Aaron Rodgers story, the Julio Jones and the Falcons saga has many twists and turns. One team that always emerges in the rumors is the New England Patriots. Although other teams are in the running, the Patriots are obviously the best fit.

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Farewell to the Falcons

The only thing that is for sure is that the Falcons are not an option for Jones. This is a shame because Jones is a legend in Atlanta and he will leave a long lasting legacy behind. It may be surprising to some, but Matt Ryan and Jones are the best QB/WR combo in the NFL.

However, it is clear that Jones wants out of Atlanta and according to reports he has selected two teams as his preferred destination. The New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans.

Odds Are Up in the Air

It is normal for sports betting odds to fluctuate when it comes to potential NFL trades and that is certainly the case with Julio Jones. It all depends on where you want to bet football. This sportsbook has the Titans (+350) as favorites to land Jones, but other sportsbooks have the Patriots (+300) as the favorites to make a trade with the Falcons.

Make Your Pick: Where will Julio Jones play next season?

Titans +350

Patriots +300

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If we judge it by player recruiting, the Titans have the edge.

Player Recruiting is Alive and Well

Once it was made public that Jones wanted out, Patriots and Titans players made a pitch to Jones. It all started with Titans RB Derrick Henry, but since then more players have chimed in.

Trent Brown started things for the Patriots and his tweet was “liked” by many current Patriots players who want to see Jones in New England.

However, no one is as aggressive on social media as Titans WR AJ Brown. Brown is sending plea after plea to Jones and as offered to change his number and let Julio “carry the load”.

Other teams are trying to recruit Jones, like the Philadelphia Eagles, but the Patriots and the Titans are the clear front runners.

Jones to the Patriots Is the Only Way

The Titans are pushing hard on social media to persuade Jones, but it is very unlikely. Recent reports indicate that Tennessee is a “long shot” to land Jones in a deal with Atlanta.

Enter Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Belichick loves the veteran wide receiver and he will be the perfect addition to a revamped offense. Jones becomes a deep threat that will stretch the field  and open things up for the rest of the offense. Jones reportedly wants to play with the Pats and will welcome a trade to New England, which will make the deal easier to make. After Signing Jonnu Smith, Hunter Henry, Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne, trading for Jones will be the icing on the cake.

Pats Have the Pieces

Although the Falcons still have nightmares from the Super Bowl against the Patriots, they will like what the Pats have to offer. The Patriots have the cap space to handle the contract, can afford to give up picks and have several big names that they could send to Atlanta to improve their team instantly. This includes players like N’Keal Harry, Jakobi Meyers, JC Jackson, Sony Michel and even Stephon Gilmore. This combination of talent and draft capitol will be too much for the Falcons to pass up.

Although the Titans, Browns, Colts, Raiders and 49ers are all rumored to be interested in Jones, when the dust settles, Jones will be in a member of the New England Patriots.


Julio Jones Trade

Julio Jones Trade: The Odds Point To This Team

The speculation around Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones has been swirling for years.  Jones is one of the best players that the Falcons have ever had, but it seems as though they are shopping the All-Pro wide receiver to the highest bidder. The chances for the Falcons to make a Julio Jones trade have recently increased and it looks inevitable. After a long wait, Julio Jones has been traded.

Julio Jones Update Traded to the Tennessee Titans

It’s official. The Atlanta Falcons will trade Julio Jones to the Titans. Although there are still some details to be worked out, Jones will be headed to the Titans.

Once the trade was announced, the Titans instantly became Super Bowl contenders. The Super Bowl odds have not changed at every sportsbook, so if you think that the Titans are contenders you can still bet on Tennessee at 40-to-1 to win the Super Bowl. Bet it now before it changes and collect a $1,000 bonus to bet! 

Julio Jones Update June 4th: 49ers a Front runner?

The Julio Watch continues and the rumors are still flying. At this stage in the negotiations teams have put in offers and other teams, like the Ravens, have dropped out. There are also a few teams that are talking about the process.

Some are suggesting that the team that is referenced in the above report is the San Francisco 49ers. Which makes sense.

The 49ers have always been a part of this conversation and Jones has a connection with 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. The Julio Jones odds did have the 49ers (+500) as one of the teams favored to make a deal. It is yet to be seen if they can get it done, but they are an intriguing team to watch.

Many of the sportsbooks have removed the odds for Julio Jones, which is an indication the trade will happen soon. Here is the last snapshot of the betting odds and the one team that was favored. 

Julio Jones Update June 3rd: Ravens are Out

Another day and all is quiet on the Julio Jones trade front. However, one team is no longer in the running for the veteran wide receiver. The Ravens are “Done” with trade talks surrounding Julio Jones.

The Patriots and the Titans are still considered the front runners according to reports and rumors.

As we mentioned yesterday, Many of the sportsbooks have removed the odds for Julio Jones, which is an indication the trade will happen soon. Here is the last snapshot of the betting odds and the one team that was favored. 

Julio Jones Update June 2nd: The Day After

Everyone thought Julio Jones would be traded on the first of the month, but it did not happen. Fans from every team came out on social media assuming that their team will be the one to get Jones. If the team cut salary (as most do on June 1st) they were included in the rumor mill. Teams that have no shot like the Bills and the Saints chimed in, but there are only a few serious offers on the table. 

But the sportsbooks have removed the odds for Julio Jones, which means he is going to be traded soon. Here was the last snapshot of the betting odds and the one team that was favored. 

Julio Jones Update May 30th: Everyone Going After Jones

The rumors about the Julio Jones trade are starting to heat up. The Rams and the Ravens are joining on on the conversation, but lately, it is the Titans that are reportedly the front runners to get Jones. However, we all know the team he is going to be traded to is the Patriots. 

But it doesn’t end there, there is another team jumping into the fray. The Seattle Seahawks are the latest team to contact Atlanta about Jones.

Can you imagine Russell Wilson leading an offense that has both DK Metcalf and Julio Jones? Wow. This comes out of nowhere.

According to the latest odds, the Seahawks are a long shot to get Jones, so if you want to bet on Seattle to get Jones, you can make some serious money betting here. 

The Seahawks may be serious, but the Patriots still have the best-reported offer on the table. And many sportsbooks are making the Patriots, the clear favorite to get Jones. The table below shows the latest sports betting odds on Jones. The Patriots are head and shoulders above all of the other teams in the league.

Julio Jones NFL Week #1 Team

Track and bet on where Julio Jones will play next by watching the odds here. 

Julio Jones Update May 24th: No to the Cowboys

The Julio Jones trade rumors and news are heating up. This time the source is as legit as it gets. Julio himself admitted two things live and on the air. 1. He is out of Atlanta and 2. He will not be playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

According to the latest Julio Jones odds, the Cowboys were not a strong candidate to land Jones. Although the odds at this sportsbook favored the Patriots as the favorite to get Jones in a trade, it depends on where you look.

Here is the most current look at the odds from BetUS. 

Tennessee Titans     +350
Indianapolis Colts     +375
Baltimore Ravens     +450
San Francisco 49ers     +550
New England Patriots     +550
Green Bay Packers     +750
Las Vegas Raiders     +900
Arizona Cardinals     +1000

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Update May 22

The Julio Jones rumors are swirling for sure. The Chargers and the Patriots are making some noise as teams that are high on Jones. Especially the Patriots as reports are surfacing that they are considering making a move for the veteran.

However, the odds have yet to change and other teams to include the Ravens, 49ers and Lions are still considered the favorites to get Jones in a trade.

Julio Jones Contract

If the Falcons are going to successfully trade Jones they are going to get someone who is willing to accept his massive contract. According to spotrac, Jones is currently playing on a 3-year $66M deal with $64M of that guaranteed. Jones is going to get his money, regardless of where he plays in the future.

Julio Jones Trade Odds

Everyone is speculating that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots will be the front runners to land Jones, but the odds disagree. Atlanta is still the favorite to keep him (-400), but other teams like the San Francisco 49ers (+250), Las Vegas Raiders (+333), and the Detroit Lions (+450) all have better odds than the Patriots (+550). The odds will fluctuate with the latest news and you can follow them here.

Heading to Nashville?

Like in the NBA, other players are trying to recruit Jones. Derrick Henry, the superstar running back of the Tennessee Titans has made it clear that his team needs to make a move.

If the Titans listen to King Henry, they are a solid bet right now at +1100 to deal for Jones. Jones is an asset for any team and that is certainly true for a Tennessee team that is off a successful season.

What’s It Going to Take?

Jones is off a sub-par year with just 51 catches, over 700 yards, and 3 scores. However, he did deal with a reoccurring hamstring issue that sidelined him most of the season. He is also 32-years-old and that could sway some teams away from trading for Jones. At a minimum, the Falcons will receive minimum draft picks, like in this trade scenario.

However, teams will have to wrestle with the salary cap (like the Chiefs) if they want to make a move. The Falcons will most likely request a No. 1 pick, but I wouldn’t count on that happening.

Who gets Julio?

The 49ers and the Falcons are interesting options, but it’s clear the Falcons will ship him for value. The 49ers already dumped draft picks in this year’s draft so it’s unlikely they do it for an older wideout. The Patriots, Chargers, and the Titans are also teams that will be in the mix. Belichick won’t dump major draft capital and the Titans will likely pass. That leaves two teams that will vie for Julio’s services, the Raiders, and the Colts. The Raiders are always looking for a big name to bring to Las Vegas and they have been linked to Jones before.

Gruden loves veteran wide receivers and a proven pass catcher would be an asset to the team. He will also help in the growth and development of young players like Henry Ruggs.  It won’t be easy but the one team that will trade for Julio Jones is the Las Vegas Raiders.