2022 NFL Week 6 Best Bets and Picks against the spread

2022 NFL Week 6 Best Bets and Picks against the spread

After looking at the odds for this week in the National Football League, it is time to post the best bets and picks against the spread for the week. The schedule this week has many big games, so let’s get things started with the 2022 NFL Week 6 best bets.

2022 NFL Week 6 Best Bets

There are five games that jump off the schedule this week from a betting perspective. Here are our best bets, but first, take advantage of the betting bonus for this week in the NFL.

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Atlanta +5.5 (BET NOW)

The Falcons are just like the Lions from a year ago. They play hard and they keep games close (5-0 ATS). That makes Atlanta a solid investment against the spread. The 49ers will play their second road game in a row with travel to the East Coast. The Falcons are 7-3 ATS after a loss and they upset the 49ers on Sunday.

Ravens -5.5 (BET NOW)

Everyone is buying in on the Giants, but they are not at the level of the Ravens. The Ravens are the more talented team and the better-coached team. Lamar Jackson knows how to win (and cover) on the road with a 17-7-2 ATS record on the NFL highway. Teams that come back from London are just 3-4 ATS and the Giants will fall flat after a big win against the Packers.

Saints +1.5 (BET NOW)

This one is scary. The Saints are missing weapons on offense, especially at wide receiver with Olave joining Thomas as a sidelined player for this week. However, the Saints can get after the QB and the Bengals are still having issues protecting Joe Burrow. The Saints are 38-14 ATS in October and they scare the league with a big win at home.

Seahawks +2.5 (BET NOW)

The Arizona Cardinals are not a good football team. Meanwhile, Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks have a surprising offense. Smith ranks 4th in QBR and leads the No. 1 offense in DVOA. The defense needs to catch up with the offense, but the home-field advantage will help with that. Pete Carroll is 1807 ATS as a home underdog and will win on Sunday.

Bills -3 (BET NOW)

Of course, we had to pick a big game and we are backing Josh Allen and the Bills. This is a revenge game and yes we know that this is the first time that Patrick Mahomes is a home underdog, but it just doesn’t matter. Allen is 20-10-2 ATS on the road in NFL games and the Chiefs are 0-5 ATS in the last five conference games.

2022 NFL week 6 odds: A first-look at the odds for every game

2022 NFL week 6 odds: A first-look at the odds for every game

The NFL enters week 6 and this will be the first time this year that teams will have a bye week. Four teams will get the week off to rest up and finish off the rest of the season. The Lions, Texans, Titans and Raiders are not on the schedule for this week. However, there are still plenty of games and odds to watch. Here is the complete list of 2022 NFL week 6 odds.

2022 NFL week 6 odds


Matchup Time Spread Over/Under
Commanders at Bears Thurs, 8:15 p.m. ET Bears -1 [BET NOW] 37.5
49ers at Falcons Sun, 1 p.m. ET Falcons +5.5 [BET NOW] 43.5
Patriots at Browns Sun, 1 p.m. ET Browns -3 [BET NOW] 42.5
Jets at Packers Sun, 1 p.m. ET Packers -7 [BET NOW] 45.5
Jaguars at Colts Sun, 1 p.m. ET Colts -2.5 [BET NOW] 42
Vikings at Dolphins Sun, 1 p.m. ET Dolphins +3 [BET NOW] 45
Bengals at Saints Sun, 1 p.m. ET Saints +2 [BET NOW] 43.5
Ravens at Giants Sun, 1 p.m. ET Giants +5 [BET NOW] 45
Buccaneers at Steelers Sun, 1 p.m. ET Steelers +8.5 [BET NOW] 43.5
Panthers at Rams Sun, 4:05 p.m. ET Rams -10.5 [BET NOW] 40.5
Cardinals at Seahawks Sun, 4:05 p.m. ET Seahawks +2.5 [BET NOW] 51
Bills at Chiefs Sun, 4:25 p.m. ET Chiefs +2.5 [BET NOW] 54
Cowboys at Eagles Sun, 8:20 p.m. ET Eagles -4.5 [BET NOW] 42.5
Broncos at Chargers Mon, 8:15 p.m. ET Chargers -5 [BET NOW] 45.5

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Big Game Sunday

This is a big Sunday for the season. The Bills (-2.5) look for revenge on the road against the Chiefs. Meanwhile, the Cowboys look to take down the undefeated Eagles (-4.5). If you want to bet on these big games, getting value by betting early in the week may be the way to go. This can get you the best number and more importantly, the best value.

Stinky Line

Every week we identify a “stinky line” that looks to good to be true. This point-spread is easy on the eyes and often considered a game to avoid. This week the game is in the Big Easy. The Saints have struggled this season yet they are just two point underdogs against Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. This looks like an easy bet on the Bengals, but be careful. The Saints have an incredible defense and look like they may have found the solution to the sluggish offense with the inspired play of Taysom Hill. This does not mean you should bet on the Saints, but beware if you want to bet on the Bengals in this game.

2022 NFL Week 5 Best Bets against the spread

2022 NFL Week 5 Best Bets against the spread

Here we go again. Another great week in the National Football League. We have had several great winning weeks and the plan is to keep it going with five best bets for this week. The 2022 NFL Week 5 Best Bets include favorites, underdogs and the one team you did not see coming. Before you bet, check out this big bonus from our sponsor. 


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2022 NFL Week 5 Best Bets against the spread


Commanders +2.5

Say what? the Commanders are bad and Carson Wentz is not getting the job done, but this week is different. Brian Robinson is back in the lineup gives this team a spiritual boost. The Titans are in letdown mode after a divisional win. The Titans are 7-21-1 ATS in their last 29 road games against a team with a losing home record and fall flat on Sunday.


Vikings -7.5 

If you follow my picks, you know I hate favorites, but this makes sense. The Bear’s offense is awful and the Vikings play better at home. Justin Fields is turnover prone and the Bears have covered just 3 of the last 16 games in the division. The Vikings troll with a big one and Justin Jefferson has a monster day.


Cowboys +5.5

Why are the Rams favored here? Sure they are at home, but the Cowboys are playing good football. The Rams can’t protect Matthew Stafford and that is what Dallas does well. Cooper Rush will win again. Yes, there is a QB controversy in Dallas.


Saints -5.5

The Saints have the best defense in the NFL, there I said it. Seattle has one of the worst. Once the Saints put up points, and they will, the Seahawks will be forced to pass. This will make it easy for New Orleans to get to Geno. Lay the points with confidence. The Seahawks are 4-13 ATS in their last 17 games following a straight-up win, that’s all you need to see.


Panthers +6.5

This is it for Baker Mayfield and Matt Rhule. If the Panthers don’t fight now, they are going to fold it up. That means coaches will get fired and they will start tanking. That will motivate this team to play hard today. The 49ers are off a big win and will come in here lazy with a long trip. The 49ers are 1-4 ATS in the last five games in Carolina.




2022 NFL Week 5 Survivor Pick: The upset to avoid

2022 NFL Week 5 Survivor Pick: The upset to avoid

One of the most frustrating contests in the NFL is the survivor contest. The rules are simple because all you must do is pick one team to win a football game. However, it is never as easy as it looks. One mistake and you are booted out of the contest and if a popular pick loses, the whole contest can be turned upset down. It is not easy this week and here is the 2022 NFL Week 5 survivor pick to avoid.

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Popular Picks

The most popular pick is usually the game with the highest point-spread. This week the Buffalo Bills have the highest spread (-14) against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bills will be a popular pick against a rookie quarterback in Kenny Pickett making his first start of his career. However, the Bills have the Chiefs on deck and may be looking ahead to that big game.

The Packers will be another popular pick against a Giants team that is decimated by injuries. However, this game is in London and that will bring plenty of distractions for each team. The Patriots showed that a good defense can keep the game close and Big Blue does have a good defensive squad.

Other popular picks will include the Jaguars and the Buccaneers.

Surprise Picks

Survivor contests are fun because you can only pick a team once during the year. This will cause some contestants to make “surprise” picks. The goal is to pick a team that will still win but avoid the popular picks in case of a major upset. This week teams like the Vikings and the Saints fit the bill as teams that should win but will not be the most popular picks of the week.

The Upset to Avoid

There is another game that can be considered a “trap” game on the schedule, but the pick to avoid in survivor is Tennessee. Derrick Henry is a monster, and the Commanders are struggling to do anything right this season. But beware taking the Titans in this game.  Washington is at home and well-cached. This game is a “must-win” and desperate teams at home tend to play harder. Avoid the Titans at all costs as the upset to avoid in Week 5 of the NFL.

2022 NFL Odds Week 5 and finding the “trap” game

2022 NFL Odds Week 5 and finding the “trap” game

Week 4 is over, and all bettors are now eyeing the fifth week of the NFL season. It all starts with a quick look at the 2022 NFL odds Week 5 and instantly games stand out. The important factor to consider when looking at the early point spreads is what games provide value and what games to avoid. The game that you want to avoid usually comes in the form of a trap game.

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What’s a trap game? 

A “trap” game is a game that looks too good to be true. It looks so easy to bet that you want to run to your betting website and quickly put in the wager. That bet usually loses and it leaves the player confused and searching for answers. Last week we pointed out the “trap game” and it paid off if you bet the other way.


Here is the complete 2022 NFL odds Week 5


Matchup Time Spread Over/Under
Colts at Broncos Thurs, 8:15 p.m. ET Broncos -3.5 43.5
Giants at Packers* Sun, 9:30 a.m. ET Packers -7.5 41.5
Steelers at Bills Sun, 1 p.m. ET Bills -14 47
Chargers at Browns Sun, 1 p.m. ET Browns +3 47.5
Texans at Jaguars Sun, 1 p.m. ET Jaguars -7.5 44.5
Bears at Vikings Sun, 1 p.m. ET Vikings -6.5 44
Lions at Patriots Sun, 1 p.m. ET Patriots -2.5 46.5
Seahawks at Saints Sun, 1 p.m. ET Saints -5.5 45.5
Dolphins at Jets Sun, 1 p.m. ET Jets +3 43
Falcons at Buccaneers Sun, 1 p.m. ET Buccaneers -8.5 48.5
Titans at Commanders Sun, 1 p.m. ET Commanders +2.5 42.5
49ers at Panthers Sun, 4:05 p.m. ET Panthers +4.5 39
Eagles at Cardinals Sun, 4:25 p.m. ET Cardinals +5 49.5
Cowboys at Rams Sun, 4:25 p.m. ET Rams -4.5 45.5
Bengals at Ravens Sun, 8:20 p.m. ET Ravens -3 48
Raiders at Chiefs Mon, 8:15 p.m. ET Chiefs -7.5 51

The Trap Game

This week there are several games that look too good to be true. Like the Packers against the Giants or the Jaguars over the Texans, but the one line that stands out to me is in a different game.

The 49ers just beat up the Rams and now they are small -4 favorites against the Carolina Panthers. Baker Mayfield and the Panthers look miserable this year and everyone will run to bet on San Francisco. Be careful. The 49ers are on a short week and they are coming off a big win against the Rams. This is a letdown spot and the point-spread is low for a reason. This is the trap game and maybe a game you want to avoid this week.

2022 NFL Week 4 picks against the spread for every game

2022 NFL Week 4 picks against the spread for every game

Week 4 of the NFL brings plenty of things to consider. The injuries are starting to pile up as superstar players are getting banged up. The NFL returns to London for an early game and the schedule features multiple big-time matchups. The Thursday game is in the books so It is time for the 2022 NFL Week 4 picks against the spread for every game.

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Vikings vs Saints (Early start)

The Saints got to London earlier than the Vikings, but they are dealing with more injuries. Jameis Winston, Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas will not play in this game. This is not good for a Saints team that has failed to cover the spread this season (0-3 ATS) and who are 1-5 ATS as an underdog. The Vikings win and cover the early game.

Bet Vikings -2.5 [BET NOW]


Browns at Falcons

When this point spread first came out, there was something stinky about it. The Browns are a much better team, so why the small betting line? Maybe it’s because the Browns are just 8-15 ATS as a favorite and Atlanta is a perfect 3-0 against the number this season. The Browns will be shorthanded on defense after losing Myles Garrett to an injury that he sustained in a car accident. The Falcons will move the ball on offense and beat the Browns.

Bet Falcons +1.5 [BET NOW]


Bills at Ravens

Thismay be a preview of the AFC Championship game as two talented teams face off in Baltimore. Lamar Jackson will be able to torch a depleted Buffalo secondary and the Ravens are one of the best teams to bet on as an underdog. The Ravens are 14-2 ATS as an underdog and a perfect 5-0 ATS as a home underdog.

Bet Ravens +3.5 [BET NOW]


Washington at Cowboys

The Cowboys are on upset alert. Everyone loves Cooper Rush for winning ballgames while Dak Prescott gets healthy and they look incredible on defense. However, they will be in trouble today against a Washington team that has struggled up to this point. The Cowboys are off a short week and Wentz can beat this secondary if given time to throw. Washington was crushed last year in Dallas and will be out for revenge.

Bet Washington +3.5 [BET NOW]


Seahawks at Lions

The Lions are limping into this game and will not have Swift or St Brown on offense and that will be a big problem. Seattle is starting to produce on offense and Geno Smith knows how to cash tickets with a 22-15 ATS record in his career. The Seahawks take down the Lions.

Bet Seahawks +4.5 [BET NOW]


Chargers at Texans

The Texans may not be winning but they are keeping games close and today they face a Chargers team that is crushed by injuries. LA is 0-3 straight up as road favorites under Brandon Staley who will be on the hot seat when they lose in Houston today. Don’t take the Chargers as your survivor pick. The Texans are 2-0-1 ATS this season and will remain perfect after cashing in today.

Bet Texans +4.5 [BET NOW]


Titans at Colts

The Colts got back on track with a big win against the Chiefs last week. With a win against the Titans, they can get right back into the race for the division. The Titans are -33 which is the worst in the league and are having a tough season. Derrick Henry is the only threat on a team that looks lost offensively. The favorite has covered 14 of 19 games in this series.

Bet Colts -3.5 [BET NOW]


Bears at Giants

Well, something has to give in to what might be the ugliest game of the day. Both the Bears and the Giants are winning but it ain’t pretty. The Bears are 9-17 ATS on the road and 4-11 ATS as an underdog. The Giants have the better offense and they will take down the Bears at home. This may be tough to watch, but Big Blue wins at home.

Bet Giants -3.5 [BET NOW]


Jaguars at Eagles

Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are having an incredible start to the season but will get a test against Jacksonville on Sunday. This will be the best defense that Philly has faced this year. Jacksonville is a new team under Doug Pederson who makes his return to Philadelphia and would love to beat his former team. The Eagles are 4-11-1 ATS after a win against the spread and will be involved in a clash that comes down to the final minutes.

Bet Jags +6.5 [BET NOW]


Jets at Steelers

I am not ready to bet on Pittsburgh laying points with all of the problems they have had on offense. They are also just 1-5 ATS as a favorite and face a Jets team that actually looks pretty good on offense and will get Zach Wilson back under center. The Steeler’s poor play today will finally lead to the benching of Mitch Trubisky.

Bet Jets +3.5 [BET NOW]


Arizona at Carolina

This is the kind of game that Arizona has to win if they have hopes of making the playoffs. The Cardinals thrive as a road underdog and have won seven straight games in that spot. The Panthers have injuries, and quarterback problems and have lost seven straight games outright as a favorite. Kyler Murray leads the Cards to an easy road victory over Carolina.

Bet Cardinals +1 [BET NOW]


Patriots at Packers

Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches ever, but he won’t have any answers today. Brian Hoyer starts at QB and he does not have the arm strength to stretch the field. That will allow the Packer’s defense to compress the field and shorten drives for New England. That leaves Aaron Rodgers all day to expose a tired Patriots defense. Green Bay is 4-0 ATS as a double-digit favorite and 17-7 ATS when favored at home.

Bet Packers -10.5 [BET NOW]


Broncos vs Raiders

This AFC West matchup features two of the biggest disappointments of the young season. Las Vegas has yet to cover a game this season but will love to see Denver coming to town since they have covered eight of the last nine meetings. The Broncos commit too many penalties and they have yet to get the offense on track. The Raiders finally get a win.

Bet Raiders -2.5 [BET NOW]