Best Bet to win the World Series

Best Bet to win the World Series

World Series Best Bet

Finding the best bet to win the World Series is not as easy as it seems. Many will make a pick based on fan loyalty or big names. However, this is a shortened season and anything can happen. 

The Favorites

According to the top MLB sportsbooks there are a handful of teams that should win it all this year. The Yankees, Dodgers, Braces and Astros lead the way as favorites to win a ring in 2020. 

Play Ball!

Before you pick your best bet to win the World Series, think twice. This is a new season and it is not as long as it used to be. This is the year you have to do your homework. 

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NY Yankees

The Favorite

The Yankees are always among the teams that are considered the favorites to win it all and this year is no different. They have an incredible lineup that can produce runs on any given day.

The one weakness is pitching as they don’t have the horses to keep up with other teams. 

Cincinnati reds

the long shot

The Cincinnati Reds are the lovable long shot of the MLB off-season. 

After a free agency frenzy they have added some serious pop to the lineup. Those additions, plus a nice starting staff will land the Reds into the playoff picture.

This team will play well this year, but don’t look for a World Series ring this year. 

la dodgers

and the winner is…

The Dodgers are the best team in baseball. They locked up Mookie Betts to a long-term deal adding to an already powerful offense. 

The pitching staff is the best in baseball from top to bottom. But perhaps more importantly this is a team that has a chip on their shoulder. 

The best bet to win the World Series is the LA Dodgers.