Jamal Adams traded to the Seattle Seahawks


Jamal Adams traded to Seattle

It was only a matter of time. This trade was inevitable. Reading the headline “Jamal Adams traded to Seattle” is not shocking to anyone. Although Jets fans have to be upset to say the least. 

The disgruntled defensive superstar has been outspoken for months. He trashed everyone that he could find and begged for the team to trade him. 

Most recently Adams blasted head coach Adam Gase and for the organization that was the last straw. Although Adams had previously said he wanted to play with the Dallas Cowboys, the Jets were not eager to meet his demands.  

The Jets have agreed to trade their disgruntled star safety, along with a 2022 fourth round-pick, to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for safety Bradley McDougald, a first-round and third-round pick in 2021, and a 2022 first-round pick.

The Jets lost their best players. They sent a message to the fans that Gase is more important and that will not go over well with the feisty fan base. 

On the other hand, the Seahawks vastly improved on defense. Adams is a leader on the field and arguably the best defender in football.

Jamal Adams has the most sacks (11), hits (11), hurries (27), and total pressures (49) among all NFL defensive backs since joining the league in 2017.

This move makes the Seahawks true Super Bowl contenders. 



NFL Odds

New York Jets

The Jets get worse without Adams, but how bad is it? The Jets may have just found their way to the bottom of the AFC East.  



NFL Odds

Seattle Seahawks

Are the Seahawks a top contender with Adams? There is no doubt that this team is improved on defense. The new Legion of Boom is here! This is the kind of move that can bring a championship to the Emerald City. Here is what the odds have to say about Seattle’s chances after the trade.

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