NFL Rumors and Trade Tracker 2021: Watching the Quarterbacks

NFL Rumors and Trade Tracker 2021: Watching the Quarterbacks

Deshaun Watson Odds

NFL Rumors and Trade Tracker 2021

The NFL season is fantastic, but the offseason is also very exciting. It all starts with the NFL draft, but the free agency/trade market is what everyone is talking about and that is especially true this season. Our NFL rumors and trad tracker 2021 will keep up you up to date on the latest news and odds for the best players in the league. 

This is the year of the quarterback. Everyone is watching the quarterback position because many signal-callers may have a new team next season. Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff have already switched teams. Other names like Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson are rumored to move this offseason. We look at the NFL rumor odds and predict where each player will play next season. 

Russell Wilson Odds

Matthew Stafford Odds

Carson Wentz Odds


Where will Deshaun Watson play next season? We track the odds and the latest news….here



The Seahawks won’t trade Russell Wilson, right? Don’t be so sure. Track the Wilson rumors…here


It’s not all about the quarterbacks. What about JJ Watt? We update the latest news and notes on his next team…here

Carson Wentz


The Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Colts. Since the trade the odds on Indianapolis to win the Super Bowl have changed…here

Marcus Mariota

Mariota may be a backup QB, but he is getting plenty of attention. The Raiders are getting calls and listening. Reports indicate that Washington is aggressive, but they are not alone. 

Marcus Mariota

Headed to Washington? | Odds

The New York Jets have a top pick in a QB heavy draft, so it only makes sense that they are shopping Sam Darnold. Teams are very interested and they are making things very interesting. 

Sam Darnold

Multiple teams interested| Bet On it

Cam Newton had a difficult season in New England, but he is still a sought after QB in the league. There are many teams in the hunt for Newton and that includes Bill Belichick and the Patriots. 

Cam Newton

Will Cam stay in New England?| Odds

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