How to make a sports bet with bitcoin

How to make a sports bet with bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency created over 11 years ago. At first, is was confusing and intimidating, but now it is something that is used by millions on a daily basis. It may be scary on the surface, but it is easy to use and very convenient for just about anything. All of the top sportsbooks use bitcoin. This includes betting on sports. We are often asked how to make a sports bet with bitcoin and so we set out to make it easy for sports fans worldwide.  

What is bitcoin?

Before you can figure out how to make a sports bet with bitcoin, you have to understand exactly what bitcoin is. First things first, you need a bitcoin wallet and it is exactly what you think it is. It holds your money and your bitcoin. There are several places that will allow you to buy bitcoin. The first step is to sign up with a provider that offers a bit coin wallet. There are plenty of reputable sites that allow you to buy and sell bitcoin, but this is the one that we like the best. Once you have a wallet, you can start buying bitcoin and you will be ready to bet on sports.

Betting on sports is easier with bitcoin

All sportsbooks are different, but there is one thing for certain. Sportsbooks love bitcoin. It is easy to use and the transfer from your bit coin wallet to your sportsbook is seamless. Bitcoin has fewer fees than Western Union, moneygram or credit cards and it is easier to move. Here is the good news if you bet on sports. If you use bitcoin you get paid faster. One of the biggest issues with betting at an online sportsbook is getting paid. If you use bitcoin, those worries are gone.

How to make a sports bet with bitcoin

Making a sports bet with bit coin is easy. It’s just like cash. The minute that the bitcoin is put into your sports betting account, you are able to bet with your money. This is just like your normal deposit. Betting at the top sportsbooks and the best online casinos are easy, all you have to do is start!

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