Sam Darnold Odds

 Sam Darnold Odds: Will the Jets Trade Darnold?

This NFL offseason is all about the quarterback. Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff, and Carson Wentz have all been traded. Who is next? Maybe Cam Newton? The obvious choice is Deshaun Watson, but all eyes are on Sam Darnold. With the NFL draft on the horizon, there are many teams to consider. It’s time to break down the Sam Darnold odds, to find out which team may acquire the young quarterback.

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Sam Darnold Odds

Here are the latest Sam Darnold trade odds and where he will play next season

Sam Darnold traded to the Patriots? (Odds +1600, Bet here)

It just won’t happen. It’s the same division and the Jets do not want to trade a quarterback to a divisional rival that will haunt them for years. But it would not be crazy to think that Bill Belichick might try to make it happen. The Patriots are more likely to get Marcus Mariota according to the latest buzz.

Sam Darnold Stays with the Jets? (Odds +150, Bet here)

The Jets love Darnold, but they have a high draft pick, a new coach, and a chance to rebuild a struggling franchise. This is the opportunity for the Jets to make a move and if it’s not going to be with Darnold under center, now is the time to trade him. If the Jets get any credible offers, Darnold is as good as gone.

Sam Darnold traded to the Texans? (Odds +500, Bet here)

If the Texans decide to trade Deshaun Watson, the Jets make sense as a trade partner. They have a multitude of draft picks and they can send an NFL-ready QB in the deal. Up till now, the Texans have not wanted to part ways with Watson, but that may change soon. The Panthers are considered to be an aggressive candidate for Watson, but the Jets are players.

Sam Darnold traded to the Bears? (Odds +1200, Bet here)

The Bears need a QB and they are going to be aggressive this offseason in acquiring one. Is Darnold that QB? Plenty of people think that it may be the perfect landing spot. This is a cheap alternative for the Bears that will be a good fit. The odds are very nice and this might be a bet worth making.

Will the Jets trade Sam Darnold

Will the Jets trade Sam Darnold?  You Can Bet On It

The New York Jets are a disaster. They are off to another horrible start and there is every reason to believe that this team will be lucky to get a few wins on the season. The Jets decided to stick with Adam Gase and part ways with players like Levon Bell. It is hard to know what this team will do next. Will the next move be to trade Sam Darnold?

Trade deadline looming

With the trade deadline on the horizon, it is fair to suggest that the Jets can make a trade. They are going to be connected to a quarterback in the draft and that means that they can part ways with Darnold. If that is not enticing enough for the Jets, recent reports indicate that they would be able to get back a 1st-round pick in exchange for Darnold.

The Jets are having a fire sale early in the year. The rumors about Darnold are getting louder and they can get an early pick for him. All signs are pointing to the Jets trading their young quarterback, all signs, but one.

Odds Say No Trade…..but….

Online sportsbook BetOnline has posted odds on Darnold being traded before the deadline.

Will Sam Darnold be Traded Before Deadline?

Yes +550

No -1000

As you can see the odds are heavily in favor of the Jets keeping Darnold at the trade deadline. The Jets seem to be on pace for a losing season and you can bet on that too. Here are a few examples of NFL special bets involving the Jets.

Who will be the last winless team?

Jets -250

Falcons +225

Giants +250

Who wins a game first?

Giants -300

Jets +200

As you can see, most of the odds are in favor of betting against the Jets. However, this is not stopping NFL fans and experts from offering up potential landing spots and opinions on the possibility of a trade.

Sam Darnold Trade Rumors

Can you imagine Darnold as the next great Steelers quarterback?  It does make sense.

Phillip Rivers is struggling early as a member of the Indianapolis Colts. That is a curious spot for Darnold if the Jets decide to make a trade.

Final Answer: Will the Jets trade Sam Darnold?  

This is a big YES! The Jets are losing and they are going nowhere fast. All the moves get pinned on head coach Adam Gase who will surely be fired when the season is over. The organization can trade Darnold and let Gase take the heat. Then they can draft a quarterback and start to rebuild with the draft picks they acquire in the trade for Darnold.

It may seem like a long shot now, but the Jets will trade Sam Darnold. You can bet on it!