Russell Wilson Odds

Russell Wilson Odds: Will the Seahawks Make a Trade?

The NFL off-season up to this point is wild. The Houston Texans are crumbling after releasing JJ Watt and the ongoing Deshaun Watson drama. The Eagles are trying to sell Carson Wentz to the highest bidder and a surprising name has entered the headlines. Recent interviews make it very clear that quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks do not see eye-to-eye. But will the Seahawks make a trade? The Russell Wilson odds suggest that it can happen.

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Update Feb 27, 2021

The Russell Wilson rumors are at a fever pitch. Everywhere you look there is news about a rift between head coach Pete Carroll and Wilson and other news suggesting Russ wants to leave. Fans, other players, and the media are latching on to this news and running with it.

Before you think Wilson to the Cowboys is far-fetched, look at the latest odds and how they have changed from just a few days ago.

Russell Wilsons Team At The Start Of 2021 Season – See the complete odds list


And do not count out teams like the Bears who have a realistic chance of bringing Wilson to the Windy City.

This story is only going to get more interesting as we get closer to the NFL Draft, stay tuned for more rumors, reports, and the latest odds.

Update Feb 25, 2021

The odds for Russell Wilson to switch teams are out.

Wilson Calls His Shot

Move over Deshaun Watson, there is another superstar that is on the market. In the past, it looked as though Seattle would never trade Wilson, but that has changed. Wilson recently gave Seattle a list of teams that he wants to be traded to. This doesn’t happen if trade talks are not possible.

So where will the Seahawks send Wilson?

Here are the odds (odds change every day, check back for the latest numbers)

■ Dolphins – the favorite – see the odds
■ Jets – not bad – see the odds
■ Saints – Longshot – see the odds
■ Raiders – don’t count out Gruden – see the odds

Update Feb 22, 2021

The Price for Wilson?

The Seahawks will never publically acknowledge that they will trade Russell Wilson, but everyone has a price. The odds are put up and removed on a regular basis, but no mistake about it, people are calling and Seattle is listening. Will anyone pull off the deal? After the Raiders extended Carr, there is another team pushing hard to get Russ.

Russell Wilson Odds

If Seattle does decide to shop Wilson, plenty of teams will be interested. This is why the odds show multiple teams in the running for the seven-time pro bowler.

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Russell Wilson’s next team odds [BET NOW]

Las Vegas Raiders +300
Dallas Cowboys +600
Jacksonville Jaguars +700
Washington Football Team +800
San Francisco 49ers +900
Denver Broncos +1000
Indianapolis Colts +1200
Miami Dolphins +1200
Carolina Panther +1600
Chicago Bears +1600
Houston Texans +1600
New England Patriots+1600
The New York Jets +1600
New Orleans Saints +2500
Philadelphia Eagles +2500
Cleveland Browns +4000
Minnesota Vikings +4000
Pittsburgh Steelers +4000
Atlanta Falcons +5000
Cincinnati Bengals +5000
New York Giants +5000
Tennessee Titans +5000

Media Meltdown

The back-and-forth media stories describing the face-off between Wilson and Seattle are catching the attention of many teams around the league. Wilson urges the team to give more help in protection and he has a right to complain.

In one interview Wilson indicates that he is not sure if he is available to play for another team. It is widely reported that Seahawks management is frustrated by that interview and the latest barrage of complaints about how Wilson is involved with the direction of the team.

Inside the Numbers

If Seattle will listen to trade offers from other teams the numbers are always an important part of any deal. Wilson recently had his $19 million base salary guaranteed for the 2021 season.

Wilson also has a no-trade clause, so he will have to approve the destination if he is moved. All of his numbers to include his cap hit for Seattle can be found here.

Where in the World Will Wilson go?

After the story of a supposed rift between Wilson and the Seahawks went public, the phone lines lit up. Seattle is receiving calls on Wilson and reports suggest they are not interested in trading Wilson, but they are listening.

According to the Russell Wilson odds, the Raiders and the Cowboys will be the first teams to make an offer that Seattle will not refuse. But with a talent like Wilson, the Colts, Broncos, Panthers, and the Patriots will also offer up a package deal. The only team that can be counted out is the San Francisco 349ers since they play Seattle twice a year.

It is not clear if Seattle will trade Wilson, but it is fun to speculate where he may play next season if they do.