What team will sign Jadeveon Clowney

What team will sign Jadeveon Clowney?

NFL fans are excited for the season to begin. However, there is one question that everybody wants answered before the season kick offs. What team will sign Jadeveon Clowney? According to the odds there is one team that is a favorite, but that does not tell the whole story. He is the biggest name left on the free agency market and he has been connected with numerous teams, but who will ultimately sign Clowney?

Will Clowney sign with the Seahawks?

Clowney has been attached to the Seattle Seahawks since the start of free agency. But news and rumors about deals breaking down almost assures he will go to another team. The Jamal Adams trade may make it a guarantee. Clowney will not play in Seattle.

Surprise Team?

Multiple teams have been connected with Clowney to include the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and the New England Patriots. Is there a surprise team trying to grab the pass-rusher to bolster their defense? How about the San Francisco 49ers?


The 49ers were very close to winning a Super Bowl a year ago and grabbing a pass rusher to harass a quarterback will only help their cause.

So what team will sign Jadeveon Clowney?

It’s the New England Patriots. Everything that you read will suggest that the Patriots have “no chance” to sign Clowney. But, the Patriots did just have several defensive players opt out of the season. Although Clowney is a pure pass rusher that does not always fit the scheme of the Patriots, he is just what this team needs. It is clear that Clowney is looking for a short-term deal to prove that he can still play. Signing a deal full of incentives will get him what he wants and that is exactly what the Patriots do.