NFL Preseason Cancelled



NFL preseason cancelled and that is bad news


It’s official. The headlines all read “NFL preseason cancelled”. The NFL agreed with its players’ union on  a coronavirus-testing program and exchanged they eliminated the NFL preseason. That is good for various reasons, but it is also bad and in the case of the person that likes to bet on football? Ugly. 

The Good

This is good for the players. Less games and less wear and tear on the players bodies. That is good. 

It is also good (to an extent) for the fans. Game three of the NFL preseason is the only game worth watching. The other ones are usually one good for about a quarter before they become boring and tough to watch. 

The Bad

NFL preseason cancelled. Those words are something that all players did not want to hear. Rookies, undrafted free-agents and injured players can use the preseason. 

Rookies need a chance to get to know their new team. This includes veterans on new teams like Devin Funchess who needs extra time to get in sync with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Undrafted free agents need to show that they deserve to be signed by impressing in a live action setting. 

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The Ugly 

NFL preseason cancelled; what does that mean to sports betting? 

The top sportsbooks will have to adjust the NFL betting odds based on practices and latest headlines. Although it can be said that will be a bonus for the person betting on football, think again. 

Most bettors will wager on the team, based off what they did last year and that will lead to big problems. Even relying solely on NFL previewscan cause problems. Without the NFL preseason if you want to win betting on football you are going to have to work harder. 



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