Marcus Mariota Odds

Marcus Mariota Odds: The Raiders are Ready to Trade

The quarterback carousel this offseason has been wild and it is only going to get better. Matthew Stafford is already on a new team and everyone is watching Deshaun Watson. But what about quarterbacks like Cam Newton, Sam Darnold, and Marcus Mariota? Stay tuned because the news is about to break.

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Marcus Mariota Odds

Update Feb 23, 2021

Market Drying up?

At one point Mariota being traded was all but a guarantee, but now things have changed It’s all about his contract. Have you seen the odds on the Patriot’s next quarterback? I don’t believe it. 

Are you telling me that teams are just looking at his contract now? I would imagine that is the first thing that teams look at when they are going to trade for a player. Instead, I think that this news is being reported to get teams off of Mariota, and according to what I am hearing it is now a two-team race for his services between the Bears and the Patriots.

According to the odds on the Patriot’s next QB, they will get Mariota.

Update Feb 22, 2021

Raiders Keepin Carr?

Over the last few weeks, there is serious speculation on the quarterbacks playing for the Raiders. The team is receiving calls on both Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota, but according to the latest rumors, there is only one that they are willing to trade. They are keeping Carr.

That almost assures that the Raiders will part ways with Mariota. They want to get the value before it disappears.  The one team pushing for the deal to happen is the Chicago Bears. The Patriots are involved, but it’s Chicago that is pushing the hardest if you believe the odds. 

Here are the latest Marcus Mariota trade odds and where he will play next season

Marcus Mariota traded to the Patriots? (Odds +200, Bet here)

Everyone believes that Marcus Mariota will be headed to New England. The Cam Newton experiment is a failure, but that does not mean they are ready to pick up another QB. But a player like Mariota can be had for a relatively cheap price. So naturally, everyone believes he will be the next quarterback


Marcus Mariota traded to the Bears? (Odds +1200, Bet here)

But what about the Bears? After all, they need a QB and this will be a way to improve the position without spending too much. Believe it or not, the Bears have ties to Mariota and he may be the perfect fit for a team that desperately needs a quarterback.



Marcus Mariota traded to the Washington Football Team? (Odds +800, Bet here)

This is the trade that makes the most sense. Washington is moving on from Alex Smith and Mariota will thrive under a Ron Rivera system. He has had success with an offense that capitalizes on a mobile QB and this is a match made in heaven.

The contract and other details may be an issue, but if there is one team that can make this marriage work it is the Washington Football team.