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About Bookie Blitz

Welcome to Bookie Blitz, where we take sports betting about as seriously as a squirrel chasing an acorn. Our team is a motley crew of sports enthusiasts, and we’re here to provide you with winning picks without the fancy jargon or hefty price tags.


Our Mission and Vision At Bookie Blitz, our mission is clear – we’re here to make you a winner without asking for your firstborn or a suitcase of cash. Our vision? To give you the winning edge, especially in the NFL, without breaking the bank or your funny bone.

Get Involved – Sign Up for Laughs and Wins Ready to get in on the fun? Join our crew of sports fanatics and laugh your way to victory. Sign up, show up daily, and bet with our sponsors. The more you win, the more we all laugh, and that’s the Blitz way of life.

Welcome to Bookie Blitz – where sports betting gets a dash of humor, and winning is just a click away. Join us, won’t you?

Max Hammersby – The Big Dog


Max is the alpha of our pack, and boy, does he love sports betting. He dishes out more picks daily than a pizza joint during a football game. If you’re into sports betting, Max is your spirit animal, and his winners are the bone you’ve been waiting for.

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Reggie Brown – The Southern Belle


Reggie is our belle of the ball, especially when it comes to football, especially that SEC flair. Her insight and analysis are sharper than a linebacker’s tackle. She’s our go-to for college football, NFL, and, well, any sport you can bet on.

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JT Dutton – The Degenerate-at-Large

Meet JT, our resident wild card. He’s our hoop head, and the NBA is his playground, but he’s not one to shy away from a bet on anything, really. Hot-dog eating contests, rock-skipping championships – you name it, he’s game. He’s the kind of guy who’d bet on which raindrop hits the window first.

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The Most Ways to Play

Whether you’re playing for pleasure or profit, Bookie Blitz offers the most ways to wager and the best online gaming experience from the casino to the sportsbook and the racetrack!


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