The one Team that Scares Laker Nation

The one Team that Scares Laker Nation

The LA Lakers are the defending champions and they are currently steamrolling through the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the NBA playoffs. According to the odds, they are favorite to repeat as NBA champions, but there is one team that Laker Nation should be concerned about, and no it is not the Brooklyn Nets.

Don’t Look Back

Every sportsbook has the Lakers listed as the best team in the West and the favorite to win the championship. But, there are other teams to watch. The Utah Jazz, LA Clippers, and the Dallas Mavericks are the usual runner-ups on the sports betting big board. One of those teams is a threat to the Lakers and they should not be overlooked.

The Utah Jazz is the only team in the Western Conference that is a threat to the Lakers. With all due respect to the Clippers, the Jazz is the best team, besides the Lakers in the West.

Size Matters

With Anthony Davis and a litany of big bodies in the lineup, the Lakers are hard to match up in the paint. The Jazz is the only team that can go toe-to-toe. Rudy Gobert is a defensive juggernaut and the best big man in the league. His defense is elite and he will make things difficult for the Lakers down low.

This block is just one example of how good Gobert is.

LeBron vs the World

The Jazz is a disciplined team and they are well-coached. With the paint clogged this game will come down to LeBron James. James may be the best player on the planet, but he cannot do it alone. Donavan Mitchell is going to run the offense and James will be moved around all game in an attempt to stop the scoring. Unfortunately, LeBron can’t do everything.

The Time to Bet is Now

If you bet on basketball you will get tremendous value right now if you bet the Utah Jazz to win the Western Conference. The Lakers are hobbling and they are vunerable. The Jazz is +600 to win the west and that is a very nice return. The world is watching LeBron and the Lakers and everyone believes that they will go to the finals. The public is usually not right and betting on the Jazz now is the only way to go.

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