NFL Draft Props 2021

NFL Draft Props 2021: Place Your Bets

The NFL draft is one of the highlights of the offseason. The Super Bowl is over and all of the teams are on an equal level. Although trade rumors for big named players like Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson will dominate the headlines, the draft is the big event. The NFL draft props 2021 edition is focusing on the big names and the big picks and if you are going to bet, you have to choose your wagers wisely.

NFL Draft Props 2021 Odds

If you are looking for the biggest menu of NFL draft props, you can find them here. The odds and the betting options always change based on the latest news and rumors, so if you have a hunch you want to bet on, now is the time. Here are a few of the picks that have caught our eye. Bet on them now with this NFL draft betting bonus.

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Who Will be the 2nd Pick Overall?

Unless Urban Meyer is out of his mind, the Jacksonville Jaguars will select Trevor Lawrence with the first overall selection. So the obvious question is who will be selected second overall? BYU QB Zach Wilson is the favorite and getting all of the hype, but the newest “hot” name is Trey Lance. Will the Jets trade the pick? Plenty to think about as you make this bet.

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What about 3rd?

If you believe that Zach Wilson will not get selected with the 2nd overall pick, you can get Wilson at +600 to be drafted 3rd. However, if Wilson does go at No. 2, there is still plenty to choose from.

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How Many QB’s?

The quarterback position always dominates the draft and this year is no different. With the potential for two QB’s to be selected with the first two picks, this will be the position to watch again this year. Will there be more than 4.5 QB’s elected in the first round? The prop bets suggest it is a lock.

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The Draft Day Stunner You Did Not See Coming

Quarterbacks are the hot ticket, but the stock for each player will rise or fall based on the latest buzz. At the start of the draft the big name was Justin Fields who garnered praise, but the new hot name leading up to the draft is Trey Lance. Lance is connected with the Broncos, Panthers, and Patriots according to the latest rumors. The draft day stunner that you did not see coming is that Lance will be drafted before Fields in the 2021 NFL draft.

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