Best March Madness Contests 2021

The Best March Madness Contests 2021

This is the best time of the year if you are a college basketball fan. Heck, even if you are not a college basketball fan, it is still a good time of year because the NCAA tournament is always an exciting time of year. Even if you do not like to bet on college hoops, everyone enjoys filling out a March Madness bracket and joining a contest. That is why we have compiled the best March Madness Contests 2021 and how you can enjoy all that the Madness has to offer.

A list of the best March Madness Contests 2021

Our goal is to continually update this list with all of the best contests for the 2021 NCAA Tournament bracket contests. We will update this article the minute that the contests are announced. If you see any contests that we have not added, contact us and we will put the contest on the list!

# 1

MyBracket $100,000 Bracket Contest

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BetOnline $100,00 Bracket Madness

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Carson Wentz Prop Bets

The Colts and Carson Wentz Prop Bets You Need to Make Now

After weeks of speculation, the Philadelphia Eagles finally traded Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts. Many believe that this will be an excellent opportunity for Wentz since he is reunited with Coach Frank Reich. If you are on that same page there are several Carson Wentz prop bets you may want to bet on now.

Colts and Carson Wentz Prop Bets

Several sportsbooks are posting prop bets on how Carson Wentz and the Colts will perform this season. Of course, many of those prop bets will include the Eagles and how they will do without Wentz under center. In fact, the first prop bet focuses on what team will have the better season.

Bet here Indianapolis Colts     -270
Bet here Philadelphia Eagles     +180

Wentz Performance Prop Bets

Wentz will be playing with a better offensive line and better skill position players than he did last year in Philly. However, some of these numbers seem to be a bit inflated.

Bet Over 4000 Yards -115
Bet Under 4000 Yards -115

Wentz can return to greatness under Reich but this number seems way too high. The Colts are a running team and they will go to the run first with Jonathan Taylor. That may make it difficult for Wentz to get over this number.

Bet here Over  14½  games -120
Bet Here Under  14½  games -120

Although Wentz has a history of injuries, he is playing behind a much better offensive line. This will provide more security and therefore less pressure. The Colts will want a healthy Wentz for a playoff push and he will play in every game this season, making the over the play on this prop.

Wentz vs Hurts

Wentz and Jalen Hurts are going to be forever linked. So it is obvious that sportsbooks will want to put out prop bets featuring the two talented QB’s and how they will do this season.

Here is the complete list of Hurts vs Wentz prop bets

The Eagles are still not handing the keys over to Hurts just yet and they claim they are still looking at veteran signal-callers, but Hurts deserves a shot.

The latest prop bet on Jalen Hurts and his number of starts this year, clearly favor that he will be named the starter. Another prop bet suggests that the Eagles will use their first-round draft pick on a position other than quarterback.

Bet Here No -550
Bet Here Yes +325
Bet here Over 12½ Starts -130
Bet here Under 12½ Starts +100

Bet here Over  21½  TD passes -120
Bet here Under  21½  TD passes -120

The Eagles have to start Hurts right? They traded Wentz and unless they pull off something amazing he is going to be their best option. This offensive line should be improved, but the team will struggle overall. This will put the Eagles behind in many games and force them to pass. This number is close, but the wager to make is the over 21 TD passes.

Ready for the Season

The NFL season is still months away, but it will be very interesting to see how both teams and both quarterbacks play this season. Betting on some of these prop bets now can bring back a big payday in the future! These are just a few of the prop bets available. Click here to see all of the prop bets for the upcoming NFL season.

Marcus Mariota Odds

Marcus Mariota Odds: The Raiders are Ready to Trade

The quarterback carousel this offseason has been wild and it is only going to get better. Matthew Stafford is already on a new team and everyone is watching Deshaun Watson. But what about quarterbacks like Cam Newton, Sam Darnold, and Marcus Mariota? Stay tuned because the news is about to break.

This article is updated with the latest news, rumors, and information. Check back for the latest rumors, updates, and odds! 

Marcus Mariota Odds

Update Feb 23, 2021

Market Drying up?

At one point Mariota being traded was all but a guarantee, but now things have changed It’s all about his contract. Have you seen the odds on the Patriot’s next quarterback? I don’t believe it. 

Are you telling me that teams are just looking at his contract now? I would imagine that is the first thing that teams look at when they are going to trade for a player. Instead, I think that this news is being reported to get teams off of Mariota, and according to what I am hearing it is now a two-team race for his services between the Bears and the Patriots.

According to the odds on the Patriot’s next QB, they will get Mariota.

Update Feb 22, 2021

Raiders Keepin Carr?

Over the last few weeks, there is serious speculation on the quarterbacks playing for the Raiders. The team is receiving calls on both Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota, but according to the latest rumors, there is only one that they are willing to trade. They are keeping Carr.

That almost assures that the Raiders will part ways with Mariota. They want to get the value before it disappears.  The one team pushing for the deal to happen is the Chicago Bears. The Patriots are involved, but it’s Chicago that is pushing the hardest if you believe the odds. 

Here are the latest Marcus Mariota trade odds and where he will play next season

Marcus Mariota traded to the Patriots? (Odds +200, Bet here)

Everyone believes that Marcus Mariota will be headed to New England. The Cam Newton experiment is a failure, but that does not mean they are ready to pick up another QB. But a player like Mariota can be had for a relatively cheap price. So naturally, everyone believes he will be the next quarterback


Marcus Mariota traded to the Bears? (Odds +1200, Bet here)

But what about the Bears? After all, they need a QB and this will be a way to improve the position without spending too much. Believe it or not, the Bears have ties to Mariota and he may be the perfect fit for a team that desperately needs a quarterback.



Marcus Mariota traded to the Washington Football Team? (Odds +800, Bet here)

This is the trade that makes the most sense. Washington is moving on from Alex Smith and Mariota will thrive under a Ron Rivera system. He has had success with an offense that capitalizes on a mobile QB and this is a match made in heaven.

The contract and other details may be an issue, but if there is one team that can make this marriage work it is the Washington Football team.

Sam Darnold Odds

 Sam Darnold Odds: Will the Jets Trade Darnold?

This NFL offseason is all about the quarterback. Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff, and Carson Wentz have all been traded. Who is next? Maybe Cam Newton? The obvious choice is Deshaun Watson, but all eyes are on Sam Darnold. With the NFL draft on the horizon, there are many teams to consider. It’s time to break down the Sam Darnold odds, to find out which team may acquire the young quarterback.

This article is updated with the latest news, rumors, and information. Check back for the latest rumors, updates, and odds! 

Sam Darnold Odds

Here are the latest Sam Darnold trade odds and where he will play next season

Sam Darnold traded to the Patriots? (Odds +1600, Bet here)

It just won’t happen. It’s the same division and the Jets do not want to trade a quarterback to a divisional rival that will haunt them for years. But it would not be crazy to think that Bill Belichick might try to make it happen. The Patriots are more likely to get Marcus Mariota according to the latest buzz.

Sam Darnold Stays with the Jets? (Odds +150, Bet here)

The Jets love Darnold, but they have a high draft pick, a new coach, and a chance to rebuild a struggling franchise. This is the opportunity for the Jets to make a move and if it’s not going to be with Darnold under center, now is the time to trade him. If the Jets get any credible offers, Darnold is as good as gone.

Sam Darnold traded to the Texans? (Odds +500, Bet here)

If the Texans decide to trade Deshaun Watson, the Jets make sense as a trade partner. They have a multitude of draft picks and they can send an NFL-ready QB in the deal. Up till now, the Texans have not wanted to part ways with Watson, but that may change soon. The Panthers are considered to be an aggressive candidate for Watson, but the Jets are players.

Sam Darnold traded to the Bears? (Odds +1200, Bet here)

The Bears need a QB and they are going to be aggressive this offseason in acquiring one. Is Darnold that QB? Plenty of people think that it may be the perfect landing spot. This is a cheap alternative for the Bears that will be a good fit. The odds are very nice and this might be a bet worth making.

FCS Football 2021 Schedule

FCS Football 2021 Schedule, Odds and Picks For Every Week 2 Game

It may only be February, but college football is back! While you are watching the NFL rumor mill, you have real football to enjoy. The Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) has a loaded week 2 schedule to watch and wager on. If you like college football, you will want to get to know FCS Football. Football is scheduled to play every weekend between now and mid-Mat providing multiple opportunities to enjoy the game. If you don’t know anything about the game we have you covered with a look at the FCS Football 2021 schedule for week 2 with odds and picks for every game.

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FCS Football 2021 schedule for week 2

Odds, Picks against the spread, and big-time betting bonuses





South Dakota State -3 O 42-112 -150
Northern Iowa +3 U 42-109 123
Pick: Northern Iowa +3 Bonus: Claim $2000 to bet on football  


Sam Houston State -12 O 57.5-117 -435
Incarnate Word +12 U 57.5-105 330
Pick: Sam Houston -12 Bonus: 150% Sign Up Bonus  


Morehead State +41.5 O 53-110 N/A
James Madison -41.5 U 53-110 N/A
Pick: James Madison -41.5 Bonus: $100K March Madness Contest  


Mercer +16.5 O 53.5-113 540
Wofford -16.5 U 53.5-108 -835
Pick: Wofford -16.5 Bonus: Triple Your First Deposit!  


Samford -6.5 O 56.5-112 -225
East Tennessee State +6.5 U 56.5-109 180
Pick: East Tennessee St +6.5 Bonus: Claim $2000 to bet on football  


Southern Illinois -3.5 O 48.5-108 -162
North Dakota +3.5 U 48.5-113 132
Pick: Southern Illinois -3.5 Bonus: Exclusive Welcome Bonus  


Tarleton State Texans +1.5 O 58.5-107 -105
New Mexico State 1.5 U 58.5-114 -117
Pick: Tarleton State +1.5 Bonus: 150% Sign up Bonus  


Davidson +19 O 53.5-113 700
Elon -19 U 53.5-107 -1250
Pick: Davidson +19 Bonus: $100K March Madness Contest  


Western Carolina +23 O 54.5-114 1050
Furman -23 U 54.5-107 -2500
Pick: Furman -23 Bonus: Claim $2000 to bet on football  


Northwestern State -2.5 O 57.5-110 -132
Lamar +2.5 U 57.5-110 108
Pick: Lamar +2.5 Bonus: Exclusive Welcome Bonus  


Eastern Illinois +13.5 O 47.5-113 440
Tennessee-Martin -13.5 U 47.5-108 -625
Pick: Eastern Illinois +13.5 Bonus: Triple your first deposit!  


Austin Peay -6.5 O 64.5-114 -210
Tennessee Tech +6.5 U 64.5-107 170
Pick: Tennessee Tech +6.5 Bonus: Claim $2000 to bet on football  


Youngstown St Penguins +23.5 O 52.5-110 1150
North Dakota State -23.5 U 52.5-110 -3335
Pick: Youngstown St +23.5 Bonus: 30% Cash Bonus  


All of the FCS Picks

We will be following all of the games in FCS football and will post the winners weekly. Follow us on social media here and collect all of our sports betting bonuses all season long!

Where Does Cam Newton Play

Where Does Cam Newton Play in 2021?

The NFL offseason is incredible. Big-name players are leaving teams or requesting trades. This is especially true for the quarterback position. It is estimated that almost half of the NFL teams will have different quarterbacks next season. Names like Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, and Carson Wentz are stealing headlines, but there are other players to watch. Everyone wants to know where does Cam Newton play in 2021 and it’s not an easy question to answer.

This article is updated with the latest news, rumors, and information. Check back for the latest rumors, updates, and odds! 

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Update Feb 22, 2021

Cam Ready to sign?

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you have heard all about Cam Newton, He is getting heckled by kids at his own camp and everyone seems to be doubting his ability. But this is actually a good thing for Cam. He handled the situation perfectly and the high school football player has apologized.

Cam is more motivated than ever and there is every reason to believe that he will play this season.

The question is where?


Cam can play backup for teams like Baltimore or the Raiders or he can start in New England. If you think he will play for the Patriots, you are going to love these betting odds on his next team. 

And from the sounds of it, Cam will be more than happy to go back to New England.

How much does Newton respect Bill Belichick? This much

Cam Newton Odds

With so many rumors and breaking news surrounding a player like Newton, it is hard to determine where he will play next season. The first reasonable place to investigate is the sports betting odds on his next team.

Bring Him to Baltimore

If you believe the odds, the Ravens have the inside track on signing Cam Newton. Cam will be a leader and mentor to Lamar Jackson and a good fit on an offense that runs first. But the Ravens are not a lock to sign Newton.

Many “experts” believe that there is a chance that the Patriots bring him back to New England, but let’s face the facts, that was a failure. That leaves other teams like the Jaguars, Chargers, Raiders, and Broncos as teams that have the flexibility to bring in Newton.

Don’t Doubt Denver

Newton will be a backup if he signs with any of the teams mentioned above, except one, the Denver Broncos. He will have to compete with Drew Lock (if they still have him) but Newton can easily become the starter. If you want to bet on where Newton will play next season and you want a decent return on your money, bet on Cam going to Denver and starting for the Broncos.

NFL Rumors and News

NFL Rumors and Trade Tracker 2021: Watching the Quarterbacks

Deshaun Watson Odds

NFL Rumors and Trade Tracker 2021

The NFL season is fantastic, but the offseason is also very exciting. It all starts with the NFL draft, but the free agency/trade market is what everyone is talking about and that is especially true this season. Our NFL rumors and trad tracker 2021 will keep up you up to date on the latest news and odds for the best players in the league. 

This is the year of the quarterback. Everyone is watching the quarterback position because many signal-callers may have a new team next season. Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff have already switched teams. Other names like Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson are rumored to move this offseason. We look at the NFL rumor odds and predict where each player will play next season. 

Russell Wilson Odds

Matthew Stafford Odds

Carson Wentz Odds


Where will Deshaun Watson play next season? We track the odds and the latest news….here



The Seahawks won’t trade Russell Wilson, right? Don’t be so sure. Track the Wilson rumors…here


It’s not all about the quarterbacks. What about JJ Watt? We update the latest news and notes on his next team…here

Carson Wentz


The Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Colts. Since the trade the odds on Indianapolis to win the Super Bowl have changed…here

Marcus Mariota

Mariota may be a backup QB, but he is getting plenty of attention. The Raiders are getting calls and listening. Reports indicate that Washington is aggressive, but they are not alone. 

Marcus Mariota

Headed to Washington? | Odds

The New York Jets have a top pick in a QB heavy draft, so it only makes sense that they are shopping Sam Darnold. Teams are very interested and they are making things very interesting. 

Sam Darnold

Multiple teams interested| Bet On it

Cam Newton had a difficult season in New England, but he is still a sought after QB in the league. There are many teams in the hunt for Newton and that includes Bill Belichick and the Patriots. 

Cam Newton

Will Cam stay in New England?| Odds

Russell Wilson Odds

Russell Wilson Odds: Will the Seahawks Make a Trade?

The NFL off-season up to this point is wild. The Houston Texans are crumbling after releasing JJ Watt and the ongoing Deshaun Watson drama. The Eagles are trying to sell Carson Wentz to the highest bidder and a surprising name has entered the headlines. Recent interviews make it very clear that quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks do not see eye-to-eye. But will the Seahawks make a trade? The Russell Wilson odds suggest that it can happen.

This article is updated with the latest news, rumors, and information. Check back daily for the latest rumors, updates, and odds! 

Update Feb 25, 2021

The odds for Russell Wilson to switch teams are out.

Wilson Calls His Shot

Move over Deshaun Watson, there is another superstar that is on the market. In the past, it looked as though Seattle would never trade Wilson, but that has changed. Wilson recently gave Seattle a list of teams that he wants to be traded to. This doesn’t happen if trade talks are not possible.

So where will the Seahawks send Wilson?

Here are the odds (odds change every day, check back for the latest numbers)

■ Dolphins – the favorite – see the odds
■ Jets – not bad – see the odds
■ Saints – Longshot – see the odds
■ Raiders – don’t count out Gruden – see the odds

Update Feb 22, 2021

The Price for Wilson?

The Seahawks will never publically acknowledge that they will trade Russell Wilson, but everyone has a price. The odds are put up and removed on a regular basis, but no mistake about it, people are calling and Seattle is listening. Will anyone pull off the deal? After the Raiders extended Carr, there is another team pushing hard to get Russ.

Russell Wilson Odds

If Seattle does decide to shop Wilson, plenty of teams will be interested. This is why the odds show multiple teams in the running for the seven-time pro bowler.

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Russell Wilson’s next team odds [BET NOW]

Las Vegas Raiders +300
Dallas Cowboys +600
Jacksonville Jaguars +700
Washington Football Team +800
San Francisco 49ers +900
Denver Broncos +1000
Indianapolis Colts +1200
Miami Dolphins +1200
Carolina Panther +1600
Chicago Bears +1600
Houston Texans +1600
New England Patriots+1600
The New York Jets +1600
New Orleans Saints +2500
Philadelphia Eagles +2500
Cleveland Browns +4000
Minnesota Vikings +4000
Pittsburgh Steelers +4000
Atlanta Falcons +5000
Cincinnati Bengals +5000
New York Giants +5000
Tennessee Titans +5000

Media Meltdown

The back-and-forth media stories describing the face-off between Wilson and Seattle are catching the attention of many teams around the league. Wilson urges the team to give more help in protection and he has a right to complain.

In one interview Wilson indicates that he is not sure if he is available to play for another team. It is widely reported that Seahawks management is frustrated by that interview and the latest barrage of complaints about how Wilson is involved with the direction of the team.

Inside the Numbers

If Seattle will listen to trade offers from other teams the numbers are always an important part of any deal. Wilson recently had his $19 million base salary guaranteed for the 2021 season.

Wilson also has a no-trade clause, so he will have to approve the destination if he is moved. All of his numbers to include his cap hit for Seattle can be found here.

Where in the World Will Wilson go?

After the story of a supposed rift between Wilson and the Seahawks went public, the phone lines lit up. Seattle is receiving calls on Wilson and reports suggest they are not interested in trading Wilson, but they are listening.

According to the Russell Wilson odds, the Raiders and the Cowboys will be the first teams to make an offer that Seattle will not refuse. But with a talent like Wilson, the Colts, Broncos, Panthers, and the Patriots will also offer up a package deal. The only team that can be counted out is the San Francisco 349ers since they play Seattle twice a year.

It is not clear if Seattle will trade Wilson, but it is fun to speculate where he may play next season if they do.


Super Bowl 2022 odds

Super Bowl 2022 odds: Can the Buccaneers Repeat?

Another Super Bowl and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the best in the NFL. Tom Brady won another MVP as he led the Buccaneers to a convincing win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite Brady winning (again) the Super Bowl 2022 odds, show that they are not the favorite to repeat.

Here is a look at the latest Super Bowl 2022 odds

Bet Here Kansas City Chiefs     +500
Bet Here Buffalo Bills     +1100
Bet Here Green Bay Packers     +900
Bet Here Tampa Bay Buccaneers     +900
Bet Here Baltimore Ravens     +1200
Bet Here Dallas Cowboys     +2500
Bet Here New Orleans Saints     +2000
Bet Here San Francisco 49ers     +1400
Bet Here Seattle Seahawks     +2000
Bet Here Miami Dolphins     +2500
Bet Here Arizona Cardinals     +3000
Bet Here Cleveland Browns     +2000
Bet Here Los Angeles Chargers     +3000
Bet Here Los Angeles Rams     +1200
Bet Here Pittsburgh Steelers     +2800
Bet Here Tennessee Titans     +2800
Bet Here Indianapolis Colts     +2500
Bet Here Chicago Bears     +6600
Bet Here Las Vegas Raiders     +5000
Bet Here Minnesota Vikings     +5000
Bet Here Philadelphia Eagles     +5000
Bet Here Atlanta Falcons     +5000
Bet Here New England Patriots     +4000
Bet Here Washington Football Team     +5000
Bet Here Carolina Panthers     +6600
Bet Here Denver Broncos     +6600
Bet Here Jacksonville Jaguars     +6600
Bet Here New York Giants     +6600
Bet Here New York Jets     +8000
Bet Here Cincinnati Bengals     +10000
Bet Here Detroit Lions     +12000
Bet Here Houston Texans     +12000

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It’s Not Easy to Repeat

The NFL has not a repeat champion since the Patriots did it in 2003-2004. However, Brady was a part of the team that did it last.

Yet when the odds were released the Buccaneers were +900 to win the Super Bowl which is third on the list behind the Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers.  While this may seem like an insult to some, the Buccaneers have some off-season questions to answer.

Will Brady Be Back?

Brady has said on numerous occasions that he will be back for another run. But that has not stopped sportsbooks from posting odds on how the team may change before the kickoff of the season. This sports betting site has posted numerous props on the Buccaneers for next season to include the following.

 Will Tom Brady retire before week 1 of next season? Yes +600, No -1000
Will Tampa Bay miss the playoffs next season? Yes +600, No -2000
Will the Buccaneers fire Bruce Arians in the offseason? Yes +1000, No -5000
Will the Buccaneers trade Tom Brady in the offseason? Yes +1000, No -1000
Will Rob Gronkowski retire before week 1 of next season? Yes +300, No -500

Things Change

Betting on who will win the Super Bowl early has its advantages. It is obvious that teams change with trades, free agency, and the NFL draft. But once the dust settles, the odds may be watered down. Those that were brave enough to bet on Tampa Bay before they signed Tom Brady were the most profitable. If you were going to bet based on the odds released today, who would you bet on?

Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win Super Bowl LVI

Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win Super Bowl LV

The Kansas City Chiefs will win Super Bowl LVI and it won’t even be close. Many people are betting on the Buccaneers. Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever play the game and the Buccaneers have had an incredible season, but betting on this team is a huge mistake. The Chiefs dominate in every area of the game to include the quarterback. So if you bet on the Buccaneers or if you are good friends with Mattress Mack, look away, this is about to get ugly.

Super Bowl LV Betting bonuses

Before we dive into the trends to track, claim the big betting bonuses that are available for the big game.

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Coaching Matters

For the last two weeks, all of the talk was about how Tom Brady is better than Bill Belichick. That’s hogwash. They worked well with one another and Belichick was needed in big games like the Super Bowl. Andy Reid is easily the best head coach in this game and that alone is worth at least 3 points in the biggest game of the year.

The Bets You Need to Make

If you believe the Chiefs will win big, then you need to look for alternate lines. The ones I found that I liked are the Chiefs -7.5 +150 and the Chiefs -10.5 +200. But there is a long list of props to choose from in this game.

Why the Chiefs Win and Cover

The Buccaneers beat the Packers and the Saints and won every game on the road to get to the playoffs. That’s impressive, but let’s faces it, the home-field advantage does not matter. The Buccaneers have many problems throughout the playoffs and if not for turnovers by the Saints and bad coaching by the Packers, they may not even be here.

Your sportsbook is lying to you

The public is betting on the Chiefs. That’s what you read everywhere you look, but is that true? Then why is the betting spread moving from Chiefs -3.5 to Chiefs -3? It is because everyone is betting on Tampa Bay. The sportsbooks are begging for Chiefs’ money and they know you want to fade the public.

And then there is this….

If you want to know more about that bet, then you have to see this…

Why the Chiefs Crush the Buccaneers

They have the better coach and they have the better team. The home-field advantage is all but zero with COVI-19 and the Chiefs feel very comfortable playing in this stadium. In the six playoff games that Patrick Mahomes has played in the Chiefs have averaged 36 points. So on average, this team will put up 36 or more points. This is bad news for a Buccaneers defense that is beatable on every level.

Brady is a notoriously slow starter in the big game with just three total points in the first quarter of his nine Super Bowl appearances. This is tough to do against a Chiefs offense that can pile up the points. Although taking the Buccaneers and the points may be tempting, keep in mind that the favorites are 29-23-2 ATS in the biggest game of the year. In close games, the points are always attractive, but the winner of the game is 46-6-2 ATS which means it’s really just a matter of picking the team that will win the game. That team is the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are used to being favorites and normally they are double-digit favorites. hen they are not, the Chiefs rush the books. Mahomes is 27-13-1 ATS when the Chiefs are not double-digit favorites. If the Chiefs win there is a great chance that they will cover since the winning team is 46-6-2 in the Super Bowl.

Final predictions: Chiefs 38 Buccaneers 20 [BET ON THE SUPER BOWL]

Before the game, all of the conversations were about the greatness of Tom Brady. After the game, the discussion will be all about Patrick Mahomes and the Chief’s dynasty.