Will the Los Angeles Rams Repeat as Super Bowl Champions?

Will the Los Angeles Rams Repeat as Super Bowl Champions?

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Rams on their sensational season that ended with a Super Bowl championship. Quarterback Matthew Stafford finally won a chip and he had help from Cooper Cupp, the offensive player of the year, and Aaron Donald, the best defensive player on the planet. Now that the big game is over, everyone is asking, will the Rams repeat?

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Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII

The odds to win Super Bowl LVII are available for betting and the Rams are getting some serious disrespect. The oddsmakers believe that the AFC will win the Super Bowl. Both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills are above the Rams on the list. It only took a few days after the Super Bowl to forget just how good the Rams are.

Ignore all of the Talk

The Rams have to keep the band together or at least the key components. Donald is flirting with retirement and the Rams defense will be vastly different without him. But he is caught up in the moment and if I had to guess, he will be back again next year.

Head coach Sean McVay is also hinting at retirement, but coaches only know how to do one thing and that is coach. McVay is young and he is with an incredible organization that is willing to spend to keep him and to get him, players. He may retire, but with two Super Bowls on his resume already, there is no reason to walk away from the game.

The Answer is…..

The Rams have work to do. They have to extend the contract of Matthew Stafford and they have to decide what they are going to do with some of their role players like Odell Beckham Jr. LA plays in a difficult division with other teams that are in a good position to win the Super Bowl. But they have things in their favor.

Winning teams always attract free agents, but teams that win in LA have the ultimate reason for players to sign up. They can play in warm weather and mix with elite celebrities as they play with the defending champions. That is good news for the future of this franchise.

Can the Rams repeat? Yes. Is it smart to bet on it now? No. The Rams are already overlooked and it will only provide more value as the season gets closer. There are better ways to bet on the Rams right now to make money, but wait before you bet on this team to repeat as champs.



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