The Kyrie Irving trade winners and losers

The Kyrie Irving trade winners and losers

Days after Kyrie Irving demanded a trade from the Brooklyn Nets his wish was granted. The Nets shipped the disgruntled superstar to the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs send Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, and a boatload of picks to Brooklyn to get the deal done. If you wanted a distraction from the Super Bowl, you got it. As the dust settles on the trade it is time to break down the winners and the losers of this blockbuster deal.


Brooklyn Nets

The Nets unloaded an unhappy player who caused controversy and missed multiple games. Kevin Durant may not be happy right now, but ultimately this deal had to be done. This gives the Nets the flexibility to build around Durant or trade him and start with a bright future full of draft picks.

LA Lakers

The Lakers were reportedly the front runners for Irving. Although they would have liked to move Russell Westbrook, this trade would have been a bad move for the Lakers. Anthony Davis is old and mortgaging the future for an explosive player in Irving is a big mistake. This year the Lakers will be happy to make this season about LeBron and the scoring record and regroup next season.


Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic is one of the best players in the league. On paper, the upside of adding a player as talented as Irving is incredible. The Maverick’s odds did change when they acquired Irving, however, the Mavericks need more than one piece to win a championship. This is an overreaction by Mark Cuban after letting Jalen Brunson go to the Knicks. The Mavericks are a playoff team that often gets eliminated early. With the addition of Irving, they may go deeper into the playoffs, but ultimately they will be ushered out of the playoffs. Soon Irving will become a problem and destroy yet another team in the NBA.

People who bet on the Nets

The Nets were once considered a favorite to win the championship. Now with James Harden and Irving out, they are an afterthought in a talented Eastern conference. Now the Nets are playing out the season and Durant is considering where he will play again next season. The Nets will win a few games this year, but their season is over.

Kyrie Irving once again destroys another franchise.

Super Bowl picks against the spread: Eagles or Chiefs?

Super Bowl picks against the spread: Eagles or Chiefs?  

The biggest game of the year is Super Bowl LVII. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are two teams worthy of being in this spotlight showcase. However, if you are betting on this game it is important to do your research and be confident when you make your Super Bowl picks against the spread.

Big game, but not a big amount

It may be the biggest game of the season, but it does not mean that you have to bet big on the game. There are hundreds of prop bets and fun wagers to make at a lower level to keep you entertained all game long (coin toss, anyone?). But, if you are going to bet on a team, make it count.

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Coaching counts

The Super Bowl gets millions of viewers every year and the pressure is immense. That is why experience and coaching matter. Chiefs coach Andy Reid knows how to make the most out of his time. He is 28-4 after a bye week and he has the edge in this big game. Eagles coach Nick Sirianni is having an incredible season but will be clearly outmatched in this game. The Eagles are also in danger of losing assistant coaches who are spending Super Bowl weeks conducting interviews. With this distraction and experience of Reid give the edge to the Chiefs.

Hurts vs Mahomes

Both teams have excellent quarterbacks. Jalen Hurts is making super strides as a starter in this league. He uses an RPO and always keeps the defense guessing. With lethal weapons in AJ Brown and Miles Sanders, this offense can put points on the board.

Patrick Mahomes is an underdog for the first time in his playoff career. And he comes into this game with a high ankle sprain injury. Although he has time to rest, Mahomes will have to be healthy if they want to win this game. To make matters worse the Chiefs wide receiving core is banged up and limping into this contest.

Consensus and trends

The public is on the Eagles. That is obvious because of the odds move and the numerous injuries that the Chiefs are dealing with. The Chiefs are 3-8-1 against the spread (ATS) in the last 12 games, but now they are an underdog and that changes everything. Underdogs are an overwhelming 10-5 ATS in the last 15 Super Bowls. It’s time to make the bet for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl picks against the spread

The Chiefs have injuries, but they are the better team. They have a more experienced team and a better coach. They have a clutch kicker that can pay off down the stretch and Mahomes has a big chip on his shoulder as an underdog for the first time in his playoff career. The Chiefs make great strides in becoming the best dynasty in NFL history with another Super Bowl victory.

Bet on the Chiefs +2

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The coin toss, props, and other Super Bowl winners

The coin toss, props, and other Super Bowl winners

Super Bowl LVII features the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles and is the most anticipated game of the year. The Super Bowl is also one of the most wagered-on games of the year. It begins when the odds on the game are released but the betting frenzy really kicks in with the long list of prop bets that are offered up every year. This year is no different as everyone is looking for super bowl winners.

Heads or Tails?

One of the more popular prop bets is the Super Bowl coin toss. It is literally a 50/50 proposition and it gives people action before the game even begins. This is not a wager that you want to put much money on, but it can be fun to bet. There are some interesting angles surrounding the coin toss to consider. For example, the team that has won the coin toss in the last eight Super Bowl games has gone on to lose the game. Heads have been the winner in the last two Super Bowls and four of the last five. But tails has converted in six of the last ten games overall. The odds for both heads and tails are -105 according to Sports Betting Online.

Prop Bets to Watch

MVP: The favorites to win MVP in this game are the quarterbacks. This makes sense considering that the quarterbacks have dominated this award over the years. However, if you want to take a shot at value, AJ Brown (+1200) and Travis Kelce (+1000) are two players to consider.

Passing Prop: If the Chiefs have any chance to win this game they are going to do it through the air. Patrick Mahomes will have to throw early and often. This year he averaged over 303 yards per game and although he went under this number in his Super Bowl appearances, this is still a solid wager.

Bet on Mahomes to have more than 289 passing yards.  

Who wins the Super Bowl?

This game has the potential to be one of the closest games in history. That is why the point spread is so small as the Eagles are currently -1.5 favorites. Although the Eagles have had a better season, the winner of the Super Bowl will be the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes has the experience of being on the big stage and for the first time in his playoff career, he is an underdog. Mahomes has won six of nine games as an underdog and is 7-1-1 ATS over that span.

BEST BET: Chiefs +1.5

The Chiefs will be crowned Super Bowl champions!

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2023 Super Bowl Odds: How to bet the big game

2023 Super Bowl Odds: Tracking the smart money

Everyone likes to bet on the Super Bowl and this year is no exception. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs are the participants and money is already being bet on the big game at incredible levels. Since the 2023 Super Bowl odds were released, the point spread has moved. However, it can be difficult to tell if that is due to respected money from people who bet on football for a living or big money that moves the line. Our goal is to find out.

Super Bowl line moves

Tracking the line moves can be difficult. There are hundreds of sports betting sites and many have changed the line. The majority of the outlets opened the Super Bowl line with the Chiefs as a small favorite. Since the opening, the line has moved and now, nearly everywhere, the Eagles are the favorites to win the game. This normally indicates that the public is taking Jalen Hurts and the Eagles to win the game, but this game is special.

Why is the Super Bowl Special?

The Super Bowl is special for various reasons. It is one of the most popular events to bet on every year. Last year a record  $179.8 billion was wagered on the Super Bowl. The amount of money bet on this game is crazy and that can change the way that the line moves. This game includes hundreds of prop bets that can easily change the way that people bet on the game. And finally, there are two weeks to think about and wager on this contest. All of this has to be taken into account before betting on the Super Bowl.

What is smart money?

Smart money is money that is bet on the game by respected handicappers who bet on sports for a living. But, those types of people do not usually advertise what games they are going to bet on. In the past, big money amounts would be a strong indication of “smart money” but that has changed over the years. With social media, big bets are reported instantly and shared all over the globe.

Pick your spot

Fading the public can be lucrative considering that Las Vegas sportsbooks have only lost money twice on Super Bowls. However, finding the public side and the smart money side is never easy. The best way to approach betting on the big game is to do your work. Find the team that you want to bet on find the best point spread and place your bets. This is how you make money betting on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Betting Special

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Kyrie Irving trade? It’s time to retire

Kyrie Irving trade? It’s time to retire

Just when you thought the Super Bowl was going to dominate the news, Kyrie Irving shocked the NBA world by demanding a trade. The Brooklyn Nets have days to trade a disgruntled player with a bunch of baggage. Irving put the Nets in a bad spot by demanding a trade, but he is talented and he can change the dynamics of a team. The Kyrie Irving trade is hard to watch because Kyrie holds all the cards. Or does he?

Timing is everything

Kyrie Irving requested this trade with a purpose. He will be a free agent this summer. If the Nets don’t trade him, he will give up on the season. If Irving does not go to the team he prefers he will make things difficult for Brooklyn. Irving has one goal. Get traded to another team (that he chooses) and in the meantime, destroy Brooklyn.

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NBA trade rumors: Where does Kyrie go?

Kyrie Irving is an incredible basketball player, but he does come with some baggage. The biggest connection is the LA Lakers. LeBron James knows Kyrie and there is every reason to believe that LeBron can make this happen. But, there is no need to overshadow the accomplishments of LeBron by making Kyrie the headline. Irving has burned bridges with the best players in the league. Although he has an opportunity to select where he will play, many of the contenders don’t want to bring Irving into the fold.

The perfect trade

The perfect trade for Kyrie Irving has nothing to do with Irving. It has to be the perfect combination of players and teams that are willing to make the market move. The Toronto Raptors, Atlanta Hawks, and Minnesota Timberwolves are all teams that have the players and the assets to get Irving. But will Irving want to go to those teams or do those teams want him?

It’s all about Irving

Irving put the Nets in a tough spot. Brooklyn has to take a bad deal and get rid of him or wait until the end of the season and lose Irving with nothing in return. There will be a team that will trade or sign Irving, but that is a mistake. Although talented, Irving is not a team player and he hurts every team he plays for.

 It’s time for Irving to retire.

Derek Carr next team predictions: Will it be the Jets?

Derek Carr next team predictions: Will it be the Jets?

The Las Vegas Raiders are parting ways with quarterback Derek Carr and he will play elsewhere next season. That much is clear, but it may be the only thing that is clear about Carr’s future. Carr looked outstanding in the Prop Bowl precision passing competition increasing his value on the NFL market. The Derek Carr next team odds show that he may be heading east, but there are more and more teams joining in on the hunt. While you wait for the Super Bowl, check out the frontrunners to acquire Carr.

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New York Jets +300

According to the odds, the Jets are the favorites to land Carr. However, recent rumors about New York going after Aaron Rodgers will make this very interesting. Carr will fit in well on the Jets since it seems like the only piece that they are missing is a quarterback, but other teams are going to be calling about Carr.

Tennessee Titans +800

The Titans are in the market for another quarterback. Ryan Tannehill has fallen out of favor and Malik Willis is not ready to start in the league yet. Carr will be a bridge to Willis and will allow the Titans to compete for a title now instead of wasting Derrick Henry’s years while waiting for a young quarterback to mature.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000

In case you missed it, the Buccaneers are in the market for a new quarterback. Tom Brady is retired, but the Bucs have a loaded roster that is built to win now. They won’t be able to do that if they don’t have a solid quarterback to put up points. Carr to Tampa makes the Bucs an instant contender.

Other notable teams going after Carr

The favorites to land Carr (after the Jets) in order are the Colts, Commanders, and Panthers. Other interesting scenarios include Carr going to Green Bay if they move on from Aaron Rodgers or heading to New England to take over the Patriot’s offense.

There is only one team that makes sense. Derek Carr should join the Washington Commanders and compete for a title next season.

Super Bowl LVII odds for Chiefs-Eagles

Super Bowl LVII odds for Chiefs-Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are the only teams remaining in the National Football League. For the biggest game of the year, sports betting enthusiasts eagerly awaited the release of the Super Bowl LVII odds.

Opening Super Bowl LVII odds

The first point spread for this game is different based on where you bet. Many of the sportsbooks had the Eagles as favorites, but a few outlets had the Eagles as small favorites. When the dust settled, Philadelphia was the favorite and that line has moved from Philly -1.5 all the way up to Eagles -2.5. My favorite sportsbook has the Eagles favored by -2.

Do you bet on the Super Bowl early?

The answer is yes. If the point spread is what you like, bet that team now. This betting line will change with two weeks to go until the big game. If you bet it now, it will give you the flexibility to bet on the team you want and get the most value.

How do you bet on Super Bowl LVII?

There will be more information posted in the weeks ahead about this game. This is the time to research and bet when you see the odds that you like. Pay attention to all of the latest news and information and make your bet when the price is right.

Cowboys vs 49ers prediction and pick against the spread

Cowboys vs 49ers prediction and pick against the spread

The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers renew a fierce rivalry when they meet in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. The Philadelphia Eagles await the winner to play in the NFC Championship game. Everyone will be making Cowboys vs 49ers predictions for the biggest game of the week.

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Can Dak get it done?

As evident in the Wildcard round, if Dallas is going to be successful, they will need QB Dak Prescott to have a big game. When he passes well it opens holes for Tony Pollard to run and puts plenty of points on the scoreboard. The Cowboys have lost seven straight games as a playoff under, with a 2-5 against the spread (ATS) record.

Streaking 49ers

The 49ers have won 11 straight games heading into the playoff tilt against Dallas. QB Brock Purdy has led the way with an impressive 9-2 ATS record over that span. Purdy is not only winning, but he is making it look easy. Purdy will become only the second rookie quarterback to be favored in a playoff game since 2000.

Public pounding Purdy

When it comes to betting on this game, it is clear that the public is backing Purdy and the 49ers. According to the sports betting consensus, over 59 percent of the wagers in this game are placed on San Francisco. Although that is not a huge number compared to other games (Bengals are 70%), it is still something to pay attention to.

Cowboys vs 49ers pick against the spread

This is going to be a great game. Kyle Shanahan is working wonders with this team by using a tough running game and a bruising defense to control the clock. Christian McCaffrey is back to looking like an MVP workhorse and San Francisco is 8-1 ATS at home this season. The Cowboys are only 2-9 ATS in the last 11 games in January and Dak and the offense is not consistent enough to solve the 49er’s defense. This game will start close, but the result will be a 49ers double-digit win.

Best Bet: 49ers -3.5

NFL playoff Schedule 2023

NFL playoff Schedule 2023

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys wrapped up the Wildcard round on Monday night football. Now it’s time to look ahead at the NFL playoff schedule for 2023 and check out the matchups for the divisional round. Here is the full schedule with the opening betting odds for each game.

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Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs

When: Saturday, 4:30 p.m. ET


Line: Chiefs -9, O/U 52 (BETNOW)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the comeback kids and are riding a high after an incredible win in the Wildcard round. They will have to stay laser-focused to beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs who are one of the best teams in the league. Although the Chiefs are familiar with deep runs in the playoffs, they are not always a good bet. Kansas City is 9-23-1 against the spread (ATS) against the AFC.

Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills

When: Sunday, 3 p.m. ET


Line: Bills -4, O/U 50 (BET NOW)

The biggest game in the divisional round belongs to the Bills and the Bengals. With two high-powered offenses and big-name quarterbacks, this game will be the one to watch this week. Although both teams struggled in the Wildcard round, they will be at their best for this titanic tilt. The Bengals have concerning injuries but Cincinnati is 12-3-1 ATS when playing against a team with a winning record.

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New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

When: Saturday, 8:15 p.m. ET

TV: Fox

Line: Eagles -7.5, O/U 47.5 (BET NOW)

The New York Giants pulled off an upset on the road by running over the Minnesota Vikings. But now Daniel Jones will hit the NFL highway against a familiar foe. Quarterback Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles welcome their NFC East rivals with hopes of advancing to the NFC Championship game. The Giants have fared well in Philly covering five of the last six games and the Eagles stumbled down the stretch with a 0-4 ATS record.

Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Francisco 49ers

When: Sunday, 6:30 p.m. ET

TV: Fox

Line: 49ers -3.5, O/U 46 (BET NOW)

Brock Purdy made a big splash in his playoff debut with a second-half surge to sink the Seattle Seahawks. With one of the best defenses in the league and an incredible running game, the 49ers are a Super Bowl contender. However, they get a step up in competition this week. The Cowboys beat Tom Brady for the first time in his career, perhaps ending his career, to advance to this round. Dak Prescott had five TD’s in the win and will have to have another impressive effort to beat San Francisco.

Bengals vs Bills playoffs and prediction

Bengals vs Bills playoffs and prediction

The focus of the NFL playoffs is squarely on the divisional round and the best game on the schedule is easy to see. The Buffalo Bills will host the Cincinnati Bengals in a battle of Super Bowl contenders looking to advance to the championship game. The Bengals vs Bills in the playoffs are what everyone will be watching. Although both teams struggled in the opener, this game will not disappoint.

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Public backing the Bills

In what is a highly debated topic, the Bills will host the Bengals in this game. Because of the location, Buffalo opened up as a small favorite according to online sportsbooks. The Bills have been a favorite in every game this season and are -3.5 for this game. But look at all of the different sports betting outlets, because some places have the Bills at -5. If you believe the Bengals can pull off the upset, they are +166 on the Moneyline to win in Orchard Park. The betting total in this game is 49.5 since both offenses can light up the scoreboard.

Beat up Bengals

The Bengals will likely enter this contest missing three starters including left tackle Jonah Williams and right guard Alex Cappa. If Williams is out of the game look for Jackson Carman to fill in. Carman played against the Ravens and that was his first start at the position. This is not good news for quarterback Joe Burrow who seems to be running for his line on a weekly basis. Despite the pressure Burrow and the Bengals is a gold mine at the betting window this year posting a 12-4 against the spread (ATS) record. They enter this contest on a 9-game winning streak.

Bengals vs Bills playoffs and prediction

The Bills will be hard to stop at home, especially if they can get to Burrow. The Bengals secondary looked suspect against the Ravens and now they face a more explosive offense led by Josh Allen. The Bills are 10-4-2 ATS after a loss against the spread and the Bengals will not be able to beat Buffalo at home.

Bet on the Bills -3.5  [BET NOW]