2023 Western Conference Finals: Lakers vs Nuggets

2023 Western Conference Finals: Lakers vs Nuggets

The 2023 NBA playoffs are in full swing! Our NBA betting headquarters is a one-stop shop for your basketball betting needs. From odds, trends bonuses, and explaining the Zig Zag theory, it’s got everything you need! Of course, it includes 2023 NBA playoff picks against the spread. All picks are free! Here are all the selections for tonight’s game including 2023 western conference finals predictions.

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The Denver Nuggets may be one of the most underrated teams in the NBA playoffs. As a No. 1 seed, they have been overlooked, yet they have crushed opponents up until this point. LeBron James and the Lakers are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Not many believed that the Lakers could make the playoffs and now they have a chance to play for a championship. As the 2023 Western Conference Finals begin, it’s time to make our predictions.

Stopping the Big Man

For the Lakers, the mission is simple; stop Nikola Jokic. The Joker is an automatic triple-double and if Jamal Murray can light up the scoreboard from the perimeter, they are the best team in the league. The Nuggets also have an incredible home-court advantage that is tough for any team to overcome. Anthony Davis will be the key defender to watch, but his inconsistent play and history of injuries are a big concern if you want to bet on the Lakers to win this series.

Last chance for LeBron?

LeBron closed the door in the last series and he will have to be at his best if the Lakers want to advance. Although LeBron has suggested that he will play for years, winning another championship is a milestone that will add to his legacy. But it’s not LeBron that you have to bet on, it’s the inconsistent role players that will make the difference in this game and that is tough to trust.

Lakers vs Nuggets Series prediction

I love this Lakers team and the thought of an old-school series between the Celtics and the Lakers is enticing. But the Lakers cannot beat the Nuggets. They are not consistent, not deep on the bench, and not experienced enough to get the job done. LeBron gives it his all, but the Nuggets win the series.

Lakers vs Nuggets Prediction: Nuggets in 6 games

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