NFL Week 17 Picks against the spread for every game

NFL Week 17 Picks against the spread for every game

As the NFL regular season barrels toward its climax, Week 17 is upon us, offering a dazzling array of matchups and implications for playoff contention. With the New Year’s countdown approaching, football fans are gearing up for a final regular-season feast. Dive into this week’s breakdown of every game, including picks against the spread, to unravel the thrilling gridiron narratives set to unfold on the last day of the year.

Rams vs Giants: Giants +6

The Rams are strutting in hot, but this Big Apple rendezvous smells like a distraction. The Giants might not sling a victory, but they’ve got the gusto to keep this showdown tight.

49ers vs Commanders: 49ers -14

The Commanders can’t decide whoโ€™s on quarterback duty, which is bad news when facing an irate 49ers squad fresh off a loss. Itโ€™s a recipe for a one-sided smackdown.”

Raiders vs Colts: Colts -3.5

The Raiders have a knack for surprise wins, but consistency isnโ€™t their strong suit. Indy’s hometown advantage and playoff thirst will be too much. Colts are claiming this one.

Cardinals vs Eagles: Eagles -12.5

The Cardinals are nursing a bad case of ‘checked-out-itis,’ while the Eagles are hungry to regain their winning groove. Philly’s ready to soar, and the Cards wonโ€™t stop them.

Saints vs Buccaneers: Saints +2.5

Hold your horses, Baker fans! The Saints pack a better punch overall. Carr’s got the arm to rattle the Bucs, making room for some Saints’ ground dominance. My money’s on the Saints.

Falcons vs Bears: Bears -2.5

The Bears are on a mission to spruce up Fields for the trade market. Plus, that Panthers’ first-rounder is too tempting. Meanwhile, the Falcons have their eye on a new coaching gig.

Panthers vs Jaguars: Panthers +3.5

The Jaguars are hobbling towards the end, and minus Lawrence, they’re in no mood for a battle. Panthers are still clawing for victory and snag this one.”

Dolphins vs Ravens: Ravens -3.5

Missing Mostert and Waddle for the Dolphins is like taking the wind out of their sails. Ravens are eyeing that home-field advantage and victory – MVP vibes and Super Bowl dreams.


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Titans vs Texans
Titans +3.5

The Titans might not have much at stake, but with murmurs about Derrick Henry’s tenure, they’re still playing for pride. The Texans welcome CJ Stroud back, but expect the Titans to keep this one tight.

Patriots vs Bills
Bills -14.5

Patriots had their moment last week, but the Bills are cooking up a revenge storm. They’re eyeing a grand send-off for Belichick and plan to serve the Pats their season’s worst loss. Big win for the Bills incoming.

Steelers vs Seahawks
Seahawks -3.5

The Mason Rudolph tale ends here โ€“ the Steelers face a robust Seahawks squad, 12th man in tow. Itโ€™s a long road to disappointment for the Steelers against a healthy Seattle team.

Bengals vs Chiefs
Chiefs -6.5

The Chiefs, fueled by Pacheco’s return, are looking to right their offensive wrongs. There’s something about the Bengals in their stadium that gets the Chiefs fired up. Swift moves lead to a Kansas City victory.

Chargers vs Broncos
Chargers +3

Disarray in Denver spells trouble. Rumors of discontent and Easton Stick’s growing comfort in the Chargers’ system make for a promising road win for Los Angeles.

Packers vs Vikings
Packers +1.5

Vikingsโ€™ desperation meets Packersโ€™ health. With QB shifts and injuries plaguing Minnesota, the Packers are all set to shut the playoff door on the Vikings with a confident win.

2023 Holiday Bowl Showdown: Louisville Cardinals vs. USC Trojans

2023 Holiday Bowl Showdown: Louisville Cardinals vs. USC Trojans

December 27 is filled with great bowl games. Get ready for gridiron fireworks as the Holiday Bowl brings a riveting collision between the Louisville Cardinals and the USC Trojans! This postseason clash, promises an exhilarating showdown between two college football powerhouses. The Holiday Bowl marks an epic stage for these teams to showcase their skills and determination, captivating fans with every play. Join us as we delve into the excitement, key matchups, and narratives fueling this highly anticipated battle between the Louisville Cardinals and the USC Trojans in one of the most thrilling bowl games of the season.

How to Bet on the Holiday Bowlย 

Placing bets on college football bowl games like the Holiday Bowl adds a layer of excitement to the action-packed matchups. Whether it’s the Louisville Cardinals versus the USC Trojans or any other bowl game, explore various betting options. Exploring all college football betting strategies relevant for this time of the year is highly advisable. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your game and make calculated wagers on this thrilling Holiday Bowl clash and other exciting college football bowl games.

Fall of Troy

Throughout the college football season, the USC team embarked with lofty aspirations. With 2022 Heisman Winner Caleb Williams at the helm, they kicked off their campaign ranking a formidable fifth. However, as the season unfolded, their journey took a tumultuous turn. Despite scraping a win against unranked Colorado with a 48-41 victory, USC faced an intense triple-overtime battle against Arizona the following week.

Subsequently, the Trojans endured a challenging phase, stumbling in five out of their next six games. This downward spiral has led to Louisville being considered a significant favorite, boasting a touchdown-plus advantage across various prominent sportsbooks.

Bowled Over

USC’s postseason success has been a struggle, with their last triumphant bowl victory dating back to the exhilarating Sam Darnold-led Rose Bowl in 2017. However, the Trojans’ recent bowl performances have been marred by adversity. In the previous season’s Cotton Bowl clash against Tulane, USC faced a daunting setback. A disheartening 15-point fourth-quarter unraveling cast a shadow over the program, culminating in two consecutive losses as they entered the offseason.

Holiday Bowl Predictions

In the Holiday Bowl showdown between Louisville and USC, the Cardinals emerge as the favored pick for numerous reasons, notably their potential to exploit USC’s defensive vulnerabilities. USC’s defensive struggles, ranking a concerning No. 114 against the run with a staggering allowance of 183.7 yards per game, paint a clear picture of their susceptibility.

Conversely, Louisville brings a formidable defense to the table, showcasing its strength by allowing just 19.7 points per game, ranking 20th nationally. Additionally, their defensive prowess spans across categories, with impressive stats of 205.4 passing yards per game (35th), 101.9 rushing yards per game (12th), and a total of 307.3 yards per game (14th). Considering these factors, Louisville’s defensive might and USC’s vulnerabilities position the Cardinals as a confident pick, favoring them to cover the -7 spread in this high-stakes Holiday Bowl matchup.

Bet on Louisville -7

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Virginia Tech vs. Tulane in the Military Bowl: Clash of Gridiron Forces 2023

Virginia Tech vs. Tulane in the Military Bowl: Clash of Gridiron Forces 2023

This season is filled with great bowl games. Gear up for gridiron combat in the 2023 Military Bowl! On December 27, Virginia Tech and Tulane lock horns in a clash of football titans. This highly-anticipated bowl game not only showcases the athletic prowess of both teams but also resonates with patriotic fervor. As the college football season reaches its thrilling conclusion, follow us as we dissect the dynamics, key matchups, and narratives driving this unmissable showdown between Virginia Tech and Tulane in this prestigious postseason event.

How to bet on the Military Bowl

Looking to bet on the Military Bowl featuring Virginia Tech vs. Tulane? Understanding betting options for bowl games can elevate your experience. Start by exploring point spread betting, where you predict the winning margin between teams. Moneyline betting involves choosing the outright winner. Additionally, delve into over/under betting, predicting the combined score’s outcome. Player prop bets offer options to wager on individual player performances. Assess team statistics, recent form, and consider expert analysis before making your betting selections. Explore various sportsbooks for competitive odds and secure your bets ahead of this thrilling clash between Virginia Tech and Tulane in the Military Bowl.

The Moving Parts

The Green Wave from Tulane face a challenging scenario, as they navigate the Military Bowl without their coach, starting quarterback, and a significant portion of their coaching staff and key contributors. Conversely, Virginia Tech enters the matchup with substantial strength and continuity. The Hokies are bolstered by the return of an impressive roster, showcasing their depth and stability. Key players like QB Kyron Drones, RB Bhayshul Tuten, and a cadre of talented wide receivers including Jaylin Lane, Daโ€™Quan Felton, and Stephen Gosnell, along with defensive standouts DE Antwaun Powell-Ryland, CB Dorian Strong, and CB Mansoor Delane are set to take the field. This comprehensive list speaks volumes about Virginia Tech’s December momentum, positioning them as a formidable force for the Military Bowl showdown.

Military Bowl Prediction

Virginia Tech enters the Military Bowl with a clear advantage, not just in talent but also in the team’s collective momentum. With a robust lineup and key contributors returning, the Hokies boast a depth that will likely overwhelm Tulane. The Green Wave’s significant absences, including coaching staff and key players, pose a challenge that might be tough to overcome. Virginia Tech’s well-rounded offense, led by a reinstated QB Kyron Drones and a skillful corps of receivers and rushers, is poised to exploit Tulane’s vulnerabilities. Defensively, the Hokies have the tools to stifle Tulane’s offense, capitalizing on their opponent’s personnel gaps. Given these factors, Virginia Tech seems poised to not only secure the win but cover the spread comfortably in the Military Bowl showdown.

Bet on Virginia Tech -10.5

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Updated 2023-24 NFL MVP Odds: A New Leader

Updated 2023-24 NFL MVP Odds: A New Leader

In the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL, the race for the coveted 2023-24 NFL MVP title is gaining momentum. As fans eagerly speculate and enthusiasts place their bets, the NFL’s top stars are making waves. With the season progressing, there’s a new frontrunner emerging, shaking up the MVP odds. The excitement around the league is palpable, and the updated odds reflect a shifting narrative in the hunt for the most prestigious individual honor in football. Let’s dive into the latest MVP odds, dissect the contenders, and uncover who’s leading the charge in this fiercely competitive season. Get ready to explore the pulse of the NFL MVP race!

Lamar is the Leader

Following the Ravens’ commanding 33-19 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, QB Lamar Jackson’s stellar performance has propelled him to the forefront of the NFL MVP race, according to the latest odds. Jackson’s dynamic showcase on the field showcased his exceptional skills, consolidating his position as a frontrunner for the prestigious award. His ability to lead the Ravens to victory while showcasing remarkable athleticism and game-changing plays has not only solidified his team’s standing but also elevated his status as a leading candidate for the coveted MVP title. As the season progresses, Jackson’s electrifying performances continue to captivate audiences and position him firmly as a frontrunner in the MVP race.

How to bet on the MVP Late in the season

Approaching the final weeks of the NFL regular season, betting on the MVP becomes a game of observing late-season surges and impactful performances. Assessing recent player statistics, standout moments, and their influence on team success is crucial. Keep an eye on odds adjustments across sportsbooks, as late-season narratives and critical games can dramatically shift MVP probabilities. Strategic betting hinges on identifying players showing consistency, elevating their game when it matters most, and impacting their team’s fortunes as the season draws to a close. Keeping a close watch on player narratives and team dynamics provides valuable insights for making informed MVP bets in the closing stages of the regular season.

2023-24 NFL MVP Odds:

– Lamar Jackson: -177

– Jackson’s consistent and explosive performances have positioned him as the clear frontrunner for the MVP title. His exceptional ability to lead the Ravens with both his arm and legs has significantly lowered his odds, indicating strong confidence from oddsmakers and bettors alike.


– Christian McCaffrey: +390

– McCaffrey’s return to top form has garnered attention, reflected in his favorable odds. As a versatile playmaker for the 49ers, his impact on both the rushing and passing game makes him a notable contender. He may be the only one that can catch Jackson and his numbers say that he is deserving.


– Brock Purdy: +1025

– Purdy’s emergence as a dark horse showcases his potential to disrupt the MVP race. His performances have intrigued, earning him relatively favorable odds compared to more established names. But after a miserable four-interception performance in arguably the biggest game of the year, Purdy is out of this race.


– Tua Tagovailoa: +1050

– Tagovailoa’s consistent improvement throughout the season has slightly elevated his odds, positioning him as a potential surprise candidate with a chance to make a late-season push.


– Josh Allen: +1425

– Despite being a consistent performer, Allen’s odds have seen a slight increase, possibly due to other standout performances overshadowing his season to date. But the latest run by the Buffalo Bills will keep him in the race.

Other Notable Names

– Dak Prescott:+1925
– Tyreek Hill: +2200
– Jalen Hurts: +2500
– Patrick Mahomes: +4400

Lamar Jackson’s dominance on the field has not only solidified his position as the favorite but also signifies his impact and influence on the MVP race, showcasing his prowess as a top-tier player in the league.

Christmas Day NFL: Ravens vs 49ers Picks

Christmas Day NFL: Ravens vs 49ers Picks

Get ready for an NFL Christmas extravaganza as the Baltimore Ravens clash with the San Francisco 49ers in a holiday showdown that promises fireworks! The NFL had Thursday and Saturday games, but this is the big one! This Christmas night matchup between two NFL powerhouses, the Ravens and the 49ers, is set to light up the gridiron with an intense battle for supremacy. As football fans unwrap the gift of this high-stakes game on Christmas Day, the Ravens vs 49ers showdown is a must-watch event that encapsulates the spirit of NFL action during the festive season.

Ravens Ten win underdogs

History might just be in the making as the Baltimore Ravens, a team with over 10 wins and an impressive .750 winning percentage, step onto the field as +5.5 underdogs. It’s a rare sightโ€”the last time a team of such caliber, with their primary starting quarterback, found themselves in a similar position was back in 2019 Week 13 when the 49ers, faced with similar odds, challenged the Ravens. The result? A thrilling 20-17 victory for the Ravens, proving that underdog status doesn’t always tell the full tale on game day.

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Bet on Brock?

Monday nights have become the stage for football underdogs to shine, and this clash is no different. Brock Purdy steps into his 20th regular-season start as a quarterback with an impressive track recordโ€”he’s never played as an underdog. That streak, unmatched in the Super Bowl era, adds a thrilling layer to the game. Purdy boasts a 12-6-1 ATS record as a starter, hinting at his ability to defy expectations.

Speaking of underdogs, they’ve been rewriting Monday Night Football history lately. In a jaw-dropping streak, underdogs have seized victory in seven consecutive Monday night games, including both teams in Week 14. This streak marks the longest stretch of underdogs securing outright wins in the annals of Monday Night Football. Will this trend continue in this highly anticipated matchup? The stage is set for another unpredictable Monday night showdown!

Ravens vs 49ers Picks

In a clash of NFL titans, the 49ers boast an impressive lineup led by Brock Purdy, powerhouse Christian McCaffrey, and a rock-solid defense. Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson’s underdog record is nothing short of remarkable at 11-1-1 ATS (9-4 outright). However, despite Jackson’s prowess, the 49ers emerge as the stronger team in this matchup. With all factors considered, the 49ers at -5.5 stand out as the prime bet for this game.

ย NFL Week 16 Showdown: Bills vs Chargers – Betting Picks

ย NFL Week 16 Showdown: Bills vs Chargers – Betting Picks & Some Gridiron Laughs!

Hey there, gridiron gang!

As the NFL season barrels toward its thrilling conclusion, some matchups resemble a buffetโ€”filled with teams hungrily eyeing next season’s menu. Enter the Buffalo Bills and the LA Chargers, each with their playoff (or off-season) dreams.

Let’s be real, predicting Bills vs Chargers is like trying to guess which item youโ€™ll accidentally drop first at a picnicโ€”odds are tricky. The Chargers? Theyโ€™re double-digit underdogs, a sight rarer than a unicorn taking a stroll. They havenโ€™t been in this spot since your auntโ€™s infamous Thanksgiving flop in โ€™98. Blame it on injuries; they’re missing key players like a phone without a charger.

Buffalo Hot Wings

Meanwhile, Buffaloโ€™s hotter than a tailgate grill at kickoff. Three out of four wins and a blowout victory over the playoff-bound Cowboys? Talk about a spicy Buffalo wing game! With James Cook as their go-to running back and Josh Allen keeping a firm grip on the ball (phew, panic avoided), the Bills are eyeing that AFC East title like it’s the last chicken wing on game day.

Coach Gone, Good Results?ย 

Predicting this matchup? Hold onto your nachosโ€”Chargers just got a new head coach! And history says teams post-coaching switcheroo are like Cinderella at the ballโ€”20-12 ATS in the last 15 years! They’re also recovering from a whopping 63-point surrender. Talk about a team hungry for redemption.

So, what’s the play here? We’re waving that Chargers flag like it’s a victory parade! Home team and a whopping 12.5 points? Thatโ€™s like getting a touchdown lead before the coin toss!

Buying in on the Bolts

Folks, letโ€™s take a moment to appreciate the underdog, the dark horse charging through the NFL battlefieldโ€”the Chargers. Sure, they might not be playoff-bound, but hear this: the hungrier the dog, the louder the bark! Facing those hefty 12.5 points might seem like a mountain to climb, but if Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that the unexpected, the thrilling underdog story, is what keeps us glued to our seats. Buckle up, because this Chargers team, with their fresh coaching spark and a fire in their belly, might just pull off the gridiron equivalent of a Hollywood upset!

So, when you’re eyeing those betting lines, donโ€™t dismiss the Chargers. Betting on them at +12.5? It’s not just a play; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold! Join the Charger bandwagon, grab your popcorn, and let’s watch this gridiron drama unfold together.

Bet smart, bet boldโ€”bet on the Chargers +12.5 and get ready for a football saga that could be talked about for seasons to come! Cheers to unexpected touchdowns and gridiron glory!

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Cheers to pigskin adventures and unexpected touchdowns!

NFL Week 15 Picks Against the spread for every game

NFL Week 15 Picks Against the spread for every game

Welcome back, NFL enthusiasts! Week 15 brings another thrilling lineup of gridiron clashes, and it’s time to break down the matchups and unveil the picks against the spread for each game. As the playoff race intensifies, so does the betting action. Join me as we navigate through the upcoming battles, analyzing the stats, trends, and key factors that could shape this pivotal week on the field and in the sportsbooks. Strap in for a comprehensive rundown of Week 15’s spread picks, aimed at helping you navigate the thrilling world of NFL betting!

New York Giants vs New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers

Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots


Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets

Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns


Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans


NFL Betting Bonus

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Mastering College Football Bowl Betting Trends

Mastering College Football Bowl Betting Trends

As college football bowl season approaches, bettors prepare to dive into a thrilling array of games and wagering opportunities. There are many tips and strategies to consider. To maximize success in this high-stakes environment, understanding and leveraging key betting trends is paramount.

Unveiling the Top Bowl Betting Trends

1. Conference Performances

Historically, certain conferences tend to outperform others in bowl games. Analyzing conference strengths and weaknesses can provide insights into potential outcomes, assisting in making informed betting decisions.

2. Coach Track Records

Examining the track records of coaches in bowl games is essential. Some coaches excel in postseason settings, strategizing and motivating their teams for victory, while others struggle under pressure.

3. Underdog Surprises

Bowl games often witness underdogs pulling off surprising victories. Analyze the underdog teams’ performance against the spread and straight-up, identifying opportunities for profitable bets.

4. Total Points Betting

Exploring trends in total points scored in bowl games can be lucrative. Certain matchups historically result in high-scoring affairs, while others lean toward defensive battles. Identifying these tendencies aids in predicting game outcomes and setting over/under bets.

5. Recent Team Performance

Assessing teams’ recent performances leading up to bowl games provides valuable insights. Teams on winning streaks tend to maintain momentum, while those facing consecutive losses might struggle to regain footing.

6. Player Participation and Opt-Outs

Player availability significantly impacts game dynamics. Monitoring player participation and potential opt-outs for the NFL Draft or due to injuries helps gauge team strengths and weaknesses.

7. Bowl Game Location Impact

Consider the impact of bowl game locations on team performances. Some teams perform exceptionally well in certain regions, while others might face challenges adjusting to different climates and venues.
Notable Bowl Betting Trends Over the Years
1. Favorites vs. Underdogs Performance
2. Over/Under Trends in Bowl Games
3. Conference Dominance in Bowl Matchups
4. Impact of Coaching Changes on Bowl Game Outcomes

Leveraging Trends for Winning Bets

College football bowl season presents a goldmine of opportunities for astute bettors. By analyzing and incorporating key trends like conference performances, coaching track records, underdog surprises, and player dynamics, bettors can craft informed strategies for successful betting.
Remember, while trends offer insights, combining them with thorough research and analysis enhances betting decisions. Keep an eye on evolving team dynamics and utilize trends as a valuable tool in your betting arsenal.
Stay tuned to the latest trends and insights to elevate your college football bowl betting experience and increase your chances of turning bets into wins!

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Unveiling Winning College Football Betting Angles for Bowl Season 2023-24

Unveiling Winning College Football Betting Angles for Bowl Season 2023-24

As the college football bowl season kicks into high gear, and the schedule is released, enthusiasts and bettors alike gear up for thrilling matchups and profitable opportunities. With a myriad of games set to unfold, it’s crucial to identify strategic betting angles that can elevate your chances of success.

Bowl Season Betting Strategies Unveiled

ย 1. Analyzing Team Motivation and Momentum

Understanding each team’s motivation heading into bowl games is paramount. Some teams might be thrilled with their bowl selections, while others may feel slighted or disappointed. Additionally, teams riding momentum from strong regular-season finishes tend to carry that energy into bowl games.

2. Factoring in Rest and Preparation Time

Consider the time gap between the regular season’s end and the bowl game. Teams with ample rest may show improved performance, while others might struggle to regain momentum after a prolonged break.

3. Assessing Player Opt-Outs and Injuries

Injuries and player opt-outs significantly impact team dynamics. Analyzing team rosters, especially with star players opting out for the NFL Draft or due to injury, is crucial in predicting outcomes.

4. Exploring Historical Trends and Head-to-Head Matchups

Delve into historical trends for specific bowl games and teams. Some teams excel in bowl game settings, while others falter. Head-to-head matchups and past performances in similar scenarios provide valuable insights.

5. Capitalizing on Line Movements and Value Bets

Monitor line movements diligently. Understanding why lines shift and spotting value bets can be lucrative. Identifying discrepancies between the actual team strength and the betting lines presents golden opportunities.

6. Weather Conditions and Venue Impact

Climate and venue play a pivotal role, especially in outdoor games. Consider how weather conditions might influence game plans and impact the outcome.

ย Conclusion: Making Informed Decisions

College football bowl season presents a wealth of opportunities for savvy bettors. By applying strategic betting angles such as analyzing motivation, rest, injuries, historical trends, and line movements, bettors can position themselves for success. Stay tuned, stay informed, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
Remember, responsible betting is key. Enjoy the thrill of college football bowl season while betting wisely and within your means.
For more insights and up-to-date information on college football betting angles, stay tuned to our platform!

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College Football Bowl Game Schedule 2023-24

College Football Bowl Game Schedule 2023-24

The anticipation ramps up as the College Football Bowl Game Schedule for 2023-24 unveils a series of electrifying matchups and odds set to ignite gridiron fervor! Each bowl game promises thrilling clashes between powerhouse teams, offering football enthusiasts a spectacular array of showdowns. From the prestigious Rose Bowl to the coveted Orange Bowl and beyond, this schedule is a treasure trove for football fans seeking the ultimate in college football action. Get ready to mark your calendars and dive into this guide, packed with insights, key matchups, and everything you need to navigate the exhilarating world of college football bowl season 2023-24.

December 16 – Super Saturday Showdowns

Myrtle Beach Bowl (11 a.m. ET, ESPN) โ€“ *Georgia Southern vs. Ohio*

Rise and shine, early birds! Get your beach towels ready for this coastal bowl!

New Orleans Bowl (2:15 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Louisiana vs. Jacksonville State*

Jazz up your afternoon with a game where Louisiana hopes to jazz up the field.

Cure Bowl (3:30 p.m., ABC) โ€“ *Appalachian State vs. Miami (Ohio)*

Time for Appalachian State to give a dose of the ‘Cure’ to Miami (Ohio)!

New Mexico Bowl (5:45 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *New Mexico State vs. Fresno State*

A bowl where New Mexico wants to assert its ‘New’ dominance!

LA Bowl (7:30 p.m., ABC) โ€“ *Boise State vs. UCLA*

Will Boise State wrangle in a win against the mighty Bruins?

Independence Bowl (9:15 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Texas Tech vs. Cal*

Can Texas Tech declare independence from Cal’s defense?

December 18 – The Brunch Bowl

Famous Toastery Bowl (2:30 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Western Kentucky vs. Old Dominion*

Starting the week with a bowl of touchdowns and brunch feels.

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December 19 – Tuesday Thrillers

Frisco Bowl (9 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Marshall vs. UTSA*

Tuesday night lights for a showdown in the Frisco Bowl!

December 21 – Thursday Night Feats

Boca Raton Bowl (8 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *South Florida vs. Syracuse*

Who will bring the sunshine to the Boca Raton Bowl?

December 22 – Friday Night Fever

Gasparilla Bowl (6:30 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *UCF vs. Georgia Tech*

A bowl where UCF hopes to ‘tech’ up a win!

December 23 – Saturday Showtime

Birmingham Bowl (Noon, ABC) โ€“ *Duke vs. Troy*

Can Duke reign over Troy in this midday bowl?

Camellia Bowl (Noon, ESPN) โ€“ *Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois*

Camellia flowers bloom while these teams battle it out.

Armed Forces Bowl (3:30 p.m., ABC) โ€“ *James Madison vs. Air Force*

Armed with determination, they march onto the field.

Potato Bowl (3:30 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Utah State vs. Georgia State*

A bowl that’s ‘a-peeling’ for some spud-tacular action!

68 Ventures Bowl (7 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *South Alabama vs. Eastern Michigan*

Let’s see which team will venture towards victory!

Las Vegas Bowl (7:30 p.m., ABC) โ€“ *Northwestern vs. Utah*

Roll the dice in Sin City with these football foes.

Hawaii Bowl (10:30 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *San Jose State vs. Coastal Carolina*

Aloha to a thrilling matchup in Hawaii!

December 26 – Post-Christmas Ballgames

Quick Lane Bowl (2 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Bowling Green vs. Minnesota*

Time to strike at the Quick Lane Bowl!

First Responder Bowl (5:30 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Texas State vs. Rice*

First responders to kick off the bowl festivities!

Guaranteed Rate Bowl (9 p.m. ET, ESPN) โ€“ *Kansas vs. UNLV*

Can Kansas guarantee a rate of victory against UNLV?

December 27 – Midweek Battles

Military Bowl** (2 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Tulane vs. Virginia Tech*

It’s a battle of tactics at the Military Bowl!

Dukeโ€™s Mayo Bowl (5:30 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *North Carolina vs. West Virginia*

Who’s hungry for victory at the Mayo Bowl?

Holiday Bowl (8 p.m., Fox) โ€“ *No. 15 Louisville vs. USC*

Get ready for holiday cheer and gridiron showdowns!

Texas Bowl (9 p.m., Fox) โ€“ *No. 20 Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M*

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the bowl games!

December 28 – Midweek Fun Continues

Fenway Bowl (11 a.m., ESPN) โ€“ *No. 24 SMU vs. Boston College*

A gridiron battle at the historic Fenway Park!

Pinstripe Bowl (2:15 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Miami vs. Rutgers*

The Pinstripe Bowl in NYC: where football meets the Big Apple!

Pop-Tarts Bowl (5:45 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *NC State vs. Kansas State*

A ‘toasty’ matchup in the Pop-Tarts Bowl!

Alamo Bowl (9:15 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *No. 12 Oklahoma vs. No. 14 Arizona*

Alamo Bowl – a historic showdown under the Texas stars!

December 29 – Friday Fiesta

Gator Bowl (Noon, ESPN) โ€“ *No. 22 Clemson vs. Kentucky*

Time to ‘Gator’ roll in Jacksonville!

Sun Bowl (2 p.m., CBS) โ€“ *No. 19 Oregon State vs. No. 16 Notre Dame*

Shine bright at the Sun Bowl showdown!

Liberty Bowl (3:30 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *Iowa State vs. Memphis*

A Liberty Bowl battle for gridiron freedom!

Cotton Bowl (8 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *No. 7 Ohio State vs. No. 9 Missouri*

The Cotton Bowl – where legends are made!

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December 30 – Weekend Warriors

Peach Bowl (Noon, ESPN) โ€“ *No. 10 Penn State vs. No. 11 Ole Miss*

Sweet as a Georgia peach at the Peach Bowl!

Music City Bowl (2 p.m., ABC) โ€“ *Auburn vs. Maryland*

Nashville’s Music City Bowl – where football meets melodies!

Orange Bowl (4 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *No. 5 Florida State vs. No. 6 Georgia*

Get ready for citrusy action at the Orange Bowl!

Arizona Bowl (4:30 p.m., The CW) โ€“ *Toledo vs. Wyoming*

In Arizona, it’s more than just hot weather; it’s gridiron action too!

January 1 – New Year’s Day Delight

ReliaQuest Bowl (Noon, ESPN2) โ€“ *No. 13 LSU vs. Wisconsin*

Start the year with gridiron fireworks at the ReliaQuest Bowl!

Citrus Bowl (Noon, ABC) โ€“ *No. 17 Iowa vs. No. 21 Tennessee*

Squeeze out some victories at the Citrus Bowl!

Fiesta Bowl (Noon, ESPN) โ€“ *No. 8 Oregon vs. No. 23 Liberty*

It’s a festival of football at the Fiesta Bowl!

Rose Bowl (5 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *No. 1 Michigan vs. No. 4 Alabama*

The Granddaddy of Them All – the Rose Bowl!

Sugar Bowl (8:45 p.m., ESPN) โ€“ *No. 2 Washington vs. No. 3 Texas*

Sweet as sugar, it’s the Sugar Bowl showdown!

January 8 – Championship Showdown

CFP National Championship Game (7:30 p.m., ESPN):

The ultimate battle for college football supremacy!

What a lineup! Any games in particular you’re excited to watch?