The Ultimate Super Bowl LVI Betting Guide With Free Picks

The Ultimate Super Bowl LVI Betting Guide With Free Picks

The Bengals and the Rams are set to face off in the biggest game of the year. There is something unique about the Super Bowl. With such a long break between the championship games and the Super Bowl, there is an overload of information. There is also multiple Super Bowl betting guides, but they often fall short of delivering great information. That is why we set out to make the Ultimate Super Bowl LVI Betting Guide with free picks on the most popular bets for the big game.

Who wins and the Over/Under

We will get into prop bets shortly, but everyone wants to know who will win (and cover). We picked a winner early and we are sticking to it. We did not have to go into great detail because we are confident about who will win this game. The same can be said for the Over/Under. Will the score go over or under 48.5? We have the full breakdown here.

Silly Super Bowl props

We call them silly Super Bowl props, but a win is a win and if you can win money betting on anything, it may not be so silly. The two most popular props that stand out are the coin toss and the National Anthem. The National Anthem prop is based on the length of the song and it is often leaked during rehearsals, which means if you are going to bet on it, you better get on it now.

The other prop that gets a lot of attention is the coin toss. This prop is more than just calling if it is heads or tails. It has evolved over the years and now there are several options when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl coin toss. Read all about the options and get the free winners here.

And we also have a pick on who will win the Super Bowl MVP. 

Collect a Free Bet on the Coin Toss

Betting on the Super Bowl is fun, but cashing in on a winner before the game starts, is priceless. Before you bet on the game collect a free bet on the coin toss. That allows you to use those winning to bet on the big game and win big on Super Sunday! Get your free bet now!

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Quarterback Props

The players that get the most attention at the Super Bowl, are obviously the quarterbacks. Although we have running back free prop bets, all eyes are on the quarterbacks. Bengals young gun Joe Burrow and the Rams veteran Matthew Stafford will be in the spotlight. Because of this, quarterback prop bets are very popular. Will Stafford throw for more than two touchdowns? Will Burrow have more than 350 passing yards? We answer all of the hard questions and give out free winners just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

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