How to bet on the NBA Playoffs and make money

How to bet on the NBA Playoffs and make money

Finally, the NBA regular season in the bubble is wrapping up and the NBA playoffs are about to begin. The playoffs have a much different intensity than the regular season and are always more enjoyable to watch. The excitement increases if you plan on placing a wager on the games when they tip-off. Betting on playoff basketball is not easy and if you want to make real money, you have to be informed. We have set out to do just that and give out helpful tips on how to bet on the NBA playoffs. From the play-in series to the NBA Finals we got you covered. 

Breaking down the 2020 NBA playoffs bracket

Before you can bet on the games you have to know who is playing and what the seeds are. It may sound simple, but if you don’t know who the teams are playing and who they play next, it will be difficult to bet on NBA futures, like who will win the NBA championship? Below we have a breakdown of every NBA matchup for the playoffs. 

Breaking down the 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket predictions for every series and your printable brackets!

Western Conference

  1. Lakers vs. 8.Blazers/Grizzlies
  2. Clippers vs. 7. Mavericks
  3. Nuggets vs. 6. Jazz
  4. Thunder vs. 5. Rockets

Eastern Conference

  1. Milwaukee vs 8. Orlando
  2. Miami vs 5. Indiana
  3. Boston vs 6. Philadelphia
  4. Toronto vs 7. Brooklyn

Bet with a bonus

How you bet and who you bet on are very important, but where you bet needs to be just as important. The goal is to find a sports betting site that is trustworthy, offers plentiful betting options, and pays out quickly. We have compiled a list of the top sportsbooks to make it easy to choose. Keep an eye out for the big bonuses that sportsbooks are giving out to give you extra money to bet on the NBA playoffs. That is a big difference-maker when you bet on basketball.

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Home not-so-sweet home

The experienced handicappers will read the NBA betting line and cover all of the angles before placing a bet. This year that has changed since the teams are all playing in Orlando in the bubble.  Early in the year, a team like the Philadelphia 76ers would have been a “bet against” on the road. At one point in late February, the Sixers went 27-2 at home and just 9-21 on the road. Looking at player’s numbers on the road may help. For example, the Clippers Kawhi Leonard has some interesting road playoff averages at 26.7 points, 8.2 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 1.8 steals, 0.7 blocks, 49.4 percent from two, 42.9 percent from three, and 87.0 percent from the line (8.0 attempts). However, in the bubble, there is no real home-court advantage, but the bubble provides some interesting angles to consider before betting on basketball.

Get Free NBA Picks against the spread for 2020 NBA Playoffs

Not all numbers matter

The play in the NBA bubble up to this point is comparable to preseason play. Teams motivated to win have been able to get it done, like the Phoenix Suns who started the bubble run with a 7-0 straight up and against the spread (ATS) record. These numbers can be deceiving because teams like the Lakers and Bucks locked up the top spot early and had no motivation to play. These numbers may not matter but if you put in the homework you will find some that do. When learning how to bet on the NBA playoffs, finding these numbers is essential. For example, the Heat is 6-1 ATS in the first seven games in the bubble in the first quarter. The Spurs are 7-0 ATS in the first half in the first seven games in the bubble.

Time to win

The true secret behind learning how to bet on the NBA Playoffs and make money is simple. You have to work hard. You get out of betting on the NBA, exactly what you put into it. It’s time for the NBA playoffs, get to work!

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