List of NFL players to opt out this season

List of NFL players to opt out this season

The NFL season is in jeopardy just like the other leagues who are struggling with the virus. The list of NFL players to opt out this season is getting longer and longer every day. It is hard to make predictions with players leaving. Some teams are losing more players than other teams and it will have an impact of how they play on the field this season.


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Patriots are opt out central

The team that is suffering the most from opt outs is the New England Patriots. The Patriots have been a Super Bowl contender for decades, but that may change this season. They have already parted ways with Hall-of-famer Tom Brady and now the roster is getting thinner and thinner. Head coach Bill Belichick and his coaching staff will be tested this season with all of the absences that seem to be growing every day.  

Updated list of players to opt out this season

To keep everyone updated as the NFL season gets closer and closer we are going to update this page with the latest announcements. We will post the team and the players that are opting out. This will help football fans and those who bet on the NFL to keep track of what players will be suiting up in the fall.

Updated NFL odds after the opt out

As NFL players continue to opt out, the NFL betting odds will change. This only makes sense as teams that lose key players on the offense and defense will struggle to find suitable replacements. As the players remove themselves from play this season the odds will change and if you plan on betting you need to stay on top of all the changes.

We will strive to constantly provide updates from the top sportsbooks along with betting bonuses for the upcoming season.

Here are the updated NFL odds for this season.